25 Ideas of Sophisticated Decorations for a Unique Entrance Hall (1)

The first impression is very important and even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the lobby, you shouldn’t neglect its decoration. Let’s start by defining what an entrance hall is: It is the main entrance, the room or the hallway that connects the other rooms of the house or apartment. It is also the place where you welcome visitors. Now that it’s clear, we can see some hallway decorating ideas that might stand out from the crowd.

1. An eclectic decoration

An eclectic decoration (1)

Always keeping up with the latest trends can be interesting, but it also comes with risks. There are things that go out of style quickly, and that is not always convenient. Interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet took a different approach and combined various styles and influences, creating an eclectic decor.

2. A combination of captivating elements

A combination of captivating elements (1)

Every detail is important in a decoration; including architecture. This entrance hall is a prime example. The success of its design is due to the mixture of elements that look fabulous when put together; things like the painted glass, the ornate wall mirror, the vintage accent chair and this characterful chandelier.

3. Rustic – industrial – modern

Rustic - industrial - modern (1)

Rustic-industrial with a modern twist- this is the combined style used above by designer Cortney Bishop. The house welcomes its guests in an entrance hall whose walls are covered with reclaimed wood; the tiled floor in gray color with a colorful carpet and a metal bench.

4. Retro design

Retro design (1)

Choose your lobby design based on the location, culture and history of where you live, but most of all be creative. In this photo of a beach house, designer The Archers took a retro approach.

5. A chic and artistic lobby

A chic and artistic lobby (1)

The entrance hall of this house in France is very chic. It’s modern, plain and simple with a few graphic elements that add a bit of drama. It is a space decorated by designer Ninou Etienne from Fusion, who used trends in artistic decoration.

6. The bench and the carpet

The bench and the carpet (1)

An entrance hall looks more welcoming when there is a bench, armchair or other type of seat in keeping with the interior design. It is the same for the carpets; they can completely change the decor of a space by adding texture, color, not to mention the comfort they bring.

7. Harmonious decoration

Harmonious decoration (1)

This entrance hall is one of the most charming spaces. This is an example that proves that simplicity can be very elegant. It is a question of well proportioning, the combination of materials, colors and textures.

8. Like in a secret garden

Like in a secret garden (1)

Entering this house is like entering a secret garden. The doors are identical to a vintage gate and the green used on the walls.

9. Use of discreet hooks

use of discreet hooks (1)

Here, the recess in the wall accommodates an accent wall painted in vitamin orange, and a bench is housed there. The main wall section is dressed in a wallpaper with a contemporary 3D pattern. The good idea to steal? The use of discreet hooks: here are jackets and coats reinforcing the 3D printing of the print!

10. Focus on openwork furniture

focus on openwork furniture (1)

In a small space, we focus on openwork furniture, which offers a maximum of solutions while remaining light! Equipped with several hooks and a shelf that can accommodate bags, this wooden model displays a minimalist design sublimated by the rich color of the wall.

11. Ultracontemporary entrance hall

ultracontemporary entrance hall (1)

In this ultracontemporary entrance hall, the ceiling lights don’t just keep in tune: they add the final touch by transforming the space into a high-tech cocoon.

12. Entrance hall with its vegetal decor

entrance hall with its vegetal decor (1)

If you have sufficient ceiling height, adopt a beautiful suspension. This pretty wicker model brings a perfect vintage touch to this entrance hall with its vegetal decor.

13. XXL rugs

XXL rugs (1)

To warm up the ambiance of your entrance, consider installing a large rug!

14. Light on…

Light on…1 (1)

We take care of the light of the entrance with designer and daring suspensions!

15. Set the tone

Set the tone (1)

With such an entrance, you immediately dive into the unique atmosphere of the house!

16. Cozy

Cozy (1)

To feel immediately good when you arrive home, we set up a nice little corner as soon as we enter!

17. Great locker room

Great locker room (1)

To tidy up everything with style, think of the family cloakroom!

18. Huge cacti

Huge cacti (1)

Consider putting a little greenery in your driveway if the space allows it, like the big cacti here.

19. Bi-material bench

Bi-material bench (1)

In the entrance, a bi-material bench is installed, in wood and concrete. In this way, you create an industrial atmosphere.

20. XXL mirror

XXL mirror (1)

The XXL mirror is perfect for making an interior bright and more assertive!

21. With the help of the sun

With the help of the sun (1)

You don’t need to be the most inspired to create a pleasant and warm entrance. Sometimes the simple things are the best. Here, natural light sublimates a refined entrance.

22. A carpet at the entrance

A carpet at the entrance (1)

Here is a successful combination of colors! The right carpet can make all the difference, as it does here.

23. Mirror cabinet

Mirror cabinet (1)

Install a cabinet with mirrors to make the room bigger.

24. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

Adopt some decorations to hang on your walls to make your entry more warm.

25. Shelves

Shelves (1)

Shelves on a colorful wall.