25 Original Ideas of Christmas Balls for Christmas Decoration (1)

If it is very difficult to do without the traditional Christmas tree with the approach of Christmas, it is the same for the balls and other colored tassels . The tree does not really become the star of our interiors until it is adorned with these small decorative elements. Especially since some Christmas balls can also migrate on the handles of doors and cupboards , just to dress up every corner of the home for a few weeks. The most difficult is surely to make a choice among the range of colored or more or less textured balls offered at the dawn of the festivities.

Nature spirit for Christmas balls

Nature spirit for Christmas balls (1)

Nature spirit for Christmas balls 1 (1)

The call of the forest is never far away when the festivities begin. This special season is a perfect opportunity to bring nature into the heart of the home, through pretty decorative details that blur the border between interior and exterior. Christmas baubles are no exception with a profusion of pine cone-shaped suspensions, exactly copied from those fallen at the feet of conifers during the fall. The carved wood-style models found in many brands remind us of the importance of favoring organic materials. In search of authenticity, Christmas decoration also draws on nordic codes – the balls are thus chosen uncluttered, without superfluous decorations or sequins.

Balls inspired by craftsmanship

Balls inspired by craftsmanship (1)

Balls inspired by craftsmanship 2 (1)

Concerns about overconsumption also impact our behavior during the holidays. The pieces for craft manufacturing today found a second wind to the point of inspiring many to get into the handmade. We can thus invest in “blank” balls to decorate with paint, ribbons; or make your Christmas suspension entirely in papier-mache. But for those who do not try DIY (at least for the moment), there are alternatives. Some balls, painted by hand or modeled in artisan workshops, allow you to embrace the festivities in a different way. The idea is to limit the number of tassels by preferring more elaborate pieces, such as jewelry that is stored out of view the rest of the time to better appreciate them these few weeks of the year.

The traditional version, the Christmas ball never goes out of style

The traditional version, the Christmas ball never goes out of style (1)

The traditional version, the Christmas ball never goes out of style 1 (1)

The Christmas trends evolve and sometimes fade from one season to another, but some codes are inseparable from the period. 2019 marks the entry of deep tones into interiors, with a predominance of dark greens, midnight blue, or brown depending on the decorative elements. As alluring as these new colors are, they certainly don’t dethrone red at the dawn of New Year’s Eve. A ruby, crimson, or even vermilion version, red offers nuances on the balls and other suspensions, playing with the finishes (sometimes matt, sometimes satin, or completely lacquered) to punctuate the established atmosphere of a fir tree. Investing in a set of balls wrapped in red allows you to compose a lasting decoration, to be brought out every Christmas.

Set of contents on Christmas balls

Set of contents on Christmas balls (1)

Set of contents on Christmas balls

Standing out from the classics doesn’t have to mean quirky Christmas decorations. It is quite possible to break with the codes of yesteryear by betting, not on the colors of the balls, but on their materials. For a long time, glass and plastic monopolized the holiday market, although a few wooden specimens continued to persist on market stalls. It is now the turn of cozy textures to invite themselves on the tree: thus the Christmas balls in velvet or fake fur are multiplying this season. They provide an interesting rendering in terms of texture with a refined velvety appearance that goes beyond the simple interest linked to touch. This is why these tassels easily replace the traditional plant centerpiece, simply accumulated in a golden tray.

Transparent glass balls …

Transparent glass balls ... (1)

Transparent glass balls ...

While some appreciate the large trees overflowing with decorations, others prefer to play the card of purity on the occasion of the holidays. In this area, nothing can match the power of transparent glass balls. Airy, they naturally bring a lot of poetry to the interior – no need for a majestic conifer, a tree branch can do the trick once adorned with these suspensions. The transparent glass balls are also suitable for small spaces or those lacking in clarity because they do not weigh down the atmosphere but still instill a festive spirit. Natural light continues to flow through, which accentuates the impression of lightness. Some models are trimmed with feathers or sequins while others have a few gold designs on the surface. In short, there are enough alternatives to satisfy the desires of a Christmas delicacy.

… or in colored tinted glass

_or in colored tinted glass

in colored tinted glass 1 (1)

The indestructible green and red duo are not the only ones to make their way into our Sunday homes. Christmas 2019 is also exploring more tempered palettes, where the strong color contrasts fade in favor of pastel, powdery shades, right on the trend of recent years. It must be said that a tree adorned with balls can quickly denote an interior where a very different atmosphere is already established. Prefer slightly tinted tassels, modeled on the dominant of the room, which allows guaranteeing the harmony of the place. Variations of roses more or less dosed, bluish touches, from azure to ash, through the softness of almond green, the pastel suspensions offers a new take on party decoration. Some glass versions even offer smoked or marbled renderings (like voluntary paint drips) that instantly modernize the look of the Christmas tree.

Christmas balls with yarn

Christmas balls with yarn

Have you ever thought about decorating a Christmas ball with yarn? It’s amazing the charm of such a simple idea. An intimate and tender Christmas that everyone will love, adults and of course children. Because Christmas is above all their celebration! Use the yarn you prefer, even if red and white are the symbolic colors of this holiday!

DIY Christmas character balls

DIY Christmas character balls (1)

When DIY balls become fun and delicate characters or animals! So here are Santa, the reindeer, the elf, the polar bear, and the penguin! For children, it will be a real joy to discover these decorated balls “ad hoc” for them, for their desire to dream and to play.

Fabric piece Christmas ball

Fabric piece Christmas ball (1)

If you have pieces of fabric at home, don’t throw them away as they can be used to make beautiful shells for your DIY Christmas balls. Red is the dominant color: this fabric, with comets, is really beautiful and perfect for the occasion.

Personalize DIY balls

Personalize DIY balls (1)

Personalize your DIY balls with the decorations you prefer. In the photo, here is a nice example that reproduces the silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie eager to kiss each other: a delicate and romantic image. Your Christmas tree will be beautiful!

Decorative transparent ball

Decorative transparent ball (1)

For a transparent ball like this, there are many possibilities. On this image, we added confetti to simulate snow, as well as dice with the letters forming the word “snow” as an inscription.

Decorative transparent ball

It is also possible to fill the balls with small strings or cut-out paper.

Paint and write “JOY”

Paint and write JOY

Christmas being a great celebration that makes everyone happy, we suggest that you paint words referring to this happiness on your decorative balls. Opt for a writing color different from that of the ball so that the rendering is perfect.

Rustic decoration

Rustic Decoration (2)

For a more rustic decoration, instead of having filaments in the balls, you can on the contrary surround them on the outside. Start winding from the top of the ball and turn the string step by step while applying a little transparent glue.

Like seaside decoration

Like seaside decoration (1)

Despite the fact that everyone is happy during Christmas when the cold hits hard enough with the snow outside, we sometimes miss our seaside holidays during the summer. During these moments of nostalgia, consider garnishing your transparent balls with small shells and fine sands.

Sweet decoration

Sweet decoration (1)

December: the month of gluttony. During Christmas time, we love good things. Chocolates, candies, cookies, and cupcakes delight gourmets. If you are one of them, you might like this decoration. The transparent ball was filled with multicolored candies!

Decorate with buttons or sequins

Decorate with buttons or sequins (1)

The following decorative balls are sure to tempt seamstresses and stylists. Buttons, sequins, and many other sewing accessories were used differently. We don’t know what the initial color of the ball is. However, buttons of different shapes, colors, and sizes have been pinned to the entire surface of the ball. Like what nothing is impossible; especially in terms of decoration!

Surround with wool strings

Surround with wool strings (1)

Do you know how to knit … or not? It doesn’t matter! This ball is very easy to make! Be careful if you have cats in the house, they could have fun killing them.

Glittery ball

Glittery ball (1)

Fashionistas will love this decor! This is a sponge ball on which glitter has been glued. Who Said Christmas Wasn’t A Glamorous Party?