15 Ideas to Give a Charm to the White Living Room (1)

A carpet, a few green plants, pretty posters… So many small decorative tips that will give charm and personality to your white living room!

1. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

Play the minimalism card to the full for a refined room, full of serenity. 

2. Carpet

Carpet (1)

Warm up your room with a pretty Berber rug. 

3. On the walls

On the walls (1)

Dress up your walls with pretty posters to add character to your room. 

4. Black and white

Black and white (1)

Play the black and white card for a chic and graphic living room. 

5. Cozy

Cozy (1)

Make your living room the most cozy room in your home by adding more cushions and blankets. 

6. Harmony

Harmony (1)

Create a nice shades of white to black to concoct a sober and pleasant living room.  

7. Nature

Nature (1)

Combine white with natural colors and materials for a delicate and soothing result! 

8. Astonishing

Astonishing (1)

Wake up your white living room with amazing furniture!

9. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

In its bohemian version, the white living room is all about light and well-being!

10. Add character

Add character (1)

How about adding character and depth to your white living room by painting a wall black? Pinterest

11. Green

Green (1)

Invite plants into your living room to give it life and freshness! 

12. Accessory

Accessory (1)

For a lively and elegant white living room, carefully select your decorative accessories! 

13. Graphic

Graphic (1)

Opt for designer and graphic furniture that will add character to your room. 

14. Yellow

Yellow (1)

To bring out the white, add a mustard yellow armchair.

15. Natural

Natural (1)

Natural materials are ideal for a bohemian white living room. Wicker, pampas grass, wood … Do not hesitate to multiply them.