30 Ideas of Sofas for Small Living Room (1)

It is well known that small spaces are the most complicated to furnish! For a living room that has everything a great, we have selected for you no less than 30 ideas of sofas that will fit perfectly into your decor without overloading your room.

1. The essential two-seater sofa

The essential two-seater sofa (1)

When you have a small living room, it is important to lighten the decoration and furniture as much as possible, to free up the space visually. Where a three or four-seater sofa will be ideal for a large family , you should instead bet on a two-seater sofa. Arranged against a wall, this small size should fit easily and allow you to enjoy a comfortable seat without cluttering your room. In order to optimize space, we advise you to choose a compact model, that is to say with a low backrest and a shallow seat. 

2. The pretty bench with a retro look

The pretty bench with a retro look (1)

Are you looking for a small sofa that stands out? The bench with a vintage look could do your business well! A one-piece structure typical of the 1950s, tapered legs and ultra-thin armrests , this is a sofa with a light look that does not lack style! All in metal, the aerial base gives a feeling of height. By letting the light through, it does not crush the room like a more massive sofa could. A little “so retro” decorative touch, the wooden armrests go perfectly with the olive-colored velvet. This deep shade, so trendy this year, brings an undeniable chic to this fleece bench. A small soft and cozy sofa to associate with one or more small coffee tables to furnish a small space with elegance and simplicity!

3. The very cozy love seat

The very cozy love seat (1)

You have a very small space like a studio or you are looking for a small additional seat that does not take up space, adopt the love seat ! Between the wide armchair and the mini sofa, the love seat is at the top of the trend. With its enveloping shape, this small seat is no less cozy and very comfortable. Alone or in pairs, it invites you to curl up there, as its name suggests 😉 To avoid overloading the atmosphere of small lounges, the love seat adopts a clean and minimalist designwhile its rounded lines bring softness, essential in a living room. The little extra: its small size makes it easy to move around. A cozy seat that will save space and flexibility!

4. The very practical modular sofa

The very practical modular sofa (1)

Are you looking to optimize the space of your small living room whatever the occasion? What if you opted for a modular sofa ? The advantage of this type of sofa: you choose the number of modules and their configuration. For a family TV evening or an aperitif with friends, you can assemble or separate the seats as you see fit. The other advantage of modular sofas : they allow you to set up a small living room and exploit all its peculiarities . To furnish an unused corner or to delimit spaces, they adapt while promoting a feeling of space.

5. Opt for a chaise longue

Opt for a chaise longue (1)

In a not very spacious living room, it is sometimes difficult to fit a comfortable sofa. Prefer a chaise longue on which you can sit or lie down in order to enjoy your reading corner or simply rest. Classic, baroque, industrial or Scandinavian: today you can find models in all imaginable styles!

6. A little girly sofa

A little girly sofa (1)

Do you want a boudoir-style living room ? Fall for this resolutely feminine powder pink sofa! Its integrated cushion ensures maximum comfort while its wooden feet give it a Scandinavian style. Accessorize it all with elaborate cushions and a coffee table with compass wood legs.

7. Choose a colored sofa

Choose a colored sofa (1)

To highlight a small space, consider choosing colorful furniture. A pop green armchair, a yellow sofa or an electric blue chair will awaken the space and visually enlarge it. Likewise, a super thick shaggy rug is sure to bring warmth to a living room in XS mode.

8. Create visual harmony in a U-shaped living room

Create visual harmony in a U-shaped living room (1)

The trick to furnishing a small U-shaped living room with a nice sofa? Choose a superb but small corner sofa that will perfectly fit the shapes of the room for a very successful tailor-made effect. Ideal for people who have small spaces but who like to entertain!

9. A compact but comfortable sofa

A compact but comfortable sofa (1)

Just because you can’t fit a four-seater sofa in your living room doesn’t mean you have to neglect your seating comfort. Bet on a comfortable and soft two-seater model to curl up in a plaid on winter evenings!

