The modern classic style is a combination of classic and modern, taking into account the best aspects of these two trends in interior design. Modern classics can convey different moods: rigor, elegance, or lightness and romance. It can be cold and reserved or warm and cozy. This style is devoid of the stiffness that classic interiors are filled with. But at the same time, unlike modern minimalism, great attention is paid to details. Modern classics are liked by all generations, as the interior in this style can be created with the greatest bias in the classics or in the modern style. What rules should be followed in order to decorate the interior in the style of a modern classic, we were told by Olga Dukven, art director of the Domostroy company.

Interior designer, head of the network of design studios “Domostroy”, author of the book “Renovation of apartments in a new building. How not to ruin your life”, the host of the YouTube channel “Domostroy, renovation and design of apartments”.

1- Plain walls and high plinth

The color scheme in modern classics is muted. Natural shades – olive, cream, beige, milky, white, gray, coffee – make the room visually more airy and spacious.

The interior can be diluted darker accent colors, such as wine, khaki, black, blue, graphite, or complex shades of burgundy, purple, emerald.

You can frame the walls with a high plinth, choosing from a variety of shapes presented, from more modern to classic.

The skirting board can be painted white, contrasting black or the color of the walls to visually increase the height of the ceiling. The same applies to the ceiling plinth. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

2- Modern classics in the interior: prints and patterns

Along with painting the walls, you can use wallpaper and murals with various prints. It can be unobtrusive geometric ornaments, flowers, branches, birds and even fruits.

If you want to use something bright in the interior, but are afraid that you will get tired of it, you can get by with finishing inside the dressing room or shelving. It will refresh and enliven the interior.

3- Moldings in the interior

The choice of moldings, in which there is definitely no shortage today, also depends on your preferences. If you want more classics, you can use pilasters, rosettes and columns, moldings with flowers, monograms, dots and other decor. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it and very carefully integrate them into the interior. You can lay out the moldings on the walls in different ways – with the same step or alternating large with small.

You cannot adhere to any specific layout rules and dream up by setting the molding asymmetrically. If you only want to give the mood of light classics, it is better to use moldings without decor, more concise, simple forms – they will add decors to the interior and visually raise the ceilings.

4- Two types of wall decoration

A very popular and interesting solution is a combination of different types of decoration on the walls. It can be painted and concrete, paint and wallpaper, two paint options, wood paneling wallpaper, and so on.

In bathrooms, this solution is also often used. For example, tile and paint, or tile combined with wallpaper.

5- Marble and its imitation

Use natural marble or its imitation on floors, walls, countertops. It adds luxury to the interior. And glossy surfaces reflect light and expand the space. Try to avoid low-quality imitations of natural stone – on the contrary, this reduces the cost of the interior.

6- Modern classic interior: parquet

Herringbone parquet brightly characterizes modern classics. Use light or dark colors – at your discretion.

7- Which carpet is suitable for modern classics?

With the help of a carpet, we create a feeling of comfort. The best option for this style is carpeted with a geometric pattern, plain or with a worn effect.

8- Symmetry in the interior

This technique is very typical for a classic interior: two armchairs on both sides of the sofa, two bedside tables, table lamps, lamps on the sides of the mirror in the bathroom, and so on.

9- Classic windows

You are truly lucky if your apartment has beautiful large French windows or black-framed windows. Such options look spectacular in modern classics, you cannot even use curtains. If the windows are ordinary, you can order new double-glazed windows in a black frame. But do not forget: such changes will have to be legalized.

10- Fixing and decorating curtains

To visually raise the ceiling, you need to hang the curtains as high as possible. It can be a hidden cornice in a niche or a metal cornice with beautiful plugs. You can use various holders, natural fabrics, tucks, ties, rivets and much more. Roman blinds look great too.

11- Laconic doors

Laconic doors without monograms and inserts with bends are best suited for this style. Variants of artsy classics will not work. Doors with a hint of the classics, deaf or with glass, modern and minimalistic, will perfectly fit into the interior.

12- Modern classics and ceilings

In small rooms it is better to do with the usual single-level ceiling without frills. Coffered ceilings will look more harmonious in a spacious room with a high ceiling. You can use lighting, stucco and various cornices.

13- Restoration: new life to old furniture

Some pieces of furniture of the 20th century can be restored, breathed new life into them and used in the interior. Look for it at flea markets, in theme shops, and with friends. The main rule: do not litter the interior with a large number of objects, otherwise you can achieve a completely different effect.

14- Antiques

The same rule applies to antiques: do not litter the space. One or two antique items are enough to add charm to the interior.

15- Straight furniture fronts

In furniture, it is better to use straight, concise facades that will visually stretch the ceiling up. You can give classic facades with chamfers and panels.

16- Classic mixers

Classic faucets can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

17- Which tile is suitable for the style of modern classic

The tile of unusual shape and color will perfectly fit into the interior. Choose the texture of the stone – it will emphasize the elegance of the interior, characteristic of modern classics.

18- Modern classics and decor

Framed paintings, vases, pillows, figurines – all this will complement the interior in the style of modern classics. If you choose a golden figurine, support it with a golden frame or chair legs.

When choosing a decor in this style, it is important to observe the principle of pairing so that the composition looks complete. Vases can be placed on a table with flowers or placed on a chest of drawers.

19- Furniture

Upholstered furniture should be covered with natural fabric, such as velvet, leather, matting. You can diversify the decor with rivets, a carriage tie, or a more simplified version.

We choose tables with stone, wooden tops or with high-quality imitation of these materials. Ideal white table, covered with enamel.

20- Mirrors in the interior

Use floor mirrors to expand the space. Mirror panels and mirrors in various frames will add uniqueness and elegance to the interior.

Such an interior style as modern classic or neoclassical has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it is suitable for large country houses and small city apartments.

Secondly, its use is the best way to emphasize your status, because classics have long been considered the lot of rich people.

Thirdly, modern classics create a special atmosphere at home. You can always choose which modern style to combine the classics with. It can be a loft, eco-style and many others.

Symbiosis is possible in equal proportions and with a certain bias in one style or another. The main thing is to use natural materials and correctly approach the planning solution, because the modern classic style requires more air in the room.

Particular attention should be paid to the height of the ceilings. In rooms with low ceilings, this style of interior will be more of a burden than a delight.

For modern classics, the rooms of the correct shape are more suitable – square, rectangular, oval, round, in order to maintain the symmetry inherent in this style. In irregularly shaped rooms, it is better to use other styles. You should not count on a decent classic interior with a small budget. Luxurious interior, of course, requires appropriate investment.