25 Beautiful Models of Cocooning Sofa (1)

Autumn like winter are, par excellence, the seasons during which we just want to laze around, while waiting for the return of the sun and milder temperatures … Our wishes are rather for a sofa with enveloping curves and cozy materials. To make you want to wallow in your sofa, here are some models selected for you!

1. Generous shapes for unparalleled comfort!

Generous shapes for unparalleled comfort

The plump shapes and generous dimensions characterize this sofa that stretches out its arms to you. Posada is a welcoming model with a deep seat and wide padded armrests. So as not to sacrifice your comfort for elegance, it stands out with its simple, yet refined design.

2. Modularity for maximum comfort

Modularity for maximum comfort

In decoration, you appreciate change, make your rooms evolve according to your desires and your mood … Mr. Big is the sofa you need. Modular, but not only, it is above all very decorative, adopting a simple and yet very original line. The many cushions further enhance the impression of comfort while its colors, fabrics and different modules give you a lot of freedom to compose your own sofa. The little extra: its very deep seat.

3. Quilting: a decorative and cozy touch

Quilting, a decorative and cozy touch

Simplicity, elegance, softness, charm and refinement: these are the terms that stick to the skin of the Husk sofa. The lines are straight, structured, timeless and resolutely contemporary. The designer has played around with many colors to choose from depending on the mood you like. For our part, this brick color, quite light and very luminous, won us over instantly. To be tempered with an armchair with a very original design in leather, for example.

4. Trendy design and modularity!

Trendy design and modularity! (1)

Lamo is undoubtedly the sofa, if you are looking for a seat with atypical shapes! In addition, you transform it as you want: in angle, in bed and even face to face when you want to whisper sweet words to your partner … In short, it complies with all your craziest desires of the moment. But what seduced us was also its very chic side and the colors available. We fell in love with this cedar green that fits perfectly into the new 2021 palette, but the very soft Borie gray fits easily into all styles. Finally, if you had to convince you, its best ambassador would certainly be its elegance!

5. Contemporary sofa, inspired by the unforgettable Chesterfield

Contemporary sofa, inspired by the unforgettable Chesterfield

The BBF corner sofa has geometric and dynamic lines creating a nice light relief. The thick fabric is characterized by a quilted effect, whose padding and buttons are largely inspired by the famous Chesterfield. All revisited in a sculptural version with strong lines that give it all its personality. Its powerful character, its ultra contemporary look as well as its midnight blue color did not have any difficulty in seducing us. The imagination of the designer and the couturiers made it possible to treat the textile or the nubuck in the deep blue model with a lot of freedom. Modular, it is a haven of rest that irresistibly calls you.

6. Chic sofa with soft curves

Chic sofa with soft curves

Do you like soft curves and curves? The Rosebury three-seater sofa was designed for you. With its look inspired by the classics of the 1930s, it has a strong personality and identity. We particularly love its enveloping seat and its sober line. Simplicity rhymes with elegance, nothing is more true here! Its slightly curved backrest and velvet upholstery perfectly enhance this refined look. A footrest is to be added for a tenfold comfort.

7. An architectural design for your sofa

An architectural design for your sofa

Versatility and modularity are the two principles of Floe Insel, a classic of the Cassina brand. The proportions have been deliberately exaggerated for more comfort whether in the thickness of the cushions as the volumes of the sofa in general. Everything remains dynamic, including the play of diagonal seams, but above all very comfortable. The complex work of this sofa is reflected beyond its look, by an almost aerial seat, so pleasant it is.

8. Scandinavian comfort!

Scandinavian comfort!

Iconic sofa from the manufacturer Normann Copenhagen, the Rope sofa is a timeless one of the brand. Created in 2016 by Hans Hornemann, it has not aged a bit. This designer piece of furniture upgrades all the decor of your living room without being ostentatious thanks to its simple, pure lines and its pretty finish which delicately emphasizes them. We love the curves at the angles that soften its fairly linear look.

9. The comfortable sofa par excellence

The comfortable sofa par excellence (1)

The sofa from the Cinna brand and the Amédée collection is distinguished by its soft colors, from off-white to powder pink, but also by the shape of its backrest borrowed from Italian luxury cars. It is certainly this characteristic that gives it all its personality. Its bucket profile, with padded lumbar support, perfectly demonstrates that small size does not exclude comfort. Not cumbersome, it fits brilliantly into today’s urban and chic atmospheres. The new full-grain leather finish further accentuates its elegance and luxurious finish.

10. An XXL cocooning sofa

An XXL cocooning sofa

For large spaces, I choose an XXL sofa. A large seat of more than 2 meters to settle comfortably: a cozy and warm sofa. With its solid pine structure and its trim in a pretty fabric made of 65% cotton and 35% linen, eucalyptus green color. This sofa can be decorated with many cozy cushions . If you like to take it easy … This is the sofa for you!

