Mistakes to Avoid When Painting White Color in Living Room

Are the paint cans ready and the rolls unwrapped? Before repainting the living room in white, or even after for those in a hurry, we take the time to think about the decor. For a tailor-made atmosphere, beware of the failures that make you regret having repainted the walls in white!

Badly lighting a living room painted white

The enemies of the white living room generally cite its coldness, and the cause however more often comes from the lighting than from the color. To paint a living room white without losing the cozy atmosphere, skip the cold white lighting for yellow or warm white bulbs. We multiply the sources of extra light rather than direct lighting, and above all, we take the time to refine their power: too bright, a white living room becomes clinical, but without sufficient brightness, it is sad!

Exaggerate the white in the living room

Exaggerate the white in the living room

Unless expressly decided, we avoid the total white look when we dream of a warm living room. If the result can be successful, it remains more difficult to master, unless you are good at decorating. Repainting a living room in white does not mean that everything has to be monochrome: you can just as easily play with shades of cream, grays, and beiges as dare to contrast it with black or touches of color. And nobody prevents us, moreover, to boost the white thanks to an accent wall.

Overload a living room painted white

Repainting a living room white will not prevent the room from losing all its cachet if it is overloaded with furniture and objects. No, white does not save all excess! Even with immaculate walls with a monastic atmosphere, we avoid accumulating trinkets and furniture which, by contrast, will only be more visible and make the room appear smaller.

Neglecting the floor in a living room painted white

After a good coat of white paint, the living room flooring takes on all its importance. It is he who gives all its style to the room, a style that changes with each covering: Scandinavian for a light parquet, classic with herringbone, Mediterranean for tiling, industrial with concrete… It is therefore chosen with care, according to whether it is a question of warming, modernizing, or contrasting the white walls!

Paint a living room white without dressing the walls

Paint a living room white without dressing the walls

Another error of the living room painted in white? The empty walls. In addition to reinforcing the impression of coldness in white, they can increase the echo in the room and make even the slightest sound resonate! For a cozy and decorative atmosphere at the same time, there is no need to play with the accumulation of frames when you like minimalism: a beautiful work of art on a wall, a few hanging plants or a large mirror make it possible to sublimate the space. without overloading. And no way, by the way, to skip the curtains that dress and warm!

Let go of color after painting a living room white

No, painting a living room white does not allow all the excess color either. If neutral white is the perfect backdrop for daring mix and match or daring associations, too many different colors more often cause a lack of harmony than a successful mix. Unless you have mastered the color chart and color associations at your fingertips, it’s best to avoid mistakes by following a simple rule: three colors maximum with white. The others should only be variations of these three dominant colors.

Zap the material to paint a living room white

Reliefs and material contrasts are one of the simplest decorator tips to enhance a white living room. No need to paint everything white, even less to smooth all surfaces, especially not to be satisfied with the same material everywhere: we do not hesitate to add contrast with stone, brick, wood, repainted in white or not, and to multiply the material effects with textured throws, cushions, rugs, poufs or planters.