20 Ideas of Baby Rooms Decorated in Gray and Pink (1)

When it comes to decorating a nursery, two colors die hard. Blue and pink are undoubtedly the most used colors. We all know that blue is used to decorate a boy’s room and pink is used for a girl’s. However, one can also use a combination of two, three or even more colors for decorating a baby’s room. Today we are going to share with you some designs of baby room decorated in gray and pink.

1. Touches of rose

Touches of rose (1)

The advantages of a gray bedroom decorated with subdued touches of pink are far more than you might think; If we don’t mention the fact that the room can also double as an office or a guest bedroom without making tons of changes.

2. A good mix of gray and pink

A good mix of gray and pink (1)

Together, gray and pink can add a touch of glamor, elegance and modernity. It’s a combo that represents the balance between two contrasting worlds, one of which represents opulence and the other minimalism. If you would like your baby’s room to have a more modern, contemporary, or urban feel, it would be great to choose gray as the main color. Those who want a quintessentially feminine and cute bedroom will need to use more pink than gray. Bright shades of pink like fuchsia can stand out in a unique way even used in moderation. Pastel pink is easier to adopt and represents a certain appeasement.

3. The right style

The right style (1)

The combination of gray and pink allows you to explore different decor styles and themes. Eclectic, Victorian and Bohemian styles might not be successful in gray and pink only but very few parents want to decorate their baby’s room with this kind of eccentric style anyway.

4. Dress the walls

Dress the walls (1)

In this pretty baby room, the natural light deserved to be boosted. It is therefore a shade of off-white that dresses the walls. And a hint of pale blue joins in the fun. What is the secret to the very cocooning atmosphere of this room ? Pink, gray and blue are of equal intensity.

5. Pink with shades of gray

Pink with shades of gray (1)

In this immaculate space, the carpet sets the tone, and the accessories follow! From pearl gray on the frames to mouse gray on the carpet, from very soft pink to coral pink … if pink and gray lead the way by unfolding in small touches, they also play with all their nuances.

6. Anthracite gray to give relief to the decor

anthracite gray to give relief to the decor (1)

Nothing like an anthracite gray to give relief to the decor! In this gray and pink nursery, the nuances are intense to say the least. If the result is beautiful, it is because the gray is a muted color, which does not reflect light. So this deep accent wall is perfect for popping color! While this palette doesn’t lack personality, it can get stuffy too. To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, we therefore add a few touches of cold color – here, the very trendy duck blue.

7. The fuchsia pink

the fuchsia pink (1)

To energize the decor, you can simply have fun with the intensity of the colors, by associating the extremes. Here, the very light pearl gray only makes the fuchsia pink more intense. It works all the better as the Scandinavian-inspired furniture gives pride of place to simple lines and light wood.

8. Dress up the contemperory furniture

Dress up the contemperory furniture (1)

In this baby girl’s room, pink and gray dress up very contemporary furniture. The facades alternate a pretty blush pink with two shades of gray, which can be found in the decorative accessories. The small detail that changes everything ? The choice of paneling on the walls! If they dress in white, they are no less gray. The atmosphere is therefore bright and soft at the same time.

9. Pink and gray nursery

pink and gray nursery (1)

The least we can say is that this pink and gray nursery is not lacking in relief! This cute wall design comes in a lovely variety of pink, and some shades aren’t afraid to flirt with mauve. A simple decor, which it is not necessary to paint: rather fall for XXL stickers!

10. Pink canopy

pink canopy (1)

Here, the pink canopy is combined with the play mat, to create a tender and playful space where baby will take pleasure in waking up. This marquee-style decoration gives a little festive air to the gray and pink bedroom which suddenly becomes sparkling.

11. Stylish furniture and a golden chandelier

stylish furniture and a golden chandelier (1)

A floral print with an XL motif, a faux fur rug, stylish furniture and a golden chandelier: this pink and gray baby girl’s room has everything to be great! Here is a glamorous and almost royal decoration! The secret to succeeding with this type of decoration without missing a beat is to adapt the decoration to baby’s dimensions. Faux fur rugs and chandelier therefore display miniature dimensions.

12. Pretty frames with trendy patterns

Pretty frames with trendy patterns (1)

Pretty frames with trendy patterns or displaying trendy calligraphy are ideal for a gray and pink Nordic-inspired nursery.

13. Classic decor

classic decor (1)

For a more classic decor – just as adorable! – let yourself be charmed by watercolor creations, which exude an atmosphere of a fairy tale. For a pink and gray nursery that looks like no other, we favor unique artistic creations, or printed in small quantities.

14. Macrame is a great option

macrame is a great option (1)

In a pink and gray nursery, it’s all about the details! We therefore dare to make a collection of cushions by alternating between these two colors. The little trendy touch? The fabric wall decoration. If macrame is a great option, a simple tie-dye decoration will also have a small effect.

15. Romantic atmosphere

romantic atmosphere (1)

Country and romantic atmosphere, for this floral pattern with shades of smoky pink! Top, for a baby girl’s room that combines softness and freshness.

16. Delicate wallpaper

delicate wallpaper (1)

This delicate wallpaper immediately sets the mood in this gray and pink nursery. The two shades are mixed in a harmonious and very soft way to bring a lot of refinement to the room. The result is amazing.

17. If the pink is very present

If the pink is very present (1)

This baby room is very attractive and its softness is not for nothing. If the pink is very present, it is attenuated by touches of gray and white. This is a perfect example to demonstrate the superb harmony that emanates from these two shades.

18. Gray and pink with white atmosphere

Gray and pink with white atmosphere (1)

In this room, gray and pink awaken the very white atmosphere and bring a lot of charm to this room. We love the funny rabbit that animates the wall as well as the big gray and pink cushion.

19. Cozy atmosphere

Cozy atmosphere (1)

In this bedroom, gray and pink create a cozy atmosphere and a little cocoon of softness that will suit your baby perfectly. We love the golden brass bed, as well as the funny all gray bear. It is a very beautiful set where the materials are mixed.

20. Accessories

Accessories (1)

Some accessories that can come in the nursery are available in gray and pink to create an atmosphere full of charm and elegance with a little soft and feminine touch.