11. A Scandinavian cocooning sofa

A Scandinavian cocooning sofa

The main cocoon of cozy living, the sofa should offer you the comfort of lying there at your ease, thanks to its chaise longue, for pleasant moments of relaxation. Who says “Scandinavian style”, says IKEA: the temple of Nordic decor! On the color side, my choice will be more on a range of grays, whites or beiges, a solid wood structure and a natural material and pleasant to the touch such as a soft fabric, for example. Its padded appearance offers very soft comfort, perfect for enjoying the days that are beginning to lengthen.

12. A convertible and cozy sofa

A convertible and cozy sofa

Modular and convertible, this cocooning sofa is no less chic. I love deep colors like pretty navy blues, dark reds or even dark greens. These colors envelop in warmth and softness and are ideal for gently waking up from winter and starting to enjoy spring.

13. A cheap cocooning sofa

A cheap cocooning sofa

Owning a cocooning sofa without breaking the bank is possible. I chose a special low budget sofa. Notice to students who move in or to all those who live in a small apartment. Small but cozy and cocooning thanks to its padded appearance and its fabric and cotton covering, it is filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 50 kg / m3. His little extra? It is convertible. Who says better ?

14. White cocooning sofa

White cocooning sofa (1)

Favorite at Maisons du Monde for the Barcelona sofa collection. Available in 8 colors and available in several models, I opt for example for the 3-4 seater sofa bed version in thick rhubarb red linen convertible to enhance the warm tones of my interior. For a more natural atmosphere, I choose it white, a straight version with or without a chaise longue, and I combine it with wooden furniture. Linen, fully removable, it has many cushions and a deep seat that will offer you the guarantee of successful cocooning moments with your family.

15. Most stylish model

most stylish

AM PM’s Alwine model could be the most stylish little cocooning sofa around. It is available in viscose, polyester or cotton blend versions, but also thick stone watched linen or velvet. Suffice to say that it is able to adapt to all interiors! Our favorite: the velvet version, which comes in the trendiest colors of the moment, such as this dazzling peacock blue.

16. Gray sofa

Gray sofa

It was one of the sensations of the season, and the least we can say is that it lives up to its name: the Icône sofa proposed by Alinéa displays an anthracite gray color and a light wood compass base. emblematic of Scandinavian decor. It is good to curl up in this velvet touch model. And not content with offering an irreproachable look and has a very cocooning seat, the Icône sofa is convertible.

17. Washed linen model

Washed linen model (1)

The ultimate cocooning sofa? The washed linen model, of course! We fall for Bobochic’s Odna model, nicely highlighted with dark piping. This detail gives it extra personality, and it will look just as good in an ethnic chic decor as in a modern living room.

18. Large cocooning sofa

Large cocooning sofa

This large corduroy sofa spotted at Les Experts Meubles is soberly called Cocooning. And the least we can say is that it is aptly named! Its generous cushions and its very soft cover are a real invitation to snuggle up. We love its anthracite color, sober and elegant, which will allow it to blend into any interior.

19. Retro style

retro style

At the crossroads of retro style and contemporary design, the Astello sofa by Alinéa is a sensation when it is adorned with this shade of niolon blue. Spectacular, this cocooning, enveloping sofa filled with cozy cushions will make the living room decor sparkle!

20. Nomad sofa

Nomad sofa

Made in France, the Nomad sofa designed by Home Spirit is one of the most flexible cocooning sofas of the moment. This large 100% linen convertible is available in a 3 or 5 seater version, as well as an XXL chaise longue and armchair to adapt perfectly to your desires and to the configuration of the living room.

21. Stone Washed velvet version

Stone Washed velvet version

Thick Stone Washed linen, Crumpled linen, polyester or velvet: as often at AM PM, the Neo Chiquito sofa offers a beautiful palette of materials. And depending on which one you choose, this cocooning sofa radically changes its personality. Our favorite? The Stone Washed velvet version, soft enough to be a real invitation to chill, and elegant enough to adapt to all atmospheres, from the chic country living room to the stylish interior.

22. A designer cocooning sofa

A designer cocooning sofa

Designed in 1971 for Claude and George Pompidou’s private apartments at the Elysée Palace, the Pumpkin sofa is a creation by Pierre Paulin reissued by Ligne Roset. This iconic piece in the history of French design will easily find its place in a modern living room. And all you ask is to land there to relax!

23. Mix of styles

mix of styles

The Jonas sofa by Tikamoon combines a designer structure in a very modern red and large enveloping camel cushions: a mix of styles that make it a strong piece to give relief to the decor of the living room … and to relax when returning home. House !

24. Cocooning cloud

cocooning cloud

Designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni, the Nuvola 10 sofa displays a silhouette of a big, resolutely cocooning cloud. Created in 2012, it returns every season in very current colors. We are particularly fond of its version dressed in 3D fabric, which gives it an even more cozy look!

25. Organic design

organic design

With its organic design inspired by pebbles, the Rico Sofa model from Ferm Living seems to be reaching out to us, and it is very difficult to resist it! We love its versatility, because if it works perfectly in a contemporary decor, it will also find its place in an interior with a slow life spirit.