20 Decorative Ideas for a Refreshing Living Room in Green (1)

When it comes to decorating the living room, we often look to neutral colors. In most modern homes, the main color is white, gray or beige and it is the accessories that bring more vibrant accent colors. If you would like to choose a color that is neither neutral nor too garish, green is a great choice. Instead of incorporating small touches of green, you could choose it as the main color and get a refreshing decoration. Discover in this post some decorating ideas for a refreshing living room in green.

1. Brilliant shades of green

Brilliant shades of green (1)

By choosing the shade (s) suited to the style or decoration theme of your living room, you will obtain a superb rendering. Those who want to create a cozy, warm and elegant decoration should try the lighter shades of green. Darker shades like emerald green can easily be visually overwhelming except with lavish light fixtures that will help create a beautiful opulent decor. Sage green and olive green will help you strike the balance between elegant and captivating decor.

2. Green … yellow and blue

Green ... yellow and blue (1)

It’s amazing, but living rooms decorated in green and yellow are much more common than one might imagine. Each color brings a unique touch to the decoration. The green and the yellow create a magnificent visual effect that sometimes the limit between the difference of the two colors is not noticed any more. Usually, a soft shade of yellow is chosen as the main color and a more striking shade of green as the accent color.

3. Light shades of blue and green

light shades of blue and green (1)

The light shades of blue and green also blend together perfectly. This helps to create a fresh and pleasant decoration and atmosphere in the living room. If yellow and green form a warmer and more intimate duo; green and blue, for their part, bring more freshness and recall the summer season.

4. Green … and texture

Green ... and texture (1)

At one point, the wallpaper was old fashioned. However, designers quickly returned to this coating, no doubt because it provides a unique texture and the patterns and contrasts it brings are special. If you’re not sure whether to paint your walls green, you might want to start with wallpaper. You could choose a patterned model for a more striking design.

5. Fabulous accessories in green

Fabulous accessories in green (1)

If vases and cushions aren’t enough to make your living room feel refreshing, then the area rug, curtains, and upholstery are.

6. A warm and elegant green living room

A warm and elegant green living room1

Using green in small touches in a bright white industrial ensemble, the green living room combines freshness and luminosity. The sofa is dressed in velvet, linen or cotton, plaid or plain cushions and throws, playing on materials and prints for a fresh and silky green in a sober and elegant decor. The rooms open onto each other giving an effect of depth and natural light flows through each space for a luminous and relaxing ensemble like in the countryside.

7. A green living room with pop inspirations

A green living room with pop inspirations (1)

It is on a floor covered with white epoxy resin that the designer Florence Jaffrain wanted to mix colors in her living room, while giving great importance to green. With a wall dressed in chlorophyll green (Tollens), she has chosen to decline her furniture in primary and frank colors. The “Bonheur” seats, designed by Florence Jaffrain, are available in yellow and blue. In the center of the green living room, two nesting tables (Fleux ‘) in steel and enamelled top echo these two colors. On either side of the space, two orange “Baloon” armchairs frame a sofa (Younow) made up of foam balls held in a net. “Full Moon” lights in red polypropylene, which made the designer’s success, are suspended from the ceiling.

8. A green living room with a nature spirit

A green living room with a nature spirit (1)

Open to African nature, this green living room is a clever mix of colors, materials and styles: the velvet sofa was bought at auction at Ashbeys Auction, the armchairs come from Stanford Tranding, the shell armchair from Eddie Zoom , without forgetting the coffee table which also comes from an antique dealer. To recall the green of the surrounding nature, the owners have not skimped on the fabrics either, bought at auction for the cushions and the carpet at Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs. As if set up in the heart of nature, the living room puts everything on the green to create an atmosphere in the spirit of nature, soothing, which invites you to travel while showing great serenity.

9. Paneled wall repainted in gray green

paneled wall repainted in gray green (1)

A paneled wall repainted in a verdigris shade, a low footless sofa and XXL mesh linens, all in light, semi-gray shades mid-beige.

10. Green sofa

Green sofa (1)

Mix green sofa and very graphic black elements like this glass partition and the famous Vertigo pendant lamp by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture.

11. Use green and black

Use green and black (1)

Dare to use green and black, provided that the living room is equipped with large windows to avoid any feeling of suffocation.

12. Green with powder pink

Green with powder pink (1)

A powder pink sofa leaning against a khaki green wall.

13. Soft green

Soft green (1)

A soft green associated with light wood and natural colors.

14. Emerald green

Emerald green (1)

Emerald green velvet seats warmed by touches of gold.

15. Monochrome green living room

Monochrome green living room (1)

An almost monochrome space where green is declined in a monochrome style, all awakened by graphic wallpaper.

16. Khaki green to the interior

Khaki green to the interior (1)

A khaki green to dress the base of the wall (and create an intimate effect), a pistachio green applied to the upper part (which brings pep’s and visually stretches the wall), all accompanied by an old rose on the ceiling to bring roundness.

17. A green wall mixed with other colors

A green wall mixed with other colors (1)

A green wall mixed with a sanded wall, plants to accompany the first and light wood furniture to support the second, all stylized by touches of black and very contemporaries.

18. Green and brown

Green and brown (1)

The alliance of green and brown for a chic result.

19. Mix with some primary colors

Mix with some primary colors (1)

Mix the primary colors (blue, yellow, red) with green as a common thread.

20. Green on ceiling

Green on ceiling (1)

Attack the ceiling by painting it completely or not and distill a few touches of green in the room.