20 Ideas to Give a Boost to Your Wall

Are white and dingy walls clearly not your thing? Do you prefer to dress them up with frames, shelves, neon lights or wallpapers and colors? This topic is for you. Discover our 20 decorative solutions to decorate the walls of the house. Fun ideas that will give pep and personality to your place of life.

1. Frames, photos …

frames, photos ... (1)

If you want to dress up your walls without necessarily embarking on major work at home, know that the best way to decorate a wall is simply to hang photos, frames, paintings or even wall suspensions. 

Carefully chosen and carefully arranged, these small decorative elements can make all the difference and sublimate a very silly wall in just two steps!

2. Focus on color and contrast

focus on color and contrast1 (1)

In interior design, white is THE color preferred by the majority of people in the rooms of the house. On the one hand, it’s true that white is a neutral and soothing color … but we must admit that a house with all the walls is white can quickly appear bland and sad. This is why if you want to energize your interior a little without making a decoration on your walls too imposing, do not hesitate to put them in color.

For example, to create a cheerful and warm atmosphere in your living room, you can choose to paint a single wall in a warm color, a symbol of good humor, such as orange, yellow, pink, purple, beige or still brown. The contrast will bring dynamism and pep’s to your interior, by dressing only one wall!

3. Decorate your walls with paint

Decorate your walls with paint (1)

If you want to decorate and dress your walls using paint, there are several solutions available to you. You can, as indicated above, play with the colors. But what is interesting with painting is that you can also play with the materials, favoring either iridescent or satin paints which will reflect the light, or on the contrary matte paints which do not reflect. light, but will create an impression of depth in the room.

You can also bet on paint effects , the possibilities are numerous: sponge paint, metallic paint, slate effect paint on which it is possible to write …

4. Wallpaper to enhance your walls

Wallpaper to enhance your walls (1)

More classic, but just as effective for decorating a wall , wallpaper has come back to the fore in recent years, with new original patterns and warm textures: leather effect, brick effect, stone effect, 3D effect … long gone are the days of floral wallpaper reminiscent of grandmother’s houses!

The good idea for a particularly successful wall decoration ? Place a single strip of wallpaper on a wall to highlight it.

5. Customize the decoration of a wall with stickers

Customize the decoration of a wall with stickers1


Finally, to easily and quickly customize the decoration of a wall, wall stickers, or even masking tape are perfect. Trompe-l’oeil, baroque, design, with natural motifs, philosophical quotes, Zen, or in “lol” mode, the hardest part will probably be to choose.

6. Geometric wall lamp

Geometric wall lamp (1)

You can do little miracles with a little paint and masking tape! Make this pretty graphic mural using a few samples of acrylic paint. Choose colors that coordinate well with your decor and create a beautiful focal point on a bare wall.

7. Openwork pots

Openwork pots (1)

We very often see plants on shelves, on the ground or on the windowsill … But not on the wall! Make these cute wooden plant stands to create a pretty natural wall mural. Such a simple DIY; the wooden structure only requires glue and two small metal fasteners!

8. Plant monogram

Plant monogram (1)

It’s always interesting to personalize your decor using monograms. Obtain a letter of wood ( available at art supply stores ) that you will stain by hand. Then create a pretty crown of foliage using pieces of fake plants and a metal hoop.

9. Giant pegboard

Giant pegboard (1)

How would you like to transform your empty wall into stylish storage space? Pretty, practical and functional, this wall will literally change your life! Its most interesting aspect? You can build it according to your needs and change its configuration as you see fit! Here’s how to do it easily.

10. Flower mural

Flower mural (1)

If you snoop on Pinterest regularly, you’ve probably seen these pretty walls decorated with fake (or real) flowers. This is the perfect idea to give a romantic and original touch to a wall that lacks a little love! To complete such a project, all you have to do is go to the dollar store to get some artificial flowers and some colored tape. Stick your finds vertically!

11. Punched stripes

Punched stripes (1)

For maximum impact, paint contrasting stripes on your empty wall. Black and white work great, but you could also choose different colors that go well with your decor! The key elements to complete this project: paint, masking tape, a good level and patience!

12. Hanging watercolor

Hanging watercolor (1)

Are executives too easy for you? Why not instead hang your paintings and images using delicate wooden rods! Minimalist and trendy, this simple idea to achieve will allow you to easily interchange images and give your decor a touch of originality!

13. Gold Mural

Gold Mural at Sharpie (1)

Since wallpaper can be very expensive, we suggest you add texture to your wall by making a geometric pattern using a permanent pencil. Yes, you read that right! By following this simple tutorial, you can certainly achieve a jaw-dropping result. A “wow” effect at a low price? We say yes!

14. Neon to illuminate the living room

Neon to illuminate the living room (1)

15. Graphic mirror to add a twist to the wallpaper

Graphic mirror to add a twist to the wallpaper (1)

16. Vitamin colors for a graphic wall 

Vitamin colors for a graphic wall  (1)

17. A weaving for a bohemian effect

A weaving for a bohemian effect (1)

18. Comics for his teenager’s wall

Comics for his teenager's wall (1)

Difficult to decorate your teenager’s room? Make him understand that the trend is no longer for posters of idols on the walls but for pretty frames surfing on fashion. At the museum as in the house, the comics throw us in the eyes with their bright colors and their mythical bubbles!

19. An illuminated sign for a Los angeles effect

An illuminated sign

Are you not afraid of decorating? Nothing is too flashy for you! The illuminated sign is certainly the decorative idea you need to dress the wall of your living room in an original way. With the bulbs of this MOTEL, it will surf like a west coast atmosphere in your living room.

20. A geography map for a vintage effect

A geography map for a vintage effect

Trend and originality can go hand in hand. The proof with the retro card , the one that our grandparents could admire from their school desk makes its entry into any room of the house. A recycled decoration that invites itself into our interiors for a guaranteed vintage effect!