20 Ideas of Dining Room Designs With Mid-century Modern Style

What comes to your mind when it comes to mid-century modern decorating style? Maybe a mix of traditional and modern styles? You’re right, but that’s not just what defines this style. Mid-century modern interior design focuses on both function and form. Smooth lines and geometric shapes are used. We do not put too many decorative objects. The style is applied with few ornaments and with the use of contrasting materials.

1. Inspired by the 1950s

Inspired by the 1950s (1)

Here is a dining room inspired by the style of the 50s, renovated with white walls and porcelain floors. One can notice here a burst of resplendent colors, in particular coming from the lampshade which is near the wall.

2. A beautiful palette of colors

A beautiful palette of colors (1)

This dining room, also in the style of the 50s has black walls, a wooden floor in beige color. The green color of the plants is fabulous next to the dark one of the wood.

3. Contrasting materials and colors

Contrasting materials and colors (1)

We can notice here that all the chairs surrounding the table are all made of wood, except those which are at each end of the table, and whose color and design differ. The colors used are also very attractive.

4. Wood in the spotlight

Wood in the spotlight (1)

If you would like to have a clean looking dining room, why not take inspiration from the colors on this model? With wood, you will never miss a decoration, either in relation to the colors or the material itself.

5. A practical and comfortable sofa

A practical and comfortable sofa (1)

If you have a large family or are used to having multiple guests, incorporating a long sofa like this isn’t a bad idea, right? Lay it on one side. It can accommodate a group to chat.

6. A mid-century modern dining room defined by dark colors

A mid-century modern dining room defined by dark colors (1)

The white color used in this dining room is perfect accompanied by the accent wall in the dark color. The decor is enhanced by the high ceiling, windows and glass doors. The black chairs are gorgeous accents accompanying the dark colored dining table. 

7. Beautiful accent colors

Beautiful accent colors (1)

We love the accent colors in this dining room. They are fabulous allies to the wooden floor and white walls. We also like, especially the round mirror, the rug and the red light fixture above the dining table.

8. A dining room open to the living room

A dining room open to the living room (1)

Let’s take a look at this renovated dining room: it features a transparent fireplace with a black frame. The stunning orange accents provide a wonderful backdrop.

9. An airy decor

An airy decor (1)

People living in this house can move freely from the kitchen to the living room and dining room. The layout has been done in an interesting way which has created this open and borderless aspect.

10. The ideal chairs

The ideal chairs (1)

They are really beautiful these orange chairs. Thanks to this huge window, this dining room becomes incredibly lighted and airy.

11. Dining room with an open shelf

dining room with an open shelf (1)

A mid-century dining room with an open shelf that serves as a partition for the dining room and kitchen. You can also see that there is a work area on the side which is a good way to use it.

12. Orb chandelier in the dining room

orb chandelier in this dining room (1)

The orb chandelier in this dining room added appeal to the space, as it pairs well with the table and chairs.

13. Decorated dining room

decorated dining room (1)

Isn’t that a nicely decorated dining room? Apart from the white chairs around the wooden dining table, the floating sideboard and the wall decorations are very beautiful.

14. Dining room has direct access to a central courtyard

dining room has direct access to a central courtyard (1)

This dining room has direct access to a central courtyard of the house. The colors and decor of the space are interesting, but I am intrigued by the oval skylight in the courtyard. Such a way to open up space!

15. Striking kitchen-diner space

striking kitchen-diner space (1)

A striking kitchen-diner space with wood features throughout! And the decorations are very beautiful like the white drum suspensions and the mirrors hanging on the wall. This home used eco-friendly products and recycled furniture while adding more storage and functionality to the kitchen.

16. Luminaire in dining area

luminaire in dining area (1)

The luminaire in this area is a hand-blown glass globe, suspended from a custom steel canopy. This allows the fixture to be subtle enough not to overwhelm the space. But he still looks strong and yet strong enough to withstand the powerful sights that loom beyond.

17. Dining area with gold accents

Dining area with gold accents (1)

It is so beautiful with gold accents all over! I also like the rug and the addition of plants next to the consoles. Of course, it’s also a good idea that they use a farmhouse table with modern chairs.

18. Combination of wood and white

combination of wood and white (1)

A mid-century dining room design with a combination of wood and white. Note that the table here has flowers and succulents as a centerpiece.

19. Wooden elements in the dining area

wooden elements in the dining area (1)

The wooden elements of the space are highlighted by yellow lights which make this space warm and cozy. The yellow walls also bring more light to the area.

20. Colors and patterns

colors and patterns (1)

Love the colors and patterns used here, which look both whimsical and sophisticated, mixed with natural materials. Brick walls and glass doors and windows are also prominent features that dampened the appeal of the space.