30 Ideas to Put the Rug in the Dining Room

It warms, it protects but above all it decorates wonderfully. The carpet slips under the table and the chairs but not only. Ideal for changing the decor without renewing your interior, it comes in all forms. Here are 30 decorative ideas to dare the carpet in the dining room.

1. The touch of color

The touch of color (1)

We dare everything with the carpet! In a refined dining room, it plays the role of a color table on the floor and it energizes the room by bringing in color.

2. The trendy zigzag

The trendy zigzag (1)

Mark and break the structure of your dining room by opting for a graphic rug, with zigzag patterns for example. It brings a little exuberant touch to an otherwise contemporary and understated interior.

3. The material effect carpet

The material effect carpet (1)

An original and creative version of the rug by choosing an animal skin effect (cow, zebra …). Here, worked in a mosaic of small squares, the result is graphic and cozy.

4. Color block

Color block (1)

Monochrome version, the carpet delimits the space around the dining table, and highlights the white furniture, deliberately refined.

5. The ethnic touch

The ethnic touch (1)

Dare to change your style with a classic rug, of Persian inspiration for example, which goes well with bistro or vintage furniture from the 50s!

6. Mix and match

Mix and match (1)

A successful mix and match of materials, colors and graphics! A thick rug will give a warm and friendly feel to your dining room.

7. Ethnic chic rug

Ethnic chic rug (1)

A multicolored carpet, the graphic weaving of which brings relief and character to the room. like any other textile element in the house, the rug marks your decorative bias!

8. Nature and material rugs

Nature and material rugs (1)

And why not the natural fiber rug, with an exotic-inspired weaving? This version evokes the change of scenery, craftsmanship, raw materials, which give depth to your dining room. A tone on tone of colors but a multitude of textures and a richness in the materials.

9. The carpet structures the space

The carpet structures the space (1)

Marking a difference in ground, the plain rug is a simple trick that allows to delimit the dining area, particularly in front of open spaces of the industrial loft type.

10. Geometric trend

Geometric trend (1)

Today, the trend is for geometric shapes and even carpets are taking the fold! Colored or plain triangles, it’s up to you to choose the one that best matches the ambiance of your dining room.

11. Softness and lightness

Softness and lightness (1)

Who doesn’t love what is sweet? Anybody ! With this carpet , you will be unanimous with your family and friends who will jump at the opportunity to stroke it.

12. Nude atmosphere

Nude atmosphere (1)

Soft without being too furry, this rug is perfect for a nude dining room. It will also give a warm tone to a white dining room.

13. Break sobriety

Break sobriety

As has been said, geometric patterns have been on the rise lately. Original, they also perfectly complement the dining room furniture in sober colors.

14. A black and white look

A black and white look (1)

For a slightly vintage look with a sleek style, opt for the black and white rug. Striped or patterned, the rug will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Then, you are free to match the rug to your decor.

15. Measure the dining room

Measure the dining room (1)

Since it is important to know the dimensions of the living room before buying a sofa, it is best to measure the dining room and the table before setting out to find the right area rug. The mat should be between 24 ″ and 28 ″ taller than the table so that chairs can be placed on it. If you have a large dining room with more space between the walls and the table, you can go for a much larger area rug.

16. Take into account the atmosphere in the dining room

Take into account the atmosphere in the dining room (1)

If you would like to showcase your beautiful floor, it would be ideal to reserve a space between the walls and the carpet. The atmosphere in the dining room is to be taken into account when choosing the carpet. You have certainly chosen the current decoration to create a specific atmosphere. Try to respect this in the choice of the carpet. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule that requires the use of a rectangular mat for a rectangular table and a round mat for a circular table.

17. Choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain

Choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain (1)

It may have nothing to do with the decorative side of the dining room, but it is important to choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain for the dining room.

In a dining room that is often trampled, it is preferable to opt for a synthetic carpet (exterior-interior). On the other hand, if you often eat lunch in the kitchen dining area and reserve the dining room for more formal dinners, there is no reason not to choose a rug that needs more maintenance; and even that gets dirty faster.

18. Start with the mat

Start with the mat (1)

If the carpet is an element that you find particularly important, it is also possible to start decorating the dining room by starting with the design of the carpet.

19. Choose colors and patterns

Choose colors and patterns (1)

Once you have taken these previous points into account, you can think about colors and patterns. Go for a colorful rug in a contemporary, neutral dining room for example if you find the room boring.

20. Gray and light

Gray and light (1)

The carpet under the dining room table goes perfectly with the decor, especially since its gray shade brings a lot of light.

21. Dare to color!

Dare to color! (1)

A rug under a dining table in the same shade will highlight the colorful chairs.

22. Softness and degraded

Softness and degraded (1)

For an original rug under your dining table, choose a beautiful gradient blue.

23. Style full of fringes

Style full of fringes (1)

The fringes of the carpet under the dining room table can also play the reminder with the wood of the table.

24. A life in pink

A life in pink (1)

Choose the softness of pink for the rug under the dining room table!

25. Retro atmosphere

Retro atmosphere

A rug under a dining table attracts attention and gives a touch of originality.

26. Woven rug

Woven rug (1)

For a natural effect, the weaving of this rug will be perfect under your dining room table!

27. Deco all in roundness

Deco all in roundness (1)

Give your interior a facelift with this rug under the dining room table.

28. Blue and Wood

Blue and Wood

What rug under your dining table and wooden chairs ? A dark blue will be perfect.