To start working or improving any part of your life, you need to create a new habit. Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a new habit and 6 weeks to make it natural? Why create new habits? Habits are things that become part of our lives, even without thinking about them, that’s because they don’t take up any brain space and give us more time, even without realizing it. Every day you brush your teeth, right? At the very least, every morning and every night, and it only takes a few minutes. Brushing your teeth is something so simple that we end up doing it automatically. You don’t schedule time to brush your teeth, it’s already part of your morning routine.

So the trick is to create some habits to make sure our life runs on automatic.

Habits for the Morning Routine

1. Make your bed every morning

Making your bed every morning or as soon as you get out of the shower automatically gives your room a clean and organized look.

2. Always take your medication at the same time

Taking your treatment medicines or vitamins always at the same time and preferably together (if possible) prevents you from forgetting to take them. Choose a time when you are at home, such as when you get up (you can leave your medication at the head of your bed) or when you go to bed. Having a fixed schedule reduces stress or doubts about whether or not you have taken your medication.

3. Have breakfast

Having breakfast sets you up for the day. Often meetings or unforeseen events can make you skip lunch, so having breakfast can be the perfect opportunity to eat healthy foods and nourish your body.

4. Empty the dishwasher every morning

I know that many do not have a dishwasher and are resistant to this facility. That’s because the dishwashers of old were not so practical and efficient. The advantage of emptying the machine every morning is to start the day with your kitchen in order and with all items clean, put away and ready to use. Read here about dishwasher facilities.

5. Leave the house as you would like to find it

Leave the house as you would like to find it when you arrive home: Tidy and clean. This avoids stress and annoyances at night and your home will always welcome you.

6. Wake up and get up at the same time every day

Waking up at the same time every day, even on the weekend, is ideal for balancing your biological clock. Sleeping in later on the weekend can do more harm than good. It makes you feel weak and hung over for the rest of the day.

Habits for the night routine

7. Wash the dishes before going to bed

Put the dishes in the dishwasher or wash the dishes before bed and find your kitchen clean the next morning. It takes less time to clean pans when they are freshly soiled, rather than leaving them with food and waiting for the dirt to harden overnight. Finding the kitchen clean every morning is a wonderful feeling.

8. Clean the house every night

Tidying up your house each night by walking through the rooms and returning items to each location takes less than 10 minutes. The best way to start your day when you wake up is to see your house tidy and without accumulated clutter.

9. Set the breakfast table the night before

Setting the breakfast table the night before saves time each morning and avoids the rush.

10. Sort your laundry the night before

Sorting out the clothes you’ll wear the night before saves time in your mornings and avoids delays. Also, you may need some parts that are still in the laundry room. Confused about what to wear? Check the weather forecast and look for some inspiration on Pinterest. Make a panel with clothes similar to the ones you have and create looks that you like.

11. Check your schedule for the next day

Checking your schedule for the next day ensures you’re prepared, whether it’s for a meeting, or a medical exam, or if you need to leave a little before home to stop by somewhere. You will be ready for anything!

12. Try to go to bed at the same time

Going to bed at the same time each night will help regulate sleep and you will feel much better each day.

13. Put your phone to charge every night

Putting your cell phone to charge overnight ensures that you don’t run out of battery during the day. The benefit is not panicking when you realize your battery is dead and you don’t have an outlet or charger.

14. Analyze your day before bed

Analyzing how your day went helps keep your mind focused on your goal and helps you know what you will need to work on the next day. Enjoy and say a prayer of thanks.

Habits for time management

15. Keep your to-do list up to date

Keeping your to-do list up to date will keep you one step ahead, and help organize your day much better.

16. Make your next appointment while you’re still at the location

Take the opportunity to schedule an appointment, meeting or medical appointment while you are, for example, leaving the doctor and you know you need to return or when you are in a business appointment and need to schedule the next meeting. By doing so, you save time and do not need to add this task to your to-do list.

17. Check all birthdays and events for the week of the month

Check the birthday list of the month and buy all the gifts in advance (if you are used to giving gifts), this will save you some money, without having to go to the mall in a hurry. If you have a special event, it will give you time to plan what to wear and if you need to make any purchases.

18. Always add a contingency time

To avoid delays in your schedule, always add extra time for tasks, appointments, travel time, etc. It is common to get heavy traffic, the doctor delays the appointment and some meeting goes on longer than expected. By adding extra time you will be able to see exactly how your day will go and avoid stress and rescheduling.

19. Don’t leave things to the last minute

Do it immediately or as soon as possible. Putting it off for later only makes things more difficult. Doing it right away will make you feel a lot less stressed.

Habits for paperwork

20. Handle incoming paperwork only once

Don’t put off dealing with the pile of papers and correspondence later. Create a system of accounts to pay and papers to file. This will ensure that nothing gets lost and that you don’t miss the payment deadline. It also saves time because you don’t have to read something again.

21. Throw it in the trash

When reading your mail, immediately discard what needs to go to the trash. This simply saves time and energy.

22. Open your mail when you have time

Open your mail when you can immediately take action like making phone calls or paying bills. By doing this, you’ll be able to get things done in one go and don’t have to leave anything for later or risk forgetting to do it later!

Habits for finance

23. Keep all receipts in your wallet

Keep all important receipts in your wallet and file each night when you get home. Knowing where all the receipts are being great when you need to exchange or request service for some reason.

24. Always have cash in your wallet for unforeseen circumstances

Today with the facilities of the debit and credit card, it is very common to walk without money. However, having money in your wallet for unforeseen circumstances prevents you from being caught by surprise with money for the kids’ lunch or outings and those stores that only accept cash.

25. Always have some change in your car

Having a few coins in your car can make your life easier to pay for parking, tip and when you are traveling and need to go through a toll plaza.

26. Ask yourself when shopping

Always ask yourself if you need the item, and if you can buy it elsewhere for a cheaper price. Questioning your purchases saves you money and reduces clutter in your home.