40 Storage Tips to Save Space in a Small Living Room

Whether you live in a studio or a large house, alone or with your family, these storage tips will be very useful to you! All rooms are concerned and there is no bad storage, especially if it saves you space. Thus, you will make room for another, more original layout! Are you running out of space at home? Follow our 40 super clever storage tips to finally save some space and optimize space!

1. Use your bed!

Use your bed! (1)

If you are buying a bed, consider buying one with built-in storage, like this platform bed. Betsy Helmuth also recommends equipping yourself with a hydraulic height adjustable bed to adjust the storage size below. These storage tips require a small budget but are very practical on a daily basis.

2. Don’t buy too much furniture

Don't buy too much furniture (1)

Before you splurge and rob the nearest furniture store, think about your lifestyle! Be realistic about how you are using the space and what furniture will suit those uses. Also know that your furniture should not have more than two functions. If so, be aware that it will not perform any of the functions for which it was designed. Look at these two examples: this coffee table that serves as a storage chest or the kitchen table that serves as a desk. Two pieces of furniture, two uses each! You will agree, these storage tips are easy to set up!

3. Buy shelves

Buy shelves (1)

For the last of these storage tips, the shelf is your best ally. It is an inexpensive product that is easy to install. You can choose closed shelves as open shelves. These will allow you for example to highlight certain objects.

4. Choose multifunctional furniture

Choose multifunctional furniture (1)

In a small apartment or a very small studio , we try above all to make the circulation in the place more fluid. So no question of accumulating unnecessary furniture inside! We are turning to multifunctional innovations such as this piece of furniture. It structures the living space and accommodates both a library and an extra wardrobe. Even in a small space you can afford a strong room: here the multifunctional furniture stands out from the immaculate whole by a woody coating. What to combine design with practicality.

5. Take advantage of the foundations

Take advantage of the foundations (1)

If living under the roofs allows you to enjoy a clear view; most of the time ; on the other hand, it is a headache when it comes to arranging cupboards to store everything. Rather than losing the uninhabited surface, located under the windows, we invest it with a large piece of furniture in a row. The ideal is to have this storage made to measure, but for small budgets there are standard furniture to slide into the base. And if the ceiling height allows it, you might as well take advantage of the surface of this piece of furniture to create a bench with a few colored cushions and a cozy blanket.

6. Store at a height

Store at a height (1)

When you don’t have enough floor space, the best solution is to invest in the walls and ceiling height. The wall shelves are obviously a good alternative to furniture on foot but to multiply the storage areas, one can also choose hanging shelves. Hanging from the ceiling, they bring rhythm to the decor without weighing down the atmosphere. A solution suitable for apartments with a sufficiently high ceiling height.

7. Dare to use space-saving shelves

Dare to use space-saving shelves (1)

Every square inch can be used in one way or another. It is not uncommon to find rough angles, a sloping wall or even a condemned fireplace in a small apartment . Instead of seeing downsides, let’s turn these nooks and crannies into storage space. With simple medium boards and hinges, you can create custom shelves. And if DIY isn’t your thing, forget about the fastening part and set up a surface with two stacks of magazines as a stand. Or how to trust system D.

8. Invest the space under the stairs

Invest the space under the stairs (1)

Classic solution but still effective: take advantage of the space under the stairs to arrange optimized square storage. Shelves, a closed wardrobe or even drawers, it’s up to you to choose the storage that best suits your lifestyle. Because the space under the stairs should not become a tote, organize the storage according to the use and frequency of use of the objects – which is to say that the broom should not be relayed to the back of the cupboard. Regarding decoration, we advise you to harmonize the staircase and its base using the same material.

9. Install storage around the doors

Install storage around the doors (1)

You may find this idea a little eccentric, but arranging a few shelves around the doors of your apartment is the good idea to save precious square meters. By framing the storage doors, you free up floor space to invest a previously unused wall. Some precautions should be taken: do not set up too large objects and arrange your trinkets or your books in a homogeneous manner. The important thing is not to unbalance – physically and visually – the door frame.

10. Favor an open wall if you can

Favor an open wall if you can (1)

In addition to perfectly delimiting two rooms, you will be able to easily optimize your living room by inserting, for example, boxes, chests and other decorations. It is the ideal solution to bring a lot of storage to your room with the little touch of modernity in addition. Generally, this open partition is used between the living room and the dining room.

11. Ventilate the living room with suitable locations

Ventilate the living room with suitable locations (1)

Today the key word that resonates above all is: space. Completed the rooms with furniture in every corner. Make way for purity and lightness to move around and breathe more easily.

