Top 20 Decorating Ideas of Outdoor Landscaping (1)

If the exterior design of your home is a priority for you, then you are in luck! We have a whole bunch of decorating ideas to offer you. As you know, terraces, balconies and gardens can become, during the summer, real living rooms. By following our landscaping advice, you can turn these spaces into a lounge or garden furniture. Discover without further delay our 20 decorating ideas to use to decorate your exterior.

1. Revisiting the Seventies

Revisiting the Seventies (1)

Rattan armchairs, mustard sofa, tempered glass table and an outdoor rug with geometric patterns for a deliciously nostalgic bohemian spirit in AM.PM.

2. Cyclades atmosphere

Cyclades atmosphere (1)

Dare to use color, especially blue associated with white, is always a good decoration idea. What we remember from this composition: the bold graphic brushstroke that we find here and there through a decoration signed Leroy Merlin.

3. Focus on white and light wood

Focus on white and light wood (1)

To bring light and clarity to a small space by pairing white furniture, light wood slatted floors, and potted green plants , see a lemon tree. And that, Ikea understood it well!

4. Opt for a hanging chair

Opt for a hanging chair (1)

A dream cocoon swing signed Kettal for eternal children in search of escape … Installed in a hanging chair or on a swing, treat yourself to a zen moment in the heart of nature, far from the bustle of the city.

5. Mattresses for the exterior design of your home

Mattresses for the exterior design of your home (1)

What if we dressed our mattresses with waterproof fabrics to compose seats in an irresistible family home spirit? Placed on the grass or on a raw wooden base, or even on recycled pallets, they will make up a pretty garden furniture. 

6. Play the recuperation spirit

Play the recuperation spirit (1)

Of industrial pallets do you want in here, customized by you, or unearthed at Leroy Merlin, all enhanced by mismatched cushions for a warm and friendly atmosphere.

7. Modernize the guinguette atmosphere

Modernize the guinguette atmosphere (1)

How to play down a table service that is a little too sophisticated for the garden, without denying its design character ? By surmounting it with a guinguette garland of course!

8. Layering rugs

Layering rugs (1)

The latest fad for addict decorating, the carpet can be overlaid and exposed as desired, for an irresistibly gypsy atmosphere.

9. Display your deckchairs

Display your deckchairs (1)

Because we love them with love these sublime Heritage Studio loungers, designed by stylist Cecile Gonnard, why not display them like works of art when they are no longer used because they are too worn out?

10. Composition of paper lanterns

Composition of paper lanterns (1)

Made with 5 paper lanterns of different sizes, simply tied to a branch hanging from a tree, this ultra-poetic, easy-to-make and inexpensive pendant lamp sublimates the immaculate Habitat garden furniture .

11. Mix prints …

Mix prints ... (1)

If you can do it with your wardrobe, why not with your tablecloths or napkins or other fabrics? This is certainly the idea that crossed the mind of the designer of Bo Concept by composing this very inspiring creation, which we will hasten to reproduce at home!

12. … and associate the colors

_and associate the colors

Same observation at Habitat, the mix & match of colors and more. A perilous exercise, to be reproduced at home in a crash-test version before welcoming your guests. And when all the rugs and rugs are in place, take out the dinette for a snack or an aperitif.

13. Daring original accessories

Daring original accessories (1)

“Ridicool!” No, this is not a magic spell from Harry Potter, but a new trend. A contraction of “ridiculous” and “cool”, this hypsterizing word could be summed up as follows: the trend should not be taken seriously – or the ridiculous does not kill, let alone in decoration. And so much the better, because we would love this Ikea light garland …

14. An exterior house layout to blush

An exterior house layout to blush (1)

Signed Tolix, the layout of this balcony with a view elegantly demonstrates that, if you have to opt for a minimalist house exterior layout, you might as well bet on a single color, preferably bright, to better occupy the space.

15. Natural fiber suspensions

Natural fiber suspensions (1)

For a natural garden, but not funky, mix textures and materials, like this Leroy Merlin exterior combining reed spangles, rattan suspensions, stoneware pots and bamboo salad bowl …

16. Take care of the lighting of the garden

Take care of the lighting of the garden (1)

Suspended like luminous lianas from the plants of this stylish terrace, the outdoor suspensions produced by Cinna lend a more intimate atmosphere to this indimidant space.

17. A good house exterior design goes through lighting

A good house exterior design goes through lighting (1)

This solution, as practical as it is aesthetic, will guide you step by step at nightfall, through a garden sublimated by plays of shade and light …. A composition by Novaluce. Also achievable in solar version for the greenest.

18. Elegant garden furniture

Elegant garden furniture (1)

Surreal, improvable and yet ultra-desirable, these Seletti screens available at Fleux are capable of awakening the most gloomy gardens. An equation to remember: an element with a strong decorative temperament can be a game-changer.

19. Splash of color by the pool

Splash of color by the pool (1)

To enhance your furniture with timeless lines, but with slightly dull colors. Take free inspiration from the colors around you, like the pool water here. A flawless guaranteed for an original home decor idea!

20. Mix genres

Mix genres

Daring ultra-contemporary in the old, as here with the Fast furniture designed by Emmanuel Gallina, where, conversely, vintage furniture on a designer terrace, it is the distinctive sign of a decoration of character.