Are you constantly late and keep losing your keys? No problem! We did a little research and found the root of all problems – this is the wrong organization. How to prepare for the exit for any reason, we will now tell you. You should be at the appointed place in five minutes, but you are still running around the rooms looking for keys, a bag, a wallet and children who should have been dressed half an hour ago. Familiar? Then our new material is for you!

A properly organized entrance hall is a springboard for a breakthrough into a new day, to a new meeting or event. In order for the accelerating lane to be comfortable, you need to provide a lot of important things. Of course, you have to spend some time, but it will pay off with a vengeance on the very day when you suddenly realize that you are no longer late.

1. Note board

Take it with you, make a call, do not forget and remind. How much do we need to keep in mind and how much do we get with the current standard of living? To know exactly the answers to the most important questions, keep your favorite magnetic, cork, or chalkboard close to the front door. It is possible and directly on it, so it is even more effective.

2. Hooks for keys

Not a shelf, not a box, not a tray, but a hook. There is only one reason for this: all these items fill up very quickly with anything but keys. The result is a regular dancing to a familiar tune: if I were the keys, where would I be?

3. Phone shelf

And here you can limit yourself to the shelf. After that, you should get into a good habit: put the phone exactly there, and only after that get dressed and preen.

4. Organizer for mail

How often do you walk into a house with a stack of flyers, newspapers, and envelopes? And where do you put it all? Imagine how much easier your everyday life would be if a magical thing settled in the hallway, allowing you to sort mail in a matter of seconds.

5. Place for shoes

This is not about a rack or a closet, but about a tiny corner for the shoes that you are going to wear.

6. Place for dirty shoes

A box of pebbles or a rubber mat near the door will save you more than once from another mopping. Of course, this is a seasonal thing.

7. Shoe care products

A brush, a polishing sponge, shoe polish, a moisture-repellent aerosol and a couple of other important little things, without which it is simply impossible to safely leave the house. Keep these close to the door so you don’t have to run down the hallway in your street shoes.

8. Clothes hanger

Not for the whole wardrobe, but only for what you go to work, walk with the children, walk the dog or run out to the store for a couple of minutes. There is no need to dig through the closet every time and run to the wardrobe if the coat, jacket, raincoat and favorite stole can always be at hand.

9. Care products for clothes

And again a brush, rollers, a raincoat, an umbrella and gloves. Where would all this go?

10. Bag hooks

Do you often put your bag on your lap? Then putting it on the floor is completely unacceptable! Get a handy bag hook and forget about dust, stains on your clothes forever.

11. Hook for a leash

Are you a passionate dog person? Then you already have it. If you are only going to find a best friend in the person of someone four-legged, shaggy and wet-nosed, urgently look for a convenient place for a leash.

12. Shop

Prefer to stand up? Not bad. And what about children?

13. Mirror

So, the shoes are polished to a shine, the bag with everything you need to hang on your shoulder, the phone is in the right pocket, you hold the keys in your hands, and the children, being in business impatience, are about to start sweating under the layered, securely fastened clothes. Oh no! A minute ago, your dog twisted and licked your nose, and it seems that your hair has gone astray… Mirror, here is your savior! Hang it close to the door and never run to the wardrobe again.