20 Ideas to Combine Pink and Green for a Bedroom (1)

A pink and green room, do you like it? Because today I tell you everything about which shades of these colors to associate. But also, how it is possible to integrate these into the decoration of your room. Because there are so many shades and therefore possible combinations. And there are so many ways to create a pink and green bedroom.

1. Betting on pastel colors for a tangy pink and green bedroom

Betting on pastel colors for a tangy pink and green bedroom (1)

To begin with, and since it is the season, I suggest a combination that is both pastel and a little flashy. How about a mix of water mint green and light pink to decorate your bedroom? Personally, I really like this tangy combination. These are shades of sorbets, which exude freshness and lightness. For a room with an atmosphere that is both soft and energizing, this is therefore ideal.

In addition, these two colors adapt easily. Whether you want to create a minimalist Scandinavian decor or even imagine something less conventional by mixing pigments and shapes as you wish. This shade of green and bright pink will be of great use to you.

2. For children’s room

For children's room (1)

What is also practical with this color duo is that it adapts easily. Whether for an adult or children’s room. And even if pink is still associated with femininity. And so even if it is generally used for pieces intended for girls, adding mint green to the water can break this too girly atmosphere. You will be able to create a place that will suit just as much for a boy. It’s up to you to find the right balance!

3. Dark green and bright pinks for a bold colorful bedroom

Dark green and bright pinks for a bold colorful bedroom (1)

If you like decorations like the eclectic interior by Théo-Bert Pot or the maximalist house by Mila Moraga-Holz, this pink and green bedroom will also surely be to your liking. Here, I offer you a marriage of deeper shades: dark duck green and a pink a little brighter than the previous one.

With the strong presence of green, accompanied by a few plants, it almost feels like a small jungle. Indeed, between the painted wall, the quilted bed set that reflects the light like a gigantic monstera leaf, this shade is omnipresent. To support this luxuriant, almost exotic vegetal side, the pink comes to impose itself by small touches, like buds which would bloom after the dew. Finally, I find here that the patterned cushion comes to bring the final touch. With this pretty butterfly, and the two tigers represented: there is no longer any doubt, we are in the tropics.

4. A warm and subdued atmosphere with khaki green and powder pink

A warm and subdued atmosphere with khaki green and powder pink (1)

Whether you want an Art Deco atmosphere, a vintage atmosphere or an ethnic side, khaki green and pink will, I am sure, satisfy you. Indeed, khaki green, when combined with this delicate blush pink that pulls on the living coral , can really slip into a large number of decorations.

5. Velvet and clean-lined elements

velvet and clean-lined elements (1)

With a little brass, velvet and clean-lined elements, your pink and green bedroom will take a chic turn without worry. If you opt on the contrary for more original elements with retro finishes, you ensure a vintage decoration.

You can also have fun with these shades by choosing them more or less warm. Indeed, the rendering will not be the same depending on the amount of yellow that is in each of the colors. The more there are, the softer your colors will become and the more romantic accents your decoration will have.

6. Plants: your allies for decorating your pink and green bedroom

Plants, your allies for decorating your pink and green bedroom1 (1)

This is especially the case if you already have a pink bedroom and want to add green in a simple way. In this case, you have to look for this color at its base. That is, you have to take a plant! Indeed, what could be simpler to add green than to serve as a vegetable?

It will bring a little touch of green, in every sense of the word! In addition, you can perfectly adapt it to the atmosphere you create in your room. Choose a cactus for a Californian vibe. Take a monstera instead if you want an exotic atmosphere. For a minimalist decor, opt for a piléa instead.

7. Wallpaper to set the tone of your room

Wallpaper to set the tone of your room (1)

If you want to bring color and originality to your pink and green bedroom at the same time, wallpaper is the ideal solution. With it, you make sure that the color theme of your room is obvious while playing on the atmosphere. Want something sweet and poetic? In this case, opt for a gradient model or one representing a cloudy sky like here.

If you rather want a decoration that is at the same time tropical, then there are a multitude of wallpapers that will meet this desire. There are pop models, like the one below. But there are also more vegetal and less graphic versions.

8. A pink and green bedroom in a snap with a few accessories

A pink and green bedroom in a snap with a few accessories (1)

You will understand, this part will hardly apply to your case if you have a large yellow wall. If this is the case, sorry but you will have to repaint, apply wallpaper or else you will have to adapt to this shade. But if your room is decorated in a fairly sober way, then you can easily use decorative accessories to transform it.

You will only need a few elements. For example, buy bed linen