10 Ideas of Black and White Corridor (1)

A black and white hallway is not necessarily a passage room with a white wall and dark lino floor! I will by this article prove to you that a black and white hallway is an excellent idea. Both beautiful and surprising, it will immerse you and your guests in an explosive atmosphere as soon as you enter your apartment. Let’s find some ideas.

1. Black floor and white paint for the walls and the ceiling

black floor and white paint for the walls and the ceiling (1)

This is the most obvious solution for me. Because like everyone else, we first imagine a ceiling and white walls, the floor comes after. This is very common, as it is hard to imagine anything other than a dark floor and the rest of a room a light shade. Ultimately, this is a provision that we have become accustomed to. And on the one hand, it was rightly so since it is a bright and easy solution to achieve.

White allows light to circulate between spaces and is also the most neutral and safe way to create a black and white hallway. In this case, putting color on the ground is indeed the second step. So if your hallway is all white, you can create this style by simply covering your floor with a black coating. This can be done by painting your parquet or covering your floor with large dark tiles.

2. A checkered floor for originality

a checkered floor for originality (1)

Graphic, a bit arty, it is the most original decoration idea for your hallway. Your floor will then be the flagship element of your decoration. To accentuate the perspective, I advise you to paint the baseboards in black. It’s a little touch that may seem insignificant say like that but that will make all the difference.

On the finish side, shiny tiles will make you gain in brightness and counterbalance the darkening provided by the black tiles. While a matte finish will accentuate the retro-chic effect. Yes, even with such an original floor, endless possibilities are available to you in terms of rendering, and therefore of the atmosphere created. Personally, I have a soft spot for this sumptuous castle-like hallway. And you? With this kind of floor, you have endless games of chess and / or checkers on a human scale with your neighbors!

3. Paint the foundations a dark color

Paint the foundations a dark color (1)

You can also highlight the bottom of your walls by adding color and relief. Thus, you will also emphasize your woodwork. And if the foundations do not exist, you can easily create this demarcation yourself. To do this, draw a line 60 centimeters from the ground. Then apply masking tape just above this line. Then paint the bottom of your demarcated walls. Finally, add a wand to separate the spaces.

You can also create a fresco in cement tiles that will delimit the white part and the black part of your walls. All you have to do is choose your tiles and lay them one after the other just above your black plinth. This will allow the fresco to be straight. If, however, you have a mad desire to act as an artist, you can draw inspiration from the work of Alix Walmine in The Chess hotel in Paris . It is then up to you to let your imagination and creativity speak through your agile hands.

4. Twist the classics with a dark ceiling

Twist the classics with a dark ceiling (1)

While white enlarges the space and reflects light, black does not do the opposite. However, hanging a ceiling in black is a daring choice that will have to be carefully considered. It will certainly bring a lot of chic. But it is better to paint your ceiling black only when the ceiling height of the room is important. Because painting a ceiling in a dark color will tend to visually lower it. And therefore, to make the room less high. Also, I will advise you to choose a satin finish to reflect the light provided by the white party walls. This will prevent creating a feeling of tightness due to an unusual color choiceTfor your ceiling.

5. The stripe trick

the stripe trick (1)

As with clothing, there is a whole logic around the optics that are put in place with the stripes. Lengthwise the stripes will stretch the hallway. The latter will then appear to be longer, thinner. The gaze will be guided along the lines towards the end of the corridor. So, think about placing a nice piece of furniture or a magnificent table there, they will be put forward naturally.

Conversely, with stripes across the width, it will appear less deep. And the back wall will feel closer to you than it actually is. It’s up to you to choose the desired effect. Once you have decided, you can scratch your walls with paint, wallpaper or tackle the floor with a graphic rug for example.

6. Opt for a clear & classic hallway paint

Opt for a clear & classic hallway paint (1)

With suitable lighting, a clear paint can bring brightness to the hallway . To provide a contrast effect with a white paint, you can, as in the hallway above, install a black hanging cabinet and even accessorize with picture frames.

7. Play on the black / white contrast

Play on the black white contrast1 (1)

A white side, a black side! The choice of these paints makes it possible to offer a very interesting contrast, it also brings a certain originality in the hallway while remaining in a relatively classic and chic decor universe.

8. Contrast the wall and the ceiling

Contrast the wall and the ceiling (1)

From the ground to the ceiling ! The contrast effect also works if you decide to paint your hallway ceiling.

9. Contrast the painting of walls and doors


Another option available to you is to provide a visual contrast between the mural and the painting of the doors leading to the hallway. The black painted doors also give rhythm to the hallway.

10. Choose a dark paint

Choose a dark paint (1)

A dark color for the hallway paint? A surprising idea, which certainly goes against all the advice that you can usually read on choosing paint for the hallway. Often, we prefer to paint the hallway with a light color to compensate for the lack of brightness. What if we tried, on the contrary, not to fight the fact that your hallway is dark? Do you really find, looking down the hallway above, that choosing a dark paint job makes this space depressing?