18 Ideas for Decorating a Door (1)

Interior doors are important because it is thanks to them that you can maintain the privacy of every room. However, they are often very simple, or even arbitrary and unsightly. If you want to make it a real decorative element, you will find that it is quite easily achieved with just a few good tips, little work and little expense. Here are some ideas to inspire you …

1. Decorate a door by continuing the wall design

Decorate a door by continuing the wall design (1)

Monochrome walls are over! We have fun creating patterns on the walls or painting its wooden bases . Thus the partitions have become a place of expression of his creativity. The two-tone walls have the coast. Decorating a door can therefore be part of this set by continuing the drawing on this space.

2. Decorate a door with Masking Tape

Decorate a door with Masking Tape (1)

It can be a fleeting or a more lasting motif. The interest is mainly its temporality. Indeed, by decorating a door with masking tape, we are not making a long-term commitment. Thus, as soon as the drawing no longer pleases us, if it is no longer in keeping with the theme of the room, it is removed in a few seconds. It’s less elegant than paint, but masking tape is an ideal solution for children to create their own decor without taking any risks.

3. Apply a strip of wallpaper

Apply a strip of wallpaper (1)

If you are not a great designer, the previous two solutions can confuse you. Yet do you also dream of beautiful designs? Choose them from the wallpaper department and place a strip along your door.

4. Cover with a paint that contrasts with the rest of the walls

Cover with a paint that contrasts with the rest of the walls (1)

If, on the contrary, you do not like the patterns too much but want to make your door stand out, I suggest you paint it in a very contrasting shade compared to the colors on the party walls.

5. Decorate your door with a discreet, almost secret design on the edge

Decorate your door with a discreet, almost secret design on the edge (1)

The slice has no visual interest. However, in many houses the doors are left ajar and the edge reveals its ordinary appearance. So, you can slip in some designs that will have remained discreet!

6. Turn the door into a giant school blackboard

Turn the door into a giant school blackboard (1)

Often in the child’s room, between the bed, the large wardrobe, the Lego lying around on the floor, it is difficult to find available space for a new piece of furniture or an office area. However, your little one has a ton of homework to do every night… Complex situation! It is therefore a question of saving space, or at least optimizing every square centimeter. So, if in addition to decorating your door we give it an additional function, we are a double winner, right?

7. Door stickers

Door stickers (1)

Thanks to the stickers specially designed for your interior doors, you can easily give them a makeover and give them personality without even touching their original appearance. The options are many and you have a lot of choices. You can adapt different decorations according to the aesthetic aspect you want to bring: door to children’s or adult rooms, living room, bathroom or kitchen door can find their style very easily. You will choose harmonious decorations so as not to bring false notes, especially when your doors open onto a hallway. On the other hand, it is possible to give a more original touch on the interior face of the door.

Graphic, patterned, color or black and white, imitation wood, stone… Everything is present in the different collections offered on the market. 

8. Adhesive blades

Adhesive blades (1)

Another simple but radical idea to change the atmosphere of your interior with very decorative doors: adhesive slats. Wood kits add nobility to doors that are usually too simple and even a little dull, but this is not the only advantage. You hide the impacts on your door: holes or scratches for example. You provide additional sound insulation and you can optionally transform glass doors into solid doors.

9. Moldings

Moldings (1)

Chopsticks offer the possibility of giving a very classy side to doors that have no charm. You will be able to relook them very easily. Then all you have to do is repaint the whole in the same tone or play with the contrasts with slightly darker rods, for example. You can also put old frames that you will repaint later. It is an inexpensive decoration which gives a lot of elegance and charm to your door. It is inexpensive since you can hunt for frames.

10. A photo wall

A photo wall (1)

On your door put photos and don’t be afraid to multiply them for a stunning effect. You will give it personality, but you will also be able to hide imperfections by placing your photos well. In an office or a bedroom, you will be able to create your XXL format mood board by taking advantage of its size.

11. Door with plant or shelf

Door with plant or shelf (1)

A door that you keep open all the time can perfectly be used to hang a green plant or to put some shelves. It is an idea to decorate it while giving it a second function.

12. Door in chalkboard painting

Door in chalkboard painting (1)

This original idea allows you to constantly renew your decor, you write or draw with chalk, changing the patterns as often as you want. It’s an idea that also comes in handy in a kitchen for writing down your shopping list, little words for the family or simply your weekly menus. Your budding artists will be happy to show you their talents.

13. The painting

The painting (1)

To restore a beautiful appearance to your door, it is possible to simply repaint it. You are then spoiled for choice. With ease, you can paint it the same color as the rest of the room. It will then blend into the background. You can also make it stand out by choosing a different color, possibly a bit flashy. Another, more original alternative is to paint it in several colors. It can be to create a very graphic result, for example. In this case, you can bet on colors in the same tones to achieve a monochrome or on colors that blend well by playing on contrasts, for example, the association of more marked colors and more sober colors.

14. Change handles

Change handles (1)

To enjoy a beautiful door, pay attention to the details. You can therefore opt for handles whose style corresponds better to that of your interior. You don’t necessarily think about it, but simply changing the door handles can immediately give your interior a more modern look. In addition, you can do it quite simply, without having to disassemble the door. Depending on the model, the price can vary greatly. As a result, there is something for all budgets. They can be of different colors and materials depending on the style you are looking for.

15. Line the door

Line the door (1)

Another solution to give your door a makeover is to upholster it. If it is completely flat, you can line it completely. However, in the case of a door with moldings, this option is also possible. You can then cut the shape inside the molding from the wallpaper and line this area. The result will then be breathtaking. The business offering a wide choice of wallpapers, you can let your creativity express itself and opt for a pattern that will match the style of your interior.

16. The stickers

The stickers (1)

Whatever the style of your interior, you will find a sticker adapted to the room, because they are available in all kinds of models. In this way, your door becomes a window open to the outside. You can opt for a decor, a landscape, etc. This solution is very simple to implement since it suffices to stick the chosen model on your door. Your door is then personalized easily, without having to change it.

17. Upholstery nails

Upholstery nails (1)

Upholstery nails are now used for all kinds of DIY jobs. They can then very well come to decorate your interior door for an unexpected result. They can be used to represent moldings for a more chic look or geometric shapes for a more original result.

18. Make some brush effects

Make some brush effects (1)

Play to go beyond frames and conventional ways of painting. You can deploy your design on an entire wall, including the door.