25 Ideas of Bucolic Decoration in Your Garden (1)

Make your garden a cocoon of greenery by adopting the bucolic style. Resolutely trendy, this decoration combines several pleasant atmospheres. Then? to make sure to arrange your garden with this romantic-poetic decoration, a few tips should be followed.

1. Never without greenery!

never without greenery (1)

And yes, the vegetation is undoubtedly the key point of the bucolic decor. Indeed, it would be difficult to draw inspiration from the countryside without a touch of nature! In the rustic spirit of this style of decoration, green plants and flowers have an essential role to play. The first will be incorporated into an interior, thus replacing trees in our unconscious; while the flowers will make a nice reminder to the flowering fields of the countryside.

It is very important that nature occupies a significant place. I would even say that it tends to take the upper hand in the bucolic decor; and this, in an uncontrolled manner. She grabs hold of objects, slips into every place she can.

2. Country elements to recall the countryside

Country elements to recall the countryside (1)

An old bottle of milk as a vase, an old white lace now serving as a table runner or a wooden bench from your grandparents; it’s for you to see ! The rustic element is the little detail that should not be overlooked if you want to create a bucolic decor worthy of the name!

For my part, this element, I told you, is the small metal table accompanied by its two chairs. Okay, I’m a long way from having the right garden. But hey, we can always dream!

3. A bucolic decor that is both chic and rustic

A bucolic decor that is both chic and rustic (1)

This is my favorite. If I had to choose today a bucolic atmosphere that I will keep forever, I will not hesitate for a single second. Country chic would win hands down. Indeed, it allows to associate the crazy, unpredictable and soothing side of greenery with the aesthetic rigor and soul of a contemporary home. Watch (or rather admire) how the bucolic decor blends so subtly with these gigantic concrete walls! Seriously, I’m melting.

As a Parisian faithful to her love for Haussmannians, I only dream of one thing: bringing nature into an apartment with classical architecture, and that in my own way. So when Grandma Boude does it with so much nonchalance and delicacy, I can only adore it!

4. A white tent

A white tent (1)

And for a hippie garden party, opt for a beautiful white tent, ideal for protecting yourself from the sun during the meal or from the unpredictable rain.

5. Beautiful candlesticks

Beautiful candlesticks (1)

For a beautiful table decoration, go for beautiful golden candlesticks like these.

6. Bucolic and bohemian

Bucolic and bohemian (1)

For a garden party that is both bucolic and bohemian, cover your lawn with old rugs and have your guests sit on soft cushions.

7. Umbrellas in summer

Umbrellas in summer (1)

Bet on originality by hanging colorful umbrellas from your trees with the parasol down.

8. Nice night bar

Nice night bar (1)

If your garden party goes on late into the evening, plan a night bar. Illuminated with lanterns, it will delight the thirstiest.

9. The essential balloons

The essential balloons (1)

Balloons never disappoint. Inflated with helium, they lightly decorate a pretty table.

10. Dress up your pallets

Dress up your pallets (1)

In your garden, have well-cleaned pallets on which you arrange eclectic plates and cutlery.

11. Don’t skimp on the flowers

Don't skimp on the flowers (1)

The more flowers, the better. Make beautiful, well-stocked centerpieces and, if you have the possibility, hang beautiful bouquets above the tables.

12. Egg baskets

Egg baskets (1)

With the egg baskets of our grandmothers, improvise a pretty hanging decoration.

13. Back to the strains

Back to the strains (1)

Do not hesitate to use the tree stumps present in your garden as seats and tables.

14. At the Mad Hatter

At the Mad Hatter (1)

Bet on the originality of a Lewis Carroll decoration by recreating the Mad Hatter’s tea table. Hanging frames, mismatched chairs, let your imagination run wild!

15. Heather furniture

Heather furniture (1)

A large wooden table, mismatched chairs, to give a retro theme to your garden party, adopt antique furniture normally reserved for the dining room.

16. Soft cushions

Soft cushions (1)

Don’t forget the comfort of your guests! If you have opted for wooden benches, add a few soft cushions or patties in the same tones as the tablecloth or table runner.

17. Light garlands

Light garlands (1)

If your garden party takes place in the evening, consider lighting! We love the idea of ​​light garlands or hanging glass jars in which a few candles have slipped. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly…

18. Flowers to decorate the plate

Flowers to decorate the plate (1)

In the center of the table, but also to give a refined note before the meal, place beautiful fresh flowers on the plates.

19. Lunch on the ground

Lunch on the ground (1)

Thanks to a small coffee table or pallets, as well as some cozy cushions, transform your garden party into a refined picnic.

20. Bench

Bench (1)

The bench gives your decor an unparalleled bucolic aspect, especially if it is chosen in mottled wood or in a vintage version.

21. The wooden pergola

The wooden pergola (1)

The wooden pergola, in addition to being a 2021 trend, is an ideal element to integrate this romantic-poetic atmosphere!

22. The round pergola

The round pergola (1)

Between the gazebo and the wooden pergola, this round model is simply to be adopted to create a bucolic garden. We can already imagine spending long afternoons there!

23. The heather plant holder

The heather plant holder (1)

The bicycle transformed into a plant holder, extremely colorful, is also the key element for a bucolic garden. This photo speaks for itself!

24. The wrought iron kiosk

The wrought iron kiosk (1)

Here is the ultimate in the bucolic garden! The wrought iron kiosk combines authenticity, refinement and vintage that we are looking for.

25. A romantic swing

A romantic swing (1)

Hang a swing or cocooning sofa from a tree and relax while being lightly rocked.