10. Have a bench with integrated storage

Have a bench with integrated storage (1)

To save space and optimize space, this bench has storage drawers where you can store remote controls and video game controllers, linens and even magazines. It is ideal in a studio or in a room in the attic.

11. Opt for a dark seat

Opt for a dark seat (1)

In a bright and well-lit room, you can play on contrasts by opting for a retro sofa or bench in navy blue or black tones, as long as you revitalize the space with colorful decorative accessories. For a small space … but with a big style!

12. A small garden sofa made of wood pallets

A small garden sofa made of wood pallets (1)

Outside also the sofa is put forward! On a balcony, this kind of small wooden garden sofa is ideal for a drink with friends on summer evenings. It also allows you to take advantage of the outdoors to devour a book or make a phone call. Easy to create, this type of seat only requires a few pallets of recovery and a little elbow grease!

13. Create a cozy nest with ottomans

Create a cozy nest with ottomans (1)

If you don’t have room in your bedroom or living room to put large sofas but you like to entertain, you can bet on ottomans: rigid or fluid, they allow your guests to sit around a table low to the good franquette without cluttering up too much space!

14. A bench as a sofa

A bench as a sofa (1)

Less imposing and more versatile, the bench is a good alternative to the sofa and the best friend of small spaces. To make it more attractive and have a more comfortable backrest, do not hesitate to add several cushions of different materials and colors.

15. Install your sofa in front of a window

Install your sofa in front of a window (1)

A small living room needs to be well lit. Note that apart from the openings in the room, the arrangement of the furniture also contributes to the brightness of the space. If possible, install your sofa under a window so as not to partition the living room.

16. Differentiate the use of seats

Differentiate the use of seats (1)

Can’t fit a sofa that’s too wide? Think about multiplying your seats by choosing a small sofa, an armchair and a small bench to put in the hall for example. It will be very practical for getting ready or putting on your shoes before going out.

17. A small Scandinavian living room

A small Scandinavian living room1


The key word in a small space is and will remain light. So bet on a Nordic style with white tones, wooden furniture and touches of gray as with this small sofa and this matching armchair. The more light there is, the more space you will have!

18. Integrate storage around the sofa

Integrate storage around the sofa (1)

If you have opted for a narrow sofa model, it may appear a bit small in the room. So install storage on the sides of the cabinet, thanks to a console or a side table, but also on the walls with open niches or shelves.

19. A small two-tone sofa

A small two-tone sofa (1)

This is the perfect size if you want to fit a sofa in a small space. This two-three-seater model will fit easily into a studio or a narrow living room. In addition, the color of the fabric is nicely highlighted by the contrasting wooden structure of the legs. For more originality, do not hesitate to put it slightly at an angle in your room!

20. A piece of furniture without demarcation

A piece of furniture without demarcation (1)

The size of a sofa is measured by the number of people it can accommodate. This pastel-colored model features a one-piece seat, which makes it appear taller. The trick? Add glass coffee tables to let in more natural light and visually expand the space.

21. Play on monochrome

Play on monochrome (1)

Another tip for visually enlarging a small room with a small sofa: play on tone on tone (here with gray) to create visual harmony. The space becomes stylish and deeper without any effort on your part!

22. The comfort of corner sofas

The comfort of corner sofas (1)

More user-friendly than a classic version, the corner sofa offers more space and resting space. Indeed, its meridian part offers an ideal reading corner to relax after long days. Finally, convertible or fixed, choose the version that suits you best!

Leaning against the window and fitted with metallic legs, this corner sofa in mouse gray tones is perfect for small areas. Indeed, installed at the back of the room, near the window, the latter does not clutter up the space. Finally in terms of colors, the atmosphere is mainly bathed in beige and light tones. In addition, with the help of the window, the light does not have a hard time entering and dispersing throughout the room. Then, to complete the decor, the owners added geometric cushions in warm colors to bring a retro effect.

