20 Ideas of italian sofa designs

In terms of furniture, the reputation of Italian designers is well established! Purity of lines, inventiveness of line, work on textures and materials: they are all good … especially when it comes to the sofa! The proof with this selection of some of the most beautiful Italian design sofas of the moment …

1. Thick and quality leather sofa

thick and quality leather sofa (1)

This thick and quality leather sofa is modular and that is not its only quality. In fact it offers you four sofas in one. The seats on the sides pivot to transform into a daybed. It is hand-sewn and its top-of-the-range manufacture will not fail to seduce you.

2. Sofa with its soft curves

sofa with its soft curves (1)

This sofa with its soft curves and its play of two colors is as beautiful and spectacular as it is extremely comfortable. We recognize perfectly in this model the signature of Italian design. You will be seduced easily while bringing unique furniture to your living room.

3. Made up of curved oak slats

Made up of curved oak slats (1)

This sofa from the very young Italian brand Alias ​​is very original and stands out from the models that we commonly meet. We like its frame made up of curved oak slats and its cast aluminum feet, as well as its large, very comfortable cushions which can be in fabric, but also in leather.

4. Configuration of the lounge area

configuration of the lounge area (1)

This sofa can be modulated as you wish and according to your desires, whether in its shape or in the patterned or plain covering. It can also be chosen in leather. This is an advantage, because it will perfectly adapt to the configuration of the lounge area as well as to your habits.

5. light and airy lines

light and airy lines (1)

The Cappellini brand offers a spacious three-seater sofa, with very light and airy lines and an original design despite a fairly classic appearance. Comfortable and aesthetic, this sofa will bring a discreet design touch to your living room.

6. brown leather sofa

brown leather sofa

This brown leather sofa has an original line, but it is also very user-friendly and gives your living room a touch that is both raw and elegant. We love the metal base which gives all its personality to this piece of furniture.

7. corner sofa

corner sofa (1)

This corner sofa is a design by the Italian brand, Ethimo. It has a minimalist line since it is designed solely on the basis of large cushions constituting the seat and the backrest. This model is simple, but very modern.

8. asymmetrical sofa

asymmetrical sofa

This asymmetrical sofa is very simple, but very refined and very elegant. It is a pretty creation that will bring a discreet and subtle note of modernity to your room. We like the feet in metal tubes which bring lightness to the whole.

9. extremely modular and versatile

extremely modular and versatile (1)

The originality of this model is mainly due to its extremely modular and versatile design. You can mix the different elements to design the sofa of your dreams, the one that will look only to you and that you will not find anywhere else. Poufs, storage, seats … it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild.

10. classic chesterfield sofa

classic chesterfield sofa (1)

The reinterpretation of the classic chesterfield sofa is particularly successful here, it is a production that is similar to a work of art as the details are so meticulous. We like the padded finish and the softness of the cushions. It is enveloping and offers unparalleled comfort.

11. designer sofa

designer sofa (1)

The Italian designer sofa does not need to do too much to establish itself as the star of the living room, and raise the standard, in terms of decoration. Even a two-seater model is elegant enough to put on a show.

12. trendy terracotta color

trendy terracotta color (1)

Trendy addicts won’t resist the Flamingo model edited by Zanotta. This small Italian design sofa is distinguished by its minimalist look and its very particular base, which gives it great lightness. We particularly like it when it is adorned with a trendy terracotta color . Classic, but not too much, it is sufficient on its own. It is also formidably effective as a duo – as here – as an alternative to the traditional corner sofa.

13. hygge decoration

hygge decoration (1)

Who said that the Italian designer sofa has no place in a cocooning living room ? With its welcoming silhouette, the Philo model offered by Natuzzi is a real invitation to chill! We love its remarkable versatility: ideal for a modern living room, it will not denote in a stylish interior or in a hygge decoration. Here is the perfect model if you want to treat yourself to a designer piece without missing out.

14. reminiscent of large pebbles

reminiscent of large pebbles

Combining a mineral design reminiscent of large pebbles and a very soft coating in very trendy colors, Hobo Contract is one of the most essential models of the moment. This creation by Werner Aisslinger & Tina Bunyaprasit for Cappellini comes in a pretty palette of warm tones, like this coral-dominant version. It is also available in more sober colors, although just as attractive, starting with a very current dark blue.

15. traditional seats and a chaise longue

traditional seats and a chaise longue (1)

Perched high on an astonishingly discreet base, the Skid model consists of traditional seats and a chaise longue. And it displays a perfectly aerial silhouette, despite its configuration. Spacious and comfortable, this Italian designer sofa is available in a palette of very current colors. To further accentuate its lightness, we associate it as here with a tone-on-tone rug!

16. designer corner sofa

designer corner sofa (1)

At Egoitaliano, the designer corner sofa deploys strict lines, softened by a soft nude color . A bias that allows it to combine comfort and spacious seating, without being too imposing. This sober and soft look also allows it to adapt as well to a contemporary interior as to a stylish home.

17. discreet sofa

discreet sofa (1)

The discreet sofa, very little for you? Dare the spectacular Solatium signed Antonio Citterio for Maxalto. This seating system allows a tailor-made composition. In addition to its flexibility, which allows it to adapt precisely to any living room, it is distinguished by its refined details, even precious. If it is hot in the leather version, we fall for its velvet version with its assumed theatrical personality.

18. modular design corner sofa

modular design corner sofa (1)

It is undoubtedly at Natuzzi that the modular design corner sofa allows itself the most freedom. We melt for the fantasy of the Herman model, canon on the front and back. A characteristic which allows him to offer himself a subtle game of heads and tails, for an atypical composition. And if it is user-friendly, this corner sofa can also offer a little independence to whoever wants it!

19. timeless charm of the Panorama sofa

timeless charm of the Panorama sofa (1)

It’s hard not to give in to the timeless charm of the Panorama modular corner sofa by Diotti. This timeless model looks without complex on the side of the neo art deco trend . If it is possible to adopt it in a monochrome version, it is in a two-tone version that it takes on its full significance. In addition to the very elegant duck blue and spicy yellow tandem, it comes in irresistible sage green or terracotta shades.

20. smart alternative to the corner sofa

smart alternative to the classic corner sofa

With its harmonious silhouette, the Messico model by Diotti is a smart alternative to the classic corner sofa. Friendly, sober and elegant, this Italian designer sofa works perfectly in different types of interiors. Like all round models, however, it requires a beautiful space that will highlight its lines.