20 Ideas to Enhance Your Interior With Large Mirrors

For your interior, you can install one or more large wall mirrors to beautify your spaces. This decorative element is as practical as it is aesthetic. Indeed, mirrors are not only used to reflect our image, they also allow us to modulate spaces, but also to play with light. We therefore invite you to discover 20 superb models of large mirrors for your interior, whatever the style you are looking for.

1. All forms of mirror

all forms of mirror (1)

Almost all forms of mirror are available on the market. It can be round, square, oval, unstructured, etc.

2. Baroque-style mirror

baroque-style mirror (1)

The space you have will already allow you to determine the size of your mirror, its approximate width and length for a perfect integration. Once this criterion has been determined, you will have the choice between many styles according to your tastes, but also your interior decoration. We then find rather basic models that will fit perfectly into a Scandinavian-style living room or a baroque-style mirror that has a lot of character and will add a certain cachet to a bedroom, for example.

3. Industrial look

industrial look (1)

You will also have the choice of materials. If you want a more natural style, opt for wood, for a more industrial look , a glass effect mirror will be ideal, etc.

4. Mirror can simply beautify the space

mirror can very simply beautify the space (1)

It will reflect what surrounds it thus creating a common thread in the room while making it appear larger. It will become like an extension of the room, as if the interior extends beyond the wall. It is then possible to play with contrasts, for example, by installing a golden mirror in front of a black wall, etc. Another very interesting advantage, especially for slightly dark rooms, it reinforces the luminosity. To do this, place your mirror away from a source of natural light, preferably a window. You should however make sure to place it in a corner or at an angle to your bay window or your window, to avoid being totally dazzled by the reflection of the light that the mirror captures.

5. Mirror can also influence the outlook of your interior

Mirror can also influence the outlook of your interior (1)

Take the example of a huge mirror installed at ground level at the end of a corridor, the latter will appear much longer than it really is. If you choose to install the mirror at eye level, it acts as a trompe-l’oeil and gives the impression of having an additional window.

6. Install your mirror

Install your mirror (1)

Different supports are provided for the mirrors. We distinguish the standing mirrors from the wall mirrors. The weight of a large mirror can quickly be heavy. You can then choose to simply place it on the ground by tilting it slightly to ensure its stability. If you place it directly on the ground like this, you avoid the problem of fixing it, for example, if you are a tenant and you cannot drill the walls. It can then, depending on its size, allow you to see yourself in full.

7. Opt for fixing your mirror directly in the wall

opt for fixing your mirror directly in the wall (1)

It can fall off if you have children. In this case, it may not be the ideal solution. It will then be necessary to opt for fixing your mirror directly in the wall. It will then be necessary to choose a fixing system adapted to the weight of the mirror. If it is rather light, it can be fixed using glue or specific double-sided tape.

8. One room, one mirror

One room, one mirror (1)

The mirror is a decorative element that will easily find its place whatever the room. For this, we suggest you discover which mirror to choose according to the parts.

9. Entrance and hallway

Entrance and hallway (1)

To make your entryway appear more spacious, a large mirror mounted on a wall will give that illusion of larger space. In addition, you can take a last look at your outfit before going out.

10. Bet on destructured mirrors

bet on destructured mirrors (1)

In a corridor, the mirror is not of much interest except to give size to this often cramped place, we can then bet on destructured mirrors.

11. The bathroom

The bathroom (1)

In the bathroom, the mirror is one of the essentials. You will then have the choice between mirrors with an integrated backlight, others are equipped with a storage shelf. We will generally place it above the sink and choose a size proportional to the cabinet below.

12. Bedroom

Bedroom (1)

In the room, whether for an adult or a child, we will start by determining its location.

13. Use natural light

use natural light (1)

If you want to let in light, use natural light as we talked about earlier, placing it on the wall opposite the window.

14. The mirror will make your interior appear more spacious

the mirror will make your interior appear more spacious (1)

A mirror doesn’t just dress up your wall and let you admire yourself. By bringing perspective and brightness to your interior, the mirror will make your interior appear more spacious . In an apartment, it will give you the impression of having gained a few extra square meters without increasing your rent.

15. Large round wall mirror

large round wall mirror (1)

The large round wall mirror has above all a functional style. It is particularly well suited to decorating a bedroom, hallway or bathroom. The rounding of its lines gives an impression of softness. Ideal to feel at home like in a cocoon.

16. Large rectangular wall mirror or large square wall mirror

large rectangular wall mirror or large square wall mirror (1)

The large rectangular wall mirror or large square wall mirror has very classic lines easy to dress. With or without a wooden outline, it allows you to play on the styles of frames for an interior with character. Fixed in the height direction, the large rectangular wall mirror allows you to see yourself from the ground up and to give verticality to your room.

17. Large graphic or designer wall mirror

large graphic or designer wall mirror (1)

The large graphic or designer wall mirror takes on the appearance of works of art. Creators and designers play with inspirations to cut these mirrors into complex shapes. An original choice ideal for an original living room decoration. Let yourself be tempted with the models of large Leroy Merlin wall mirror .

18. The large wall mirror in a simple and inexpensive version

The large wall mirror in a simple and inexpensive version (1)

Did you think you had to break the bank for your mirror purchase? We offer a selection at low prices . A very tasteful simplicity, treat yourself to the luxury of an affordable refined decoration. The large Ikea wall mirror or the large metal mirror , which of these mirrors will you fall for?

19. The large wall mirror for an industrial-inspired decor

The large wall mirror for an industrial-inspired decor (1)

To give your house or apartment a chic loft air, industrial decoration is also available on the wall mirrors. The large metal wall mirrors transform your interior. Like a workshop window, it will bring a structured chic.

20. Wooden wall mirror

wooden wall mirror (1)

Sober but so warm, the Scandinavian decoration creates an atmosphere of softness and well-being. The charm asset? The addition of a large wooden wall mirror to instantly illuminate your room. In a bedroom, the Scandinavian-inspired wall mirror plays with transparency.