23. 2/3 seater sofas

2,3 seater sofas (1)

One, two or three seater, the sofa for small living room is available in several ways. Leaning against a wall, a window or your kitchen worktop, the sofa is thus very discreet.

I really like this living room installed under the roofs. It perfectly illustrates the situation. Indeed, leaning against the kitchen and positioned in front of the window, the sofa has found a place in the room. Then finally, the Berber carpet, as well as the coffee table bring more comfort, while delimiting the lounge space.

24. Invigorate your interior with sparkling colors

Invigorate your interior with sparkling colors (1)

A sofa for a small living room should be the key piece of the decor. This is why it is preferable to favor soft furniture and decorative elements, so as not to steal the show from the sofa. The idea is therefore to optimize the space in order to enlarge the room as much as possible. Coral red, yellow, sea green or blue sofa are perfect. However, avoid dark shades, such as black, brown, charcoal gray or even navy blue. These could create the opposite of the desired effect, overloading and weighing down the room even more.

This first decoration inspiration illustrates the concept very well. Mouse gray two-seater sofa, raised with wooded legs and equipped with sparkling yellow finishes, it brings all the vitality we needed. In addition, I find that the arrangement of the yellow notes, in the form of a strip and a button, offers more modernity, even a pop art allure to the room.

25. Go for light and powdery tones

Go for light and powdery tones (1)

Beige, nude, powdery or even pastel, soft and natural shades are an excellent option if you want to create a bucolic and warm atmosphere. Once again, the idea remains to play between colors in order to create contrast and harmony. The blush pink , pastel or powdered, we dive immediately into poetic worlds and Scandinavian. Indeed, the combo of pastel shades, rounded shapes and woody feet represent the Scandinavian trend in every way.

In addition to pastel pink, sky blue lends itself just as much to Scandinavian flair. However, this sofa has a slightly different design. Indeed, this time it has rectangular and metallic feet. Then, associated the sofa with natural elements, such as a wooded coffee table or even natural fiber baskets, the universe warms up as well.

26. Dare the patterns


I love the design of this beige checkered sofa topped with a wooded platform. Indeed, I find that it brings a real vintage allure to the room. It is the same for the rest of the decoration. Indeed, the decorators have embellished the room with an ottoman also with white / navy blue checks, thus reinforcing the retro universe of the decoration. Then, in order to refine the general universe, a round coffee table and a light wood parquet were incorporated. Here, we face a perfect harmony of tones and materials between the wooded elements, bringing a rustic allure, then the sofas and cushions, offering a vintage atmosphere.

In addition, do not hesitate to combine your sofa with other decorative elements to accentuate the comfort of the room, such as a coffee table, an ottoman, a floor cushion, a rug or a second armchair.

27. Adopt the meridian as a sofa for small living room

Adopt the meridian as a sofa for small living room (1)

Let us now conclude with one last specificity: the meridian ! Indeed, we do not think about it often, but the daybed can be a great alternative to sofas. Using its unique design, it brings an asymmetrical note to the decor. The latter thus lends itself very well to soft and romantic universes.

This example illustrates the situation perfectly. Indeed, curved lines, wooded feet and wine color, the meridian offers a lot of comfort, while bringing elegance and modernity.

28. For a romantic decor

For a romantic decor (1)

Do you aspire to an atmosphere with romantic accents? Prefer a straight sofa in padded fabric and wooden legs. For design, bet on small sofas with generous curves.

29. For your vintage living room

For your vintage living room (1)

The vintage look is totally in line with the current trend. Large or small sofa can very well assert itself in this style. For the furniture line, think of fabric sofas inspired by the 1960s or 1970s. A multi-head floor lamp in copper or zinc will enhance the decoration.

30. For an urban interior

For an urban interior (1)

Urban style is part of modern decor. For the sofa, opt for a rather graphic model. If you don’t like patterns, prefer this small sofa with subtle contrasting inserts with a piped profile. Complete the decoration with a NYC, Paris or London painting.