30 Bohemian Style Decor in Kitchen (1)

In the kitchen, the bohemian decor is easy to invite. You just need to follow a few rules to make sure you adopt this style that makes us travel. The natural materials are preferred. So, go for rattan, caning, Jute, wood, or flax to your table. The advantage: these materials are rarely bulky, even by accumulating decorative pieces, you will not overload your kitchen. Install strong decorative pieces such as a Berber carpet, a rattan pendant light, ceramicsand plants. Finally, patterns have their place in this bohemian kitchen : fall for the cement tiles on the splashback.

1. Flowery crockery

Flowery crockery (1)

The centerpiece of all bohemian kitchens, the floral and vintage tableware set takes us back to the time of tasty snacks at grandparents’ homes. We choose mismatched plates in flea markets and garage sales for maximum decorative effect when setting up your table!

2. A rainbow splashback

A rainbow splashback (1)

How about refreshing your old splashback with a brush stroke? Very easy to make, this Do It Yourself restores freshness and pizzazz to your dining space without spending too much money. The brightly colored tiles in the trailer spirit sprinkle a little taste of elsewhere and contribute to the bohemian touch of your kitchen!

3. Chinese thermos

Chinese thermos (1)

In enamelled metal, the Chinese-inspired thermos is a beautiful object that can be used as a container, a vase or simply as a decoration in your bohemian kitchen. Inspired by “return to the East”, it invites you to travel and delicately colors the room.

4. Colorful tiles

Colorful tiles1

Good news, you don’t have to turn your kitchen into a rainbow – to give it a bohemian vibe! If you are a fan of sobriety, opt, as in the photo, for a pretty cement tile splashback that will gently wake up the classic colors of your kitchen.

5. Exhibit your treasures

Exhibit your treasures

In a display case, on a shelf or in a cupboard without a door, display your treasures and travel souvenirs, along with your prettiest crockery. The whole forms an eclectic whole full of charm, especially if you mix styles and influences!

6. Enamelled crockery

Enamelled crockery (1)

Between Russian inspiration and Indian motifs, enamelled tableware brings fantasy and nomadic inspiration to the kitchen. Let yourself be carried away by the bucolic spirit of timpani, pitchers and spice jars at low prices!

7. Bohemian wooden kitchen

Bohemian wooden kitchen (1)

It is very easy to invite the bohemian decor in a wooden kitchen. This trend goes wonderfully with this coating.

8. A rattan pendant light in the bohemian kitchen

A rattan pendant light in the bohemian kitchen (1)

Rattan, bamboo, seagrass … In bohemian cuisine, natural materials are welcome! Here, the rattan pendant lamp dresses the kitchen ceiling.

9. Blue bohemian kitchen

Blue bohemian kitchen (1)

For a modern bohemian kitchen, opt for midnight blue facades that blend very well with the rest of the decor.

10. Colorful bohemian cuisine

Colorful bohemian cuisine (1)

In the bohemian kitchen, focus on color! Have fun with facades in bright colors, like here, oranges.

11. Small, refined bohemian kitchen

Small, refined bohemian kitchen (1)

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can go bohemian style! To decorate the windows, hang plants with macrame to remind this type of decoration.

12. Plants in the bohemian kitchen

Plants in the bohemian kitchen (1)

Plants are a must have in the bohemian kitchen, they invite nature and add life to this room.

13. Bohemian orange kitchen

Bohemian orange kitchen (1)

Paint the wall of your bohemian kitchen to give it a modern look! You can choose an orange, a terracotta color, a terracotta shade …

14. White bohemian kitchen

White bohemian kitchen (1)

To highlight your furniture and your bohemian decorative objects, white is the best solution!

15. Woven baskets in the kitchen

Woven baskets in the kitchen (1)

In the bohemian kitchen, woven baskets serve as both a decorative object and storage space!

16. Bohemian kitchen and green facades

Bohemian kitchen and green facades (1)

Go for low green furniture in the bohemian kitchen. This shade will go wonderfully with this style of decoration.

17. Modern

Modern (1)

We love this bohemian chic decor for a more modern and rustic kitchen!

18. The Berber carpet in the bohemian kitchen

The Berber carpet in the bohemian kitchen (1)

In the bohemian kitchen, the patterned Berber carpet has pride of place!

19. Bohemian vintage effect kitchen

Bohemian vintage effect kitchen (1)

Shop for your bohemian furniture in flea markets and garage sales and transform your kitchen into a half-bohemian, half-vintage space.

20. Macrame curtains

Macrame curtains (1)

Opt for macrame curtains to enhance your white kitchen. They will bring softness and a bohemian atmosphere to your room.

21. Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture (1)

Let vintage furniture express itself with its flaws. For a cuisine steeped in history and authentic.

22. Dark green

Dark green (1)

Dark green is a color to adopt without hesitation to have a bohemian style in the kitchen. Its elegance is unparalleled!

23. Hanging plants

Hanging plants (1)

Bet on hanging plants in your kitchen for a guaranteed bohemian spirit. In addition, they purify the air!

24. An XXL Berber carpet

An XXL Berber carpet (1)

Under the dining table, install your large Berber rug. This strong piece will easily make your kitchen a bohemian room.

25. Bohemian chic kitchen

Bohemian chic kitchen (1)

With very neutral tones, cook up a bohemian chic cuisine.

26. Shop around for its bohemian kitchen

Shop around for its bohemian kitchen (1)

Shop for flea markets and secondhand websites to superbly decorate your bohemian cuisine.

27. Blue and orange bohemian kitchen

Blue and orange bohemian kitchen (1)

You might think that these two colors hardly go together. However, in a bohemian kitchen they are ideal!

28. Bohemian kitchen in recycled wood

Bohemian kitchen in recycled wood (1)

Reuse wood from old furniture or pallets to transform your bohemian kitchen.

29. Clean walls

clean walls 1

Exit the closed furniture of modern kitchens, for the bohemian kitchen prefer open shelves!

30. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

Bohemian or bohemian chic, natural materials invade our kitchens for a successful decor.