25+ Ideas for Decorating a Vase for Christmas (1)

For your dinners this year, are you looking for original ideas to make your Christmas perfect? Uncommon but no less effective, the vase turns out to be an excellent element to garnish a summer decoration. Our vase ideas for that special occasion will help you find the inspiration you need!

1. Decorate your vase with winter decoration

With winter decoration (1)

At Christmas, we talk about pine, snowflakes, snowman … With these typical ingredients that contribute to the magic of Christmas, compose your own bouquet in a pretty white vase.

2. Decorate with mini fir trees and silver balls

Decorate with mini fir tress and silver balls (1)

Need more originality this year? The mini-fir trees in a vase, composed of pine branches and their apples, seduce with their vegetal note! Placed at the entrance of your house, they will undoubtedly symbolize Christmas. The buckets of champagne that you no longer use will do nicely!

3. Red vase with green fir branches shows Christmas theme

Red vase with green fir branches shows Christmas theme (1)

Red, green, and white are the dominant colors of Christmas but you do not have a vase for these colors? No worries, dress them up yourself in Christmas colors! You will enjoy a uniquely designed vase, with the fir branches confined inside.

4. Vase decorated with glitter

Vase decorated with glitter (1)

To add more atmosphere and joy, we offer you this vase decorated with glitter! To bring a special touch to your parties, nothing better than a little extravagance with sublime silver tones.

5. Customized vase 

Customized vase  (1)

This year, we do with what we have. Do you have a vase that you find old-fashioned, installed in the back of your storage room? This is the perfect opportunity to revive it and customize it to your tastes.

6. Simple decoration

Simple decoration (1)

Nothing beats simplicity! During a walk in the forest with your children, collect what you want to put in your vase, in the shape of a coffee maker!

7. Natural decoration with lights 

Natural decoration with lights  (1)

Our decoration of the vase tree is simple to perform. A white vase is enough to recall the characteristic Christmas snowflakes. Stay natural with pine cones as decorative balls!

8. Decorate with pine branches and candles

Decorate with pine branches and candles (1)

A vase with pine branches inside and candles around will be perfect for a meal easy to Christmas!

9. Use a small bucket as a vase 

Use a small bucket as a vase  (1)

Let’s collect the used materials and don’t throw anything away! A spruced-up bucket can serve as a vase with fir branches in it. A magical tool to experience the magic of Christmas!

10. Spruce branches dipped in water

spruce branches dipped in water (1)

For your Christmas meal, we recommend a vase with spruce branches dipped in water. It’s simple but still sophisticated.

11. Vase with branches

vase with branches (1)

The balls you used last year will be used as decorations again this year. Place them in a vase with branches, for an authentic decorative note!

12. Decorate with cypress branches

Decorate with cypress branches (1)

The white brings serenity and candles convey a warm atmosphere. Opt for this vase with its cypress branches for your centerpiece this year!

13. Decorate with spruce branch and a red ball

Decorate with spruce branch and a red ball (1)

Instead of using pine cones, you will decorate your spruce branch with a red ball to mark Christmas. All in a container straight out of your kitchen!

14. Vases with eucalyptus

Vases with eucalyptus (1)

And peacock feather!

15. Round vase

Round vase (1)

With a candle to sift your pieces …

16. Vase with candles

Vase with candles (1)

A long vase to store pebbles and candles.

17. Cotton bouquet

Cotton bouquet (1)

A pretty bouquet of cotton to replace your floral arrangements.

18. Vases with cacti

Vases with cacti (1)

A simple DIY to make!

19. Vases with lemons

Vases with lemons (1)

What if you put lemons in your vase? Colorful effect guaranteed!

20. Shellfish and crustaceans

Shellfish and crustaceans 1 (1)

A vase containing seashells and a candle in its center.

21. Zen vase

Zen vase (1)

Zen effect guaranteed!

22. Candles and leaves

Candles and leaves (1)

To change from classic candlesticks!

23. Flowers and candles

Flowers and candles (1)

Flowers and candles to decorative objects that go hand in hand!

24. Dried flowers

Dried flowers (1)

Dare to use dried flowers!

25. Big light garland

Big light garland (1)

A vase to put on the floor!

26. Garland and flower

Garland and flower (1)

A beautiful demijohn sublimated by a light garland and an orchid.

27. Pampas

Pampas (1)

The pampas are popular right now! 

28. Christmas’ balls

Christmas' balls (3)

Place your Christmas balls in your vases to decorate your interior with style and originality!