Always think about the size constraint of the room before opting for an imposing sofa or a very large table. Choose shallow furniture and preferably open or even retractable.

Use the nooks and crannies of your living room to gain even more space. Create custom-made shelves and bookcases below a staircase, for example. Use the ceiling height to add various shelves and promote space on the floor.

12. Cunning with small storage

Cunning with small storage (1)

If we have the annoying tendency to put papers, keys, and other everyday objects anywhere in the living room, it is because we often lack time. To do this, think of practical storage solutions such as small boxes, baskets that you can place in a bookcase or on a piece of furniture designed to accommodate them. You will thus avoid the immediate clutter effect, and you will save time to find all your belongings. Do not hesitate to compartmentalize each basket to find your way around it better, and on occasion, to sort it more easily. One box for your various papers, another for your magazines etc.

Regarding their location, choose a space near the front door so that you can quickly get rid of your belongings, and place them in the appropriate compartments without being tempted to place them elsewhere. And to help the most disorderly among you, some storage boxes have even been designed to group together all everyday items such as remote controls, pens, tissues … Enough to save time by finding your way around more easily!

13. Fix to the wall

Fix to the wall (1)

The hook boards will become your best friends for storing tools, bathroom accessories, kitchen …

14. Use your walls

Use your walls (1)

A different decor spirit!

15. Driftwood

Driftwood (1)

Here again, hang whatever you like: aromatic herbs, plants, kitchen accessories …

16. The “dead” spaces

The dead spaces1 (1)

Optimize “dead” spaces: stairs, attic corners … A hook or a shelf and voila!

17. Optimize your entry

Optimize your entry (1)

This will undoubtedly allow you to unload a dressing room, an office …

18. Use the ceilings

Use the ceilings (1)

Especially for fixing storage forms (hide-misery) or shelves.

19. Be “minimalist”

Be minimalist (1)

And improvise a bar just behind a sofa!

20. Organize your business better!

Organize your business better! (1)

Group them together in an “organizer”, this will prevent you from leaving a mess on your desk!

21. Invest in modular furniture

Invest in modular furniture (1)

Foldable or built-in, that’s for sure! They will change your life!

22. Recycle!

Recycle! (1)

A few old drawers or an old (but pretty!) Chair attached to the wall can help you store your jewelry or put down your clothes.

23. Clever shelves

Clever shelves (1)

Store your books as in the media library: on shelves, magazine racks, compartmentalized sections of fabric …

24. Use the corners

Use the corners (1)

And attach shelves to it!

25. Organize your shoes

Organize your shoes (1)

On shower rods or pinched on hangers, you are almost spoiled for choice.

26. Be smart!

Be smart!

And summon a handyman buddy!

27. Hang in pots

Hang in pots (1)

Pasta, herbs, washing powder, bathroom cotton, hair accessories … You can store everything in the jars!

28. Arrange wall storage

Arrange wall storage - Copy (1)

Wall storage for your kitchen.

29. Organize your drawers

Organize your drawers - Copy (1)

Toilet paper rolls, braces, shoe boxes … Everything is good to compartmentalize your drawers.

30. An organized office

An organized office - Copy (1)

Organize his office to start the year in a tidy space!

31. The example of the attic

The example of the attic - Copy (1)

An attic room is not condemned to not be fitted out! 

32. Storage under stairs

Storage under stairs (1)

Another way to exploit dead spaces with this storage! 

33. Clever storage

Clever storage - Copy (1)

An integrated ironing board! 

34. Tidy furniture

Tidy furniture

A solution for studios or small apartments! 

35. Put everything away

Put everything away - Copy (1)

Also use the spaces in the kitchen to gain as much as possible! 

36. Organize your pantry

Organize your pantry - Copy (1)

Bet on jars and other transparent storage for an organized pantry. You can also put labels on it to find your way around. 

37. Shelves above the toilet

Shelves above the toilet - Copy (1)

Do not waste the precious space above the toilet, wall shelves will help you to store a lot of things.

38. For storing kitchen utensils

For storing kitchen utensils - Copy (1)

Use XXS stainless steel shelves to store your kitchen utensils. 

39. A staggered wall shelf

A staggered wall shelf - Copy (1)

Trendy, this wall shelf is also practical for storing many decorative trinkets. It can also act as a library. 

40. Shoe storage

Shoe storage - Copy (1)

Attached to the wall, this wooden board will accommodate your shoes to prevent them from dragging in the entrance.