22 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room in White (1)

As it should be, white is not a color, it is a tone like black is too. It is an inexhaustible source of pure and clean energy, hence its incredible capacity to filter bad sensations. Apart from that, white is very flexible when it comes to the choice of decorating style for the interior. To top it off, white can be whatever you want, it can be modern, eclectic, elegant or mid-century; any style of interior decoration matches perfectly with white. So you are making the right choice if you want to decorate your living room in white. Let’s immediately discover below, the wonders that white can do in the living room.

1. A chic and comfortable lounge

A chic and comfortable lounge (1)

Here, we can notice a predominant natural and earthy note. This is perfectly suited to the predominance of white as well. The white tone varies in a subtle and very chic way, creating a cozy interior, with a worn effect and yet modern and contemporary.

2. Colonial decor

Colonial decor (1)

The wood paneled wall accompanied by the sofa, oriental decorative items and fresh green plants provide this living room with a colonial feel.

3. A contemporary living room

A contemporary living room (1)

The combination of the shaggy white rug and the tall, white ceiling, highlighted by wide white walls, provides this open plan living room with a contemporary touch.

4. Cottage-inspired decoration

Cottage-inspired decoration (1)

The white touch in this cottage style decorated living room is very charming and adorable. White painted wood panel walls accompanied by plain white rustic furniture give this place a vintage feel and charming appearance.

5. An eclectic living room

An eclectic living room (1)

Small green accents such as on the ethnic cushion and the detail on the chair break the whiteness of the decor of this living room and at the same time give it an eclectic and modern feel.

6. An elegant living room all in white

An elegant living room all in white (1)

Decorating everything in white and only white is the best option if you want to create a lavish living room that radiates white. This living room is really beautiful with that unique tone, warm and with a positive energy.

7. French country inspiration     

French country inspiration (1)

Here is another example of a living room decorated in white; where all details and accents are also white; which gives a more spacious visual effect. The combination of the very elegant chandelier with the monochrome floral wallpaper provides an elegant and chic touch that is inspired by the French country style.

8. A cheerful atmosphere

A cheerful atmosphere (1)

The predominance of white, with some ornaments in bright colors such as the armchairs with black stripes and the bookcase, accented by works of art also in bright colors, is essential to give a family and friendly look to this living room.

9. Brightly colored works of art

Brightly colored works of art (1)

Brightly colored artwork such as cushions and movie poster make up the beauty of this simple living room dressed in white. Bright colors are the source of vitality and cheerfulness in this room.

10. With pastel color

With pastel color (1)

Light wood, a pretty pastel color , and a white living room takes on a typically Nordic character. A timeless classic, the Scandinavian living room works just as well in a small space as in a room with good dimensions. For a trendy touch, we think of some raw wood accessories. The smartest: the end of the sofa, which will also serve as a table or booster seat.

11. Colorful sofas

Colorful sofas (1)

If you have enough space to combine an armchair with your sofa or to install two sofas, choose an identical color, and play with the nuances. By choosing a medium to dark room and a lighter room, you create an interesting and very harmonious relief effect.

12. With turquoise blue

With turquoise blue (1)

In a white living room, the slightest touch of color bursts out. To sublimate a vibrant shade such as turquoise, bet on muted colors – here a gray carpet and taupe curtains. The color will be even more vibrant.

13. Cocooning lounge

Cocooning lounge (1)

Are you a fan of the cocooning lounge where it is good to chill? Opt for a white living room enhanced with a pretty gray. Decorate it with chunky ottomans and cozy throws!

14. Tone-on-tone white living room

tone-on-tone white living room (1)

Even softer, the almost tone-on-tone white living room. Here, the curvaceous armchair comes in a barely broken shade of white. The choice of wool and macrame cushions finishes discreetly giving depth to the decor.

15. Total white look

Total white look (1)

If the volumes of this loft are remarkable, its structure would have quickly become heavy. The total white look makes it possible to lighten the room and to give coherence to a space marked out by pillars. A simple rug completes the design of a cozy space.

16. Nature stone in white living room

Nature stone in white living room (1)

If natural stone is sublime, it can also be massive. Light and harmonious, the white living room perfectly balances the room. We love the choice of cushions, which dare silk: a precious effect that delicately contrasts with the mineral decoration.

17. White & wood

White & wood (1)

Here is a timeless combination that works wonderfully. Are you warming yourself with a fire? Do not underestimate the decorative potential of your logs, especially in the white living room. We particularly fall for this wood niche which dares the vertical configuration, thus helping to subtly redesign the room to make it more intimate.

18. Wall of frames

Wall of frames (1)

In this white living room, the wall of frames makes its show. And if the textiles are adorned with shades of blue, walls and lights are dressed in white to be more discreet. The good idea? A black chair, which skilfully echoes the colors of the frames.

19. Decorative things in neutral color

Decorative things in neutral color (1)

A curvaceous pendant that descends, a diptych with a graphic motif that rises… If the decorative elements are in neutral colors – delicately underlined in gold – they impart a dynamic and nicely balanced movement to this modern white living room.

20. Choice of muted colors

Choice of muted colors (1)

Clever choice of these suspensions in muted colors, absolutely in line with the carpet and the furniture. If this white living room benefits from a remarkable height under ceiling, thanks to these well-found lightings, it is also intimate and cozy.

21. Windows play a good role

Windows play a good role (1)

In this white living room, it is the dark and graphic windows that take center stage. If the surroundings are pristine, the room is far from cold. It is even terribly cozy, thanks to the use of textiles. We particularly like the accumulation on the floor, where we combined carpet and rugs without complex.

22. White living room decorated with green plants

White living room decorated with green plants (1)

The white living room lends itself wonderfully to a green decoration. We generally prefer varieties with graphic foliage, which have maximum effect. The most daring choice, but resolutely stunning? The green plant in XXL dimensions, which does not hesitate to flirt with the ceiling!