Your interior is almost perfect, and only a lonely, empty corner breaks the harmony? We’ve put together 29 ideas on how to fill this seemingly uncomfortable space and how to make it more functional. The corners in modern apartments are not only straight and are not always located where it is convenient. Of course, you can arrange furniture along the wall or pretend that there are no corners in the room, but such an interior, firstly, will not be cozy, and secondly, it will not fully realize its potential. In this article, we look at nine ways to decorate, disguise, or, conversely, emphasize the corners in a room and figure out how to make them more functional.

Rational use of space plays a big role, especially when it comes to a small apartment. No one thinks about it, but in the corners there is unexpectedly a lot of space that can be decorated or arranged in such a way that it brings benefits. Tables, cabinets, corner furniture, shelves of unusual shapes will help you get the most out of even the most nondescript corner.

1- How to arrange a corner in the bedroom?

In the corner there is a place for a large floor mirror. By the way, mirrors optically increase the space, and thanks to skillful lighting, this effect can become even more pronounced. Hang clothes hook next to the mirror – the most necessary accessories will always be at hand.

2- How to arrange a corner in the living room: relaxation zone

Relaxed lying by the window and reading a book – here it is, a real rest. Place a soft sofa by the window and you will get a cozy reading nook.

3- Kitchen corner saves space in the kitchen

Corner furniture is a classic option for optimal space in a small room. The kitchen corner will free up such the right place in a small kitchen or living room.

4- Corner in the apartment for a hanging chair

A boring, empty corner can be turned into a stylish and family-favorite place to relax by hanging a chair there. Choose the design, size and material of the hanging chair that will suit your tastes and the decor of the entire apartment. Put a couple of soft pillows and a blanket in the chair for extra comfort.

5- Reading nook can be organized very simply

A cozy reading nook doesn’t require much: just soft floor cushions by a bright window and you’re done!

6- Corner shelves provide additional storage space

Corner shelves will be perhaps the best solution for decorating the corner of the apartment. Even corner cabinets will be given a head start: without taking up much space, they look more airy, and at the same time will cost you much less.

7- Shelves with an unusual design will be a great addition to a modern apartment

The market today offers a huge variety of corner shelves, although some models, of course, can be expensive and not suitable for you. But having shown a little ingenuity, you can independently make an interesting and convenient shelf.

8- Original do-it-yourself shelf for decorating the corner of an apartment

Anyone can build a shelf with their own hands. We need materials and tools that are in any home. Do not dare to cut a tree yourself? In hardware stores, this is done for a moderate fee. For example, this shelf is made from an old door.

9- Old stairs can decorate the corner of the apartment in an unusual way

Original idea: an old unnecessary staircase can be a great decoration for a corner in an apartment. Ladders are multifunctional, they can serve as both a shelf and a holder for kitchen towels. An old staircase will decorate the corner, so that it will no longer look empty and boring.

10- The corner is a great place for keys, notes and all sorts of little thing

You can make a small corner shelf with your own hands. Store on it all those little things that you often use: everything you need will be at hand.

11- The whole office fits in the corner of the apartment

Books, papers and a workplace fit in one small corner of the apartment. Such a practical piece of furniture, as in the photo, will provide a lot of storage space. All things are in their places, and at the same time the room seems very spacious.

12- The empty space under the window can be filled with an elegant shelving

Don’t like the idea of ​​a reading nook? Place a small shelving under the window. It can not only store books and boxes, but also beautifully decorate.

13- An empty corner attracts the eye if it is beautifully decorated

Use the corner of your bedroom to give the room an irresistible vibe. Hang a mirror on the wall, place a side table next to it, decorating it with candles, flowers and other decorative elements.

14- Corner sideboard for storing dishes

Extra storage space in the kitchen is always useful, and the space next to the window is often not used. Why not place a corner cabinet here? A piece of furniture will attract all eyes if painted in a bright color.

