20 Best Stylish Clocks to Decorate the Living Room (1)

Always having the time on hand can save us a lot of late departures! The living room is therefore the perfect place to install a large and beautiful clock which will, in addition to being useful, be very decorative. In wood or metal, neutral or colored, there are today for all tastes and all interior styles. It’s your turn to find yours with our selection of 21 inspirations.

1. Brushed aluminum

Brushed aluminum (1)

No need to put a big clock on the wall so you won’t be late in the morning. It is discreetly displayed while adding the missing touch to the decor.

2. Patchwork

Patchwork (1)

We love the reclaimed spirit of this clock which seems to be made up of wooden parts found here and there. A beautiful original piece that will enhance an industrial living room as well as a more contemporary living room.

3. Unstructured

Unstructured (1)

We fell in love with this clock, which has fun with geometric shapes, designed by Ferm Living. If we picture it perfectly in a living room with a Scandinavian atmosphere , know that it will also find its place in a more modern interior.

4. All in finesse

All in finesse (1)

What discretion! This sun-style clock blends into the decor with its long metal rods. And so that it does not go unnoticed, we install it in plain view, above the sofa.

5. Like an alarm clock

Like an alarm clock (1)

A clock does not necessarily need to be displayed on the wall to create the decor in the living room. This model, which looks like a giant alarm clock, has no difficulty in giving a real note of originality to the room when placed on a side table.

6. Bistro atmosphere

Bistro atmosphere (1)

The bistro style has not had its last word in our interiors and proves it to us with this beautiful and large white and red clock. Attached to the wall or placed in a corner, it knows how to catch the eye in the blink of an eye.

7. Vinyl version

Vinyl version (1)

Who said vinyl records are old fashioned? Surely not us! Revamped as a clock, they harmonize wonderfully in a vintage-style living room. Plus, with a little elbow grease, you can even do it yourself!

8. Industrial style

Industrial style (1)

If you are not allowed to make a hole in the wall when you are renting, you can also put your clock on the sideboard in the living room. This large metal clock looks great with this light wood chest of drawers.

9. Cogs

Cogs (1)

The industrial style allows many fantasies with the metal. This clock made up of many old-fashioned cogs brings a real plus to the decoration of the living room once attached to the wall.

10. Wooden wall clocks

Wooden wall clocks (1)

Wooden wall clocks that follow this aesthetic, they are typically featured in natural colors, soft pastel tones, and / or vibrant choices like yellow. While those in natural tones are sober, elegant and therefore very versatile; the colors gain freshness and are ideal for decorating modern, creative and young environments.

11. Marble wall clocks

Marble wall clocks (1)

Not all wall clocks with a minimalist aesthetic are made of wood. Other materials such as copper, marble, cement and glass They are now widely used both in the development of this accessory and others to decorate our home.

12. Modern wall clocks

Modern wall clocks (1)

We also want to tell you about modern watches with great visual impact . Many design companies are innovating and betting on watches with avant-garde shapes or reinventing classic pendulum designs so that they fit into new modern spaces.

Modern wall clocks1 (1)

Uniting creativity, design and technology, they create designs that fit perfectly into modern environments, but also create an interesting contrast in rustic environments. Wherever they are placed, they also become a focal point, so it is convenient to give them the necessary space on the wall to play a leading role.

13. Illustrated wall clocks

Illustrated wall clocks (1)

The illustrated wall clocks are a great tool for adding a warm and personal touch to simple decor. They will allow you to add a touch of exoticism to your walls and to capture a part of your personality by reflecting on them what you like.

14. Children’s illustrated wall clocks

Children's illustrated wall clocks (1)

They are also a great choice for decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom. There are no limits, we can find them for different reasons , adapting to what our little one likes the most. When they are very young, a wall clock with an animal motif is safe; But as they grow older and their tastes start to be defined, we can surprise them!

15. A bottomless clock

A bottomless clock (1)

The bottomless clock is a very original model that perfectly adorns a wall painted in a deep color or more luminous and soft. The type of model presented plays on modernity and very simple design. This style of clock is generally declined in large proportions, but it is possible because of its very light design. It fits easily into any decoration and immediately gives character to your wall.

16. Industrial spirit clocks

Industrial spirit clocks (1)

If these models have long been reserved for rooms with a loft and industrial spirit, today, we find them in different atmospheres where they bring a little raw and slightly vintage touch that we are looking for. They can perfectly be ideal in a Scandinavian atmosphere to which they give character. They awaken a slightly classic atmosphere and they find their place in a design universe very easily. These are generally quite spectacular models that do not go unnoticed.

17. Sleek style clock

Sleek style clock (1)

A clean and very elegant style for a clock that finds its place everywhere and in all rooms. Whatever the choice of design, shape or material, it is an important element in the room. It will inevitably attract attention, if only by its function. But its worked aesthetic is a real asset to dress a wall. Refined and chic, it does not overload your decoration and remains sober. It is an option which makes its small effect!

18. A very original clock

A very original clock (1)

If you prefer to bet on a spectacular and very original model like the one shown in the photo, the choice is also very wide. This one does not leave indifferent. It is part of the origami trend and that’s what gives it style. Even if it is imposing by its size, it nevertheless presents a very light and graphic design that does not fail to seduce. It is sufficient on its own and gives style and a lot of charm to your wall, even if it is white or neutral.

19. The return of natural materials

The return of natural materials (1)

The wooden clock is making a very noticeable comeback, part of the very strong trend for natural materials. In light or darker wood, according to your style of your desires, the wooden clock is perfect in any interior, from the most modern to the more vintage or country. The corks generally remain pure and simple to be well in their time. It is an option that reinforces the natural side of our interiors.

20. Charming clocks

Charming clocks (1)

Sometimes poetic, this type of clock is perfect for seaside, family home, classic or country style interiors, even bohemian chic or exotic. These are clocks that are generally due to the creativity of their designer and that make us dream. If you are a fan of this style, go to this page.


A clock with a Scandinavian spirit

A clock with a Scandinavian spirit (1)

For a few years now, the Scandinavian style has invaded our interiors. Appreciated for its cocooning and relaxing side, it is also available on clocks. These are generally very simple, and can go perfectly with an industrial decoration , to make a nice contrast, a more classic set or an exotic or bohemian chic decoration due to the presence of wood.