Choosing wallpaper is so difficult and at the same time so interesting. Especially when there are a million incredible colors around, like in Manders wall decor stores. Designers, those who make repairs on their own, and simply beauty lovers come here not only for paints and wallpapers, but also for inspiration. We also wanted to be inspired, dropped in and selected 18 of the most beautiful wallpapers of the best English manufacturers. And now we are happy to share with you!

Bare walls are boring. While stripes, gradients, and speckled designs look clever, wallpaper is the best way to inject character and pattern into your space. There are many wallpaper ideas to choose from to suit a specific room, color choice, and aesthetic. Check out these wallpapered rooms for inspiration, whether your home is modern, rustic or classic.

1- Bright flowers

Tile often finds a home near tubs and showers, but this gorgeous design will inspire something more striking. Choose vinyl wallpaper because it’s easy to wash and can withstand heat and humidity.

2- Gradient Stroke Wallpaper

The strokes of this pliable wallpaper are very imperfect, making them look more like the real thing. But that’s part of the appeal, isn’t it?

3- Matching Cabinets and Trims

Floor-to-ceiling walls can be covered with paper, adding extra height to even the smallest room. Paint the cabinets and decorate them the same color as the wallpaper to keep the space flowing.

4- Nautical Lobster Wallpaper

Even in the middle of winter, this wallpaper will make you feel like you’re on a certain beach. Since the pattern is bolder, go for classic colors (red and white) so you don’t overwhelm your space.

5- World map wallpaper

Put this wallpaper in your child’s bathroom or bedroom as it can be used as a teaching at the same time. Choose one that’s muted or full of color, like this one shown here.

6- Monochrome accent wall

Decorative walls are a wonderful way to bring more personality to your space, no matter the size of the space. This black and white floral wallpaper offsets the vibrant colors in the kitchen, but still maintain the retro-chic vibe.

7- Contrast wallpaper

Bring the pattern! Double the geometric and floral effect by pairing detailed wallpaper patterned tiles.

8- Log-Inspired Wallpaper

Faux Boise (French for “fake wood”) make you feel like you’re living in the woods, no matter where you actually are. Look for wallpapers that have a realistic look and feel to mimic a real-life log cabin.

9- Texture wallpaper

Patterns have their place, but sometimes depth is just what your room needs. Wallpaper made from tweed, gauze and bamboo are just that.

10- DIY Book Pages Wallpaper

Whenever you walk into the bathroom, if you follow this “paste and paste” technique, you’ll feel like you’re in a life-size scrapbook. Layer dozens of magazines, newspaper or book pages to create a fully custom wall covering.

11- Designers guild

The Tulipa Stellata collection is based on the age-old love of mankind for tulips. Thanks to the Dutch for bringing these flowers into fashion many years ago and forcing the whole of Europe to go crazy over them.

Allow yourself a little madness and we are in incredibly bright and contrasting combinations on the walls. For those who still prefer neutral colors, there are gentle watercolor options or even sketchy, graphic ones, where the tulip is hardly guessed.

12- Farrow & Ball

Flowers are still a win-win option when you need to choose something beautiful. This floral collection will definitely find many fans. There are three designs here at once: a large pattern with outlines of flowers, a cheerful pattern with thin flower branches, and a tropical pattern full of small details that you want to look at.

13- Little Greene

Another proof that everything new is well forgotten old. The new London Wallpapers IV collection is a reincarnation of the wallpaper that once adorned the walls of English houses between 1760 and 1950. And it’s not just about classic patterns! You will be surprised, but the fashion for tropical plants and birds in the interior covered London as early as 1890. Each wallpaper in the collection has its own story, which will continue into the 21st century, maybe in your home.

Designers are known to be creative people, so I like Manders primarily because of the atmosphere in the shops, including my favorite one, in Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane. In addition, we are always pleased with a large assortment, excellent quality of service, friendly and professional attitude towards designers.

Manders is always prompt in introducing new wallpaper collections, which is important to me as a designer. They also give lectures on new products, which is nice and useful!

14- Meystyle

Electric wallpapers, if they don’t replace your chandelier, will certainly become a pleasant addition to it. Can you imagine? Not only do all the wallpapers from the Conductivity collection have a cosmic design that you can’t take your eyes off, they really glow like a starry sky thanks to tiny LED bulbs. There is a thin wire running through the canvas that plugs into a power outlet, and don’t worry about the lifespan – it’s six years with 24/7 use.

15- Harlequin

The Momentum Wallcoverings Volume 4 collection is inspired by the love of architecture, abstraction and nature itself. After all, natural forms can be different, and they can be interpreted in a million ways, the main thing is harmony.

Here you will find broken lines and symmetry, clear forms and soft, blurry ones, as if drawn with a ruler or applied with a brush. This wallpaper is said to have taken the idea of ​​haute couture wall art to a new level. And we think it’s worth believing.

16- Sanderson

An experienced gardener will immediately see echoes of ancient gardens and historical trends in landscape design in the wallpapers of the Art Of The Garden collection. Take a closer look and you will see outlandish plants, architectural plans, ornate garden trellises and even the inhabitants of a luxurious garden created by some great exotic lover.

It turns out that wallpaper can add a piece of nature, freshness to a residential interior, and helps create a real garden right on the wall!

17- Scion

Good news for fans of Scandinavian style: the Noukku collection is made especially for you. The snow-white background, bright colors and the most simple forms in the spirit of patchwork – all these Scandinavian features are also inherent in the new wallpaper.

At first glance, they may seem childish, but they are not: a living room with a similar ornament on the wall will become a little more comfortable, and an office will inspire its own even more.

18- Zoffany

Wallpaper patterns from the Damask collection will surely seem familiar to you, and for good reason: the designers were inspired by fabric samples from English houses of past centuries. There are leaves, fruit branches, and even a stylized artichoke flower, but the main thing is the color.

Bright, modern hues breathe new life into the traditional designs. And it seems that these wallpapers will decorate not only classic interiors.