I’ve listed 25 possible habits here for you to change or adapt in your life – try to include one new habit a week. I’m sure you are capable of doing this. Possibly you already do some of the habits I’ve listed below, and it may be that you don’t do others or that something doesn’t work for you, but even so, you may have other ideas or adapt the list below to your liking!

The secret of having good habits is that they always bring some benefit to our lives. For example, if you brush your teeth, this ensures healthy teeth and gums, and your visits to the dentist might just be for periodic cleanings. Check out our list, and discover the benefit of having good habits!

Habits with house organization

1. Clean the bathroom after use

Clean the bathroom, shower and shower area after each use, removing dirt and hair with a little toilet paper. This saves time when it comes to cleaning.

2. Upgrade something in a room when you leave it

Make sure that when you leave a room in your house, it is in order. This will keep the house tidy at all times.

3. Do a daily wash load

Wash clothes every day (if necessary). If you have a washer and dryer, before you leave, put the machine to work and when you arrive your clothes will be clean and dry, keeping your house and laundry in order.

4. Always put things back in their place

Returning things always back to the same place, will make you always find everything when you need an item.

5. Cook double portions

When cooking, cook an extra portion and freeze. By doing this, you will always have something quick and healthy to eat when you don’t have time to cook.

6. Clean and organize while cooking

When cooking, get in the habit of washing dirty dishes and returning used ingredients in the fridge or pantry. Leaving less to do later is an excellent strategy to avoid the laziness of tidying everything up later.

7. Keep a grocery list on the fridge door

Check off a list of items you used for cooking that need to be replaced. By doing this, you won’t have to remember everything when you go to the supermarket, nor will you have that feeling that you’re forgetting something.

8. Keep your car’s fuel tank full

Always keep your car’s tank above half a tank. This saves time when you’re late and you’re in reserve or prevents unforeseen events, such as having to take your child to the emergency room at dawn and not having gas in the car.

Healthy habits

9. Eat at least 5 times a day

Eating small meals, at 3-hour intervals, ensures a balanced diet and helps you be more productive, healthier, in addition to many other benefits.

10. Drink 2 liters of water a day

Drinking water can only bring you benefits.

11. Try a new fit recipe every week

Trying new healthy recipes, in addition to expanding your gastronomic horizons, avoids boredom!

12. Get some exercise every day

Going to the gym, running, walking, playing with your kids, taking Zumba classes or doing some jumping jacks and push-ups gets you moving a little bit each day. Exercising will certainly give you more energy and enthusiasm!

Life habits

13. Recycle magazines after reading

After reading magazines, check the real need to keep them in piles at home. Ideally, recycle immediately after reading. This avoids the accumulation of magazines unnecessarily. You can opt for digital signatures that are much more sustainable and avoid clutter.

14. Make schedules and routines a habit

Following your routines daily has you going into automatic after a few weeks. Follow the morning routine, afternoon routine, paperwork routine, finance routine, home organization routine and healthy habits routine. When you enter the house, leave your bag hanging and always deposit your keys in the same place. This saves time, preventing you from wasting time looking for lost items the other day.

15. Do it immediately

Everything you need to do on your to do list, do it right away. That way you avoid forgetting.

16. Take notes on your cell phone

Use your phone’s notepad to jot down websites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This way you avoid small crumpled papers in your pocket or bag and also avoid losing information.

17. Use the phone while doing other tasks

Making calls while taking a walk, or while driving (using speakerphone naturally) can be a good time-saving idea. Multitasking doesn’t always work at the same time – But a few calls to your cell operator, where you spend some time on hold, can work in this case.

18. Set aside time to be alone each day

Being alone and doing something relaxing or nothing is very important to keep your sanity!

19. Book a night out with your partner

Setting aside at least one night a month to go out with your partner is vital to the couple’s happiness.

20. ​​Spend time with your children each day

Spending time with your children each day is critical. They grow so fast and having a relationship with them is vital to their development.

21. Have a purchasing policy for your home

Having a new purchase policy for your home works well with clothes and toys! The advantage is that you will never suffer from excess stuff at home.

22. Don’t answer the phone when you’re busy

Answer the phone when you have time, if the call is urgent they will leave a message or try again. Avoiding answering the phone when you are busy will not distract you.

23. Set a specific time to reply to text messages

You are not required to check your WhatsApp, messenger and other messages every minute. This ends up being counterproductive. Set a morning and evening time to respond to messages for the day and avoid distractions throughout the day.

24. Buy gifts at sales times

Take advantage of the sales periods to buy gifts for your relatives and friends. You can save them for a special date. Buying on clearance sales helps you save money and time and you’ll always have something to give away.

25. Learn to say NO

Saying no, freeing up time, energy and effort. We all do things because we want to avoid feeling guilty. Once you learn to say no, it will really make a difference in the way you feel each day.