20 Ways to Decorate the Bedroom in Yellow (1)

It turns out that the color palette is an endless source of inspiration for home owners and interior designers. Colors are there to personalize and glorify, to fill an empty interior with invigorating energy and ambiance. For all those who prefer to enjoy the joy of the sunshine, who like cozy and bright things, we have a color suggestion for the bedroom. You might have guessed that we are talking about the color yellow, obviously. Without wanting to be too poetic or pretentious, we have to admit that yellow is the color of the sun and we cannot compete with that. Yellow as the dominant color in a bedroom is perfect for creating an upbeat and cozy atmosphere.

1. Yellow holds subtle and positive power

Yellow holds suble and positive power (1)

Yellow as the main color of a bedroom is perfect for achieving an upbeat and cozy mood, as this color holds subtle and positive power. Without too much ado, we’re going to see some yellow bedroom designs to inspire you. Enjoy!

2. Pastel yellow color

pastel yellow color (1)

The way the pastel yellow color has been permeated onto the wall provides a vibrant and illuminated backdrop to this bedroom. This yellow shade is perfect for creating a unique charm in a bedroom.

3. Warm shade of yellow

warm shade of yellow (1)

In this formal bedroom, the warm shade of yellow creates a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.

4. Pastel yellow shade

pastel yellow shade (1)

The pastel yellow shade of this wall actually brings such a soft and charming background to this romantic bedroom. The lightness of the shade helps filter out bad energy and provides the interior with healthy, serene energy.

5. Blue canopy curtain onto the cheery yellow wall

blue canopy curtain onto the cheery yellow wall (1)

We love how the designer of this bedroom arranged to fit the chic blue canopy curtain onto the cheery yellow wall. Light yellow is a great background that fits perfectly with the chic and regal style of this room.

6. Bright yellow

bright yellow (1)

The bright yellow and the dynamic atmosphere in general in this bedroom is quite breathtaking. The combination of floral patterns and bright yellow gives it a very cheerful look.

7. Elegant and chic yellow room

elegant and chic yellow room (1)

The elegant and chic setting of the interior wall of this yellow painted bedroom creates a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. The warm yellow shade lightens the heaviness of the serious and formal furniture, thus giving this place a kind of ease and lightness of the patterns.

8. Cozy and adorable

cozy and adorable (1)

This bedroom is quite cozy and adorable thanks to the light and elegant vibe reflected by the pastel yellow wall. This shade of yellow is perfect for decorating a room that you want bright and natural.

9. Decorative element in yellow bedroom

decorative element in yellow bedroom (1)

This room is so lively, isn’t it? The only decorative element in this bedroom is the yellow paint, as the ambience of this bedroom is already proving to be opulent and lavish.

10. Make an airy decoration

make an airy decoration (1)

This is a great decorating idea for someone who wants to make an airy decoration without neglecting the formal and serious side.

11. Cheerful atmosphere

cheerful atmosphere (1)

From the first glance, this bedroom will make you jump for joy while singing! This divine shade of yellow creates a very cheerful atmosphere. The combination of yellow and white gives a very attractive effect.

12. Yellow monochrome bedroom

yellow monochrome bedroom (1)

This yellow monochrome bedroom is just broken with a white comforter. It has incredible charm and a serene atmosphere.

13. Yellow headboard

Yellow headboard (1)

In this modern, white bedroom from floor to ceiling, the yellow paint covering the wall and the headboard illuminates the bedroom like a ray of sunlight. On the sliding doors that close the walk-in closet, Metaliz Les Décoratives metal effect paint in a quiet shade of gray. To associate the yellow color of the wall, a reminder of the color is made with the curtain and the discreet cushion on the armchair. Saffron yellow paint satin look, Dulux Valentine Color Cream collection. 

14. Room orchestrated around only 2 colors

Room orchestrated around only 2 colors (1)

A room which decides that its decoration will be orchestrated around only 2 colors, yellow and white. This is how we find a pale yellow paint for the walls, which the old cabinet is repainted in lemon yellow. The woodwork adopts the same pure white as the bedspread and the small touches of golden yellow on the cushions complete the color harmony of this fresh and bright bedroom.

15. Gray and yellow bedroom

Gray and yellow bedroom (1)

A gray bedroom is chic, and when this sober color meets a yellow on its walls, an explosion of light envelops the bedroom! So, without necessarily repainting the whole room, contrasting the gray with a Limoncello yellow paint applied to the bottom of the walls as a base brightens up the room in a spectacular way. As in the photo, it’s nice not to seek perfection in the connection of the two colors and to leave visible the strokes of the yellow paint roller.

16. Yellow is worked in solid color

yellow is worked in solid color (1)

In this girl’s bedroom, again the yellow is worked in solid color to create a base around the perimeter of the bedroom with a dapper color of Anise yellow which contrasts with the neutral tone of the off-white paint. And since we are in a young world, yellow easily mixes with pink, fuchsia and orange in decorative accessories, bed linen and bed linen.

17. Yellow children’s room

Yellow children's room (1)

A children’s room where color is king. The three colors of the paint bands on the white walls find an echo with an exact resumption of the shades for the duvet covers and the pillows. The ceiling painted in a warm shade of yellow ocher ensures a peaceful sleep under protective skies.

18. Small touch of yellow

Small touch of yellow (1)

Just a small touch of bright yellow stenciled on a white bedroom wall, a reminder of the color with a plaid to justify the yellow and here is the decor of the bedroom that takes pep’s!

19. Use throws and cushions

use throws and cushions (1)

To start, you can of course use throws and cushions . These decorative textiles chosen in mustard yellow will be perfect to add a touch of color to the decoration of your room.

20. Bed linen to bring a touch of mustard yellow

bed linen to bring a touch of mustard yellow (1)

Nothing like bed linen to bring a touch of mustard yellow to your bedroom decoration . You can then combine your duvet cover with a pretty beige plaid for a soft and warm decor in your room.