30 Ideas of Chic Country Style Kitchen (1)

We love the charm and softness of country chic style kitchens. Zoom in on 30 kitchens and as many great ideas to adopt at home!

1. Neutral colors

Neutral colors (1)

natural colors like khaki and ecru mixed with wooden furniture.

2. Heathered details

Heathered details (1)

the trend of objects found in flea markets for a unique country chic kitchen.

3. A stone wall

A stone wall (1)

the stone wall to make the kitchen warm.

4. Adopt a pretty sideboard

Adopt a pretty sideboard (1)

To store your dishes but also to add character to your kitchen, succumb to a sideboard!

5. Blue chic countryside decor

Blue chic countryside decor (1)

The plants participate in the chic country style. They can be of different colors to best match the ambient decor.

6. White and wood

White and wood (1)

a country and chic style with a perfect combination of two shades.

7. Simplicity

Simplicity (1)

a simple, uncluttered style.

8. Scandinavian

Scandinavian (1)

Scandinavian furniture to enhance the chic country kitchen.

9. Vintage

Vintage (1)

vintage tableware that sublimates the chic country kitchen.

10. Gray and gold

Gray and gold (1)

the mix of elegant gray to chic gold for a very pleasant result.

11. Rustic bar

Rustic bar (1)

a vintage bar and rustic stools for a chic country kitchen.

12. Open shelves

Open shelves (1)

the open shelves to showcase the dishes in the kitchen.

13. Plants

Plants (1)

the plants by ten to bring a little greenery in the kitchen.

14. White subway tiles

White subway tiles (1)

white metro tiles to modernize the chic country kitchen.

15. Color

Color (1)

a touch of color on the furniture to wake up the kitchen!

16. Accessories

Accessories (1)

raw wood accessories for an additional touch of charm.

17. Pop

Pop (1)

a pop and retro fridge that gives the kitchen a twist!

18. Black

Black (1)

black kitchen furniture for a modern and elegant room.

19. Bench

Bench (1)

the bench around the table, practical and friendly!

20. Ground

Ground (1)

different floors to visually define the kitchen space.

21. In height

In height (1)

the very modern high chairs for lunch on the go!

22. Showcase

Showcase (1)

the display cabinet to showcase your dishes.

23. Rock

rock (1)

the exposed stone wall, for a chic and authentic touch.

24. Green

Green (1)

a touch of greenery to refresh and sparkle our cuisine!

25. Shelf

Shelf (1)

the raw wood shelves to display your prettiest crockery.

26. Small island

Small island1 (1)

the XXL central island for more conviviality!

27. Canopy

Canopy (1)

the metal canopy for more light and modernity!

28. Dark wood kitchen

Dark wood kitchen (1)

Dark wood is making a comeback in our kitchens. Very elegant, it brings a touch of modernity to the chic country style. Most ? It goes perfectly with the colors of this type of atmosphere!

29. Stone floor

Stone floor (1)

No more classic floors! For your chic country kitchen, opt for a stone floor, or imitation stone. It doesn’t remember your grandparents’ house …

30. Chic and minimalism countryside

Chic and minimalism countryside1 (1)

Have fun ! The chic country style blends easily with other decorative atmospheres. Like minimalism, a 2021 trend, which allows the room to be refined. Thus, your kitchen will not be cluttered and will become the real decorative asset of your home!