15+ Luminous Christmas Decoration Ideas With IKEA (1)

This year, to make your Christmas memorable, the most magical decorations will be at your disposal at IKEA! The celebration of this holiday is also an opportunity to make your home a warm, welcoming, and radiant place.

This is why luminous accessories are inherent in the success of winter decoration. So here are some of the most beautiful IKEA decor ideas for you today to brighten up your neighborhood this winter. The magic of Christmas will be there thanks to these countless exceptional accessories!

IKEA light decorations for hanging

IKEA light decorations for hanging (1)

To light up and brighten up your humble home at Christmas, our luminous stars bring a touch of the original decoration. Hang them wherever you want! The stars tirelessly remind us of the magic of Christmas!

IKEA light decorations for hanging 1 (1)

This wreath of light garlands is sure to remind you and your guests that Christmas is above all a moment of sharing and pure happiness!

IKEA light decorations for hanging 2 (1)

To release an intimate but convivial side during the Christmas meal, this star-shaped decoration will pleasantly enhance the atmosphere at the table!

IKEA light decorations for hanging 4 (1)

IKEA light decorations for hanging 3 (1)

In addition to serving as a decoration, the reflections from these luminous stars add a cozy and even more magical touch to your home!

IKEA light decorations for hanging 5 (1)

More supplied as a light garland, this hoop will allow you to replace the usual Christmas wreaths. With its stunning shine, this decoration will catch the eye of your guests at first sight!

IKEA light decorations to put on

IKEA light decorations to put onIKEA light decorations to put on

Every Christmas, we tend to hang lots of beautiful things in our house. This time, we suggest you store complimentary edges of windows, like those little twinkling stars. Your neighbors will only be amazed on the other side!

IKEA light decorations to put on 1 (1)

Associated with Christmas colors and candles this decoration will immerse your home in a warm atmosphere this winter!

IKEA light decorations to put on 2 (1)

Who says Christmas says gift! To install at the bottom of your tree this decoration in the form of a luminous present will allow your children to easily spot their gifts from Santa Claus this year!

IKEA light decorations to put on 3

Let’s not forget the hyper-luminous trees. With leaves and pine cones, this type of ornamental accessory immediately creates a semblance of a dazzling mini-Christmas!

IKEA light decorations to put on 4

In the same vein, the luminous mini-trees from IKEA will bring a sophisticated and modern touch to your Christmas. In addition, they can act as night lights to divinely decorate your room on occasion!

IKEA fairy lights

IKEA fairy lights (1)

At the end of a rather eventful year, the fairy lights from IKEA will bring balm to the heart in every home, thanks to their comforting light and warmth!

IKEA fairy lights 1 (1)

The beads again become fashionable this year. Worn as jewelry or simply as an ornament for the holiday tableĀ  A sparkling little gem to brighten up the Christmas atmosphere!

IKEA fairy lights 2 (1)

IKEA fairy lights 3 (1)

These light garlands will bring a simple, discreet but elegant note to your table with figurines associated with the Christmas theme!

IKEA fairy lights 4 (1)

For a successful avant-garde style this Christmas, the candle-shaped garlands from IKEA placed on the tree provide a zen and warm atmosphere.

IKEA fairy lights 5 (1)

The fairy lights, in addition to serving as decorations, can also act as a pilot. The reflections they produce catch the eye and fascinate us! Enough to plunge us into a long restful sleep, after well-watered parties!