floral decoration for christmas

Even if the winter season limits the choice of species, it is possible to compose a pretty floral decoration at the approach of Christmas. Especially since a holiday table set without a bouquet or plant composition can quickly appear bare. New Year’s Eve is also an opportunity to showcase varieties that are less widespread the rest of the year, such as ranunculus or anemone – less classic than an armful of red roses to dress the table. Coupled with leaves collected in the forest, branches, or even winter fruits, these flowers accentuate the festive and neat atmosphere, with a hint of originality. A Christmas floral decoration can therefore deviate from traditional codes, as evidenced by these 20 compositions.

1. The poinsettia decoration

The poinsettia

The poinsettia is a flower straight from South America. It is called the Christmas Star thanks to its shape. There are different varieties such as poinsettias which offer colors ranging from pink to red through orange and white. Enough to create a cheerful and traditional floral decoration.

2. The saintpaulia decoration


The Saintpaulia stands out thanks to its bluish, mauve, or purple color. We like it on a Christmas table to bring Nordic and cold colors specific to the season.

3. Hellebore decoration


Hellebore is also called Christmas Rose. This flower is cold-hardy but will not flower until a year or two after being planted. It gives white flowers spotted with burgundy pink. Enough to brighten up your Christmas table.

4. Rose decoration


Red or white, the rose is timeless and invites itself into our Christmas decor. We like them in bouquets but also associated with pine cones or fir branches to give more a warm side to the floral arrangement.

5. The Schlumbergera decoration

The Schlumbergera decoration

More commonly known as “the Christmas cactus”, the Schlumbergera is one of the perfect plants to decorate tables at Christmas. Its small iridescent flowers subtly sublimate your interior.

6. Amaryllis decoration

Amaryllis decoration

White amaryllis is one of the most popular flowers around Christmas time. After the holidays, this flower can be placed outside to wait for next winter.

7. The Paperwhite narcissus decoration

The Paperwhite narcissus (1)

Its white flowers subtly decorate Christmas tables and your interior. The Paperwhite narcissus is a bulb plant that allows a soft and warm floral decoration.

8. A floral decoration based on flowers and patinated leaves

A floral decoration based on flowers and patinated leaves

Until the end of the year, the leaves of the trees continue to litter the floors of the streets and gardens. Usually regulated to waste, dead leaves can become a real element of the decor if you pay attention to them. It is thus possible to slip them into a bouquet, between a few roses, to dress the Christmas table with a composition that is really out of the ordinary.

9. The Christmas table is dressed in flowering branch

The Christmas table is dressed in flowering branch

Inviting a single variety of flowers to your table is a real bias. Faced with the overbidding that sometimes characterizes Christmas decoration, it may be good to refocus on just a few elements, carefully chosen a few weeks before the day. Minimalist floral decoration is sometimes preferable to bring a little lightness and poetry to the dressage.

10. Invite color with floral arrangements

Invite color with floral arrangements (1)

If flowers are so popular at large tables, it’s because they let in a bit of color. So a nuanced bouquet is enough to sublimate to dressage all that is most classic – white table cloth, stoneware plates, and silver cutlery for example. To change from the traditional red and green duo that characterizes Christmas decoration, it can be interesting to rely on an armful of yellow flowers.

11. A floral decoration between greige and brown

A floral decoration between greige and brown

The trend for this fall winter is in desaturated colors like greige and brown – a palette easy to adopt on the holiday table. All you have to do is decline these soft shades on all the decor elements, including the flowers.

12. Cotton flowers set the tone of the table

Cotton flowers set the tone (1)

A floral decoration should never be chosen by chance. Some varieties make it possible to wake up a table with more or less distinct colors, while others rely on authenticity. Cotton flowers are ideal for infusing a soft atmosphere around the table. They are easily combined with dried flowers or twigs collected at the foot of trees, to compose a slow bouquet.

13. Variation of mauves for the holiday bouquet

Variation of mauves

It is quite possible to deviate from traditional Christmas colors, such as red, green, and gold, for table decoration. Flowers are even a great help when it comes to exploring other more or less daring palettes. This year, we let ourselves be seduced by a shade long shunned in the universe of the house mauve. This shade close to purple is often dismissed from parties because it is considered too dark to brighten up the table.

14. The Christmas table relies on the branches of red berries

The Christmas table relies on the branches of red berries

Betting on a bouquet garnished with flowers is not essential at Christmas it is possible to invite plants to the table in another way, with more or less colorful branches. The ilex, for example, brings a poetic note to the dressage. Typical of the holiday season with its blushing berries, it is a light species that is easy to appropriate. The branches can be slipped individually into small glass vases, or soliflores that let in the light.

15. A touch of the exotic for this festive bouquet

A touch of the exotic for this festive bouquet

Even if the sun seems far away this time of the year, it is possible to give exotic accents to its holiday decoration. To do this, we turn to tropical species but present on the continent throughout the year – like palm trees. The idea is to combine flowers typical of the cold season such as anemones with some foliage that evokes travel. You can also add branches of orange and berries to awaken the dominant green and white duo.

16. At Christmas, white is even available on floral decorations

white is even available on floral decorations

With its many shades of alabaster, ivory, or ecru, white can be used on all dressing elements – from the tablecloth to linen napkins, including candle holders carved out of marble. The Christmas floral decoration should not break this immaculate monochrome, but rather fit into this atmosphere of sweetness. A more or less supplied bunch of coins from the pope always precisely to maintain the delicacy of the table.

17. Masterpiece spirit for this Christmas bouquet

Masterpiece spirit for this Christmas bouquet

The table can even take on masterpiece accents with the right floral arrangement. White flowers are recommended as a base – so we turn to false arums or camellias. It is then a matter of sliding in a few naturally dark buds to contrast the immaculate petals. As surprising as it seems, we finalize the arrangement with kumquats or lemon branches. The fruits help to create a pictorial Christmas table a bit baroque.

18. Flowers slipped into the water brighten up the table

Flowers slipped into the water brighten up the table

Simplicity is sometimes the best attitude to adopt in decoration. To get away from the frenzy of the festivities, and the flashy side that does not correspond to all the personalities, it is enough to set up a table without frills, with some beautiful plates and candles.

19. A festive table thanks to floral wreaths

A festive table thanks to floral wreaths

If bouquets traditionally sit on the Christmas table, nothing prevents them from being replaced by alternative floral decorations. The wreaths of dried flowers found a second youth in our inner and readily lend themselves to the festive atmosphere of the end of the year. It is easy to include them in the dressing – especially as a centerpiece.

20. The centerpiece for a magical Christmas

The centerpiece for a magical Christmas

To transport your guests in an atmosphere of magic, choose a composition of white flowers and decorate it with Christmas decorations in gold or silver. It’s a timeless combination that always makes a big impact.

The table runner is installed lengthwise on a white cotton tablecloth. Prefer organdy or abaca in metallic or gold tones. You can even dare some arabesque-type patterns, as long as they remain discreet. The overall decoration of your table and the elements you add to it should be kept light: artificial snowflakes, feathers, sequins, or cotton. On the light side, arrange candlesticks or a garland of white light.