15- In the corner you can build a huge spacious closet

For spacious bedrooms, this idea is also suitable: the corner can be turned into a whole dressing room. You can divide the space with a bookcase or compartment doors.

16- fireplace for warmth and comfort on cold days

The fireplace creates a pleasant, cozy atmosphere in the room. Even if it seems that there is no place for a fireplace in the living room, see if you don’t have to give up this great idea, because you have a free corner?

17- How to arrange a corner in the nursery?

An empty corner, a canopy and a few pillows, and the play corner is ready! And the child will decide for himself what toys to decorate his mini-room with.

18- An empty corner near the fireplace can be filled with firewood

The firewood rack in the photo fits perfectly into the empty corner near the fireplace. A very practical design with which firewood will always be at hand.

19- A cozy corner is a great place for your pet

Build a soft, comfortable bed for your pet. Being in the corner, the animals feel protected, which is why it is an ideal place for them. You can hang shelves for food, rewards or hooks for a leash and collar on the wall.

20- Such a wardrobe will allow you to use the space in the corner

Small hallway? Use the right corner furniture! Such a corner cabinet looks very neat and takes up almost no space.

21- Houseplants

Purchasing an unpretentious houseplant is a simple and effective way to fill an empty corner, but simply squeezing a flower pot between a sofa and a wall is not enough. So that the plant does not look lonely, pick up a beautiful large pot for it and add at least one more green “brother” to the room. If the size of the room allows, instead of one flower in the corner, you can place a whole composition – in this case, choose plants and pots of different sizes and heights, but in the same style.

22- Hanging shelves

Storage systems are something that is always missing, even if you live in a spacious apartment. And in small spaces, the battle goes on for every centimeter, and the corners should definitely not be empty there. If there is not enough space for a full-fledged cabinet or shelving, fill the corner space with compact shelves and store small things, books or dishes on them.

23- Favorite chair

Another common solution when decorating a corner is to put a comfortable chair there. This option is perfect for the living room, and for the bedroom, nursery and, in principle, any room in the house. Complement your favorite chair with textiles, such as decorative pillows and a soft carpet, think over a local lighting scenario and place shelves for books nearby – you will get a very intimate and cozy corner for reading and relaxing.

24- My light, mirror

Mirrors not only visually enlarge and fill the space with air, but also perfectly mask structural features that do not suit you. Put a beautifully framed mirror on the floor or hang it on the wall, and the unused corner will disappear, hidden behind the reflection. In the bathroom, you can use two identical mirrors, placing them close to each other.

25- Workplace

In a standard apartment, it is far from always possible to organize a separate office, so you have to resort to tricks: use transforming furniture, turn a wide window sill into a table, and so on. In the same way, any unoccupied corner is suitable for this purpose: place a small table in it or mount a countertop, arrange the right lighting – and a compact workplace is ready!

26- Beautiful lamp

Even if your living room has a corner sofa, the space behind it can still look empty. This problem can be solved with the help of a beautiful floor lamp, which simultaneously creates an additional source of light and fills an empty corner. Floor lamps work well in tandem with an armchair and wall decoration – it can be a picture, a high-quality framed photo or an unusual clock.

27- Hanger at the entrance

In the corridor, a small corner can be used as a place for a hanger – it can be either a floor model with hooks for outerwear, or a hanging bar. For greater functionality, complement it with a light top shelf, a compact shoe cabinet, an ottoman or a stool.

28- Cozy Corner

Do you lack space for breakfast in the kitchen, a cozy corner in the living room or a separate seating area in the office? Organize a small sofa with a round table in a free corner and use it as a place for tea drinking, reading or board games. If guests often come to you or a lot of people live in the house, compact chairs or Chinese garden stools can be placed on the other side of the table.

29- Art object

As an alternative to a houseplant that needs to be looked after, you can use some interesting art object to decorate the corner: a sculpture, vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other, an old chest, or an original abstract design. By the way, the sculptures that imitate antique samples look great not only in classical interiors, but also in modern styles: from eclecticism to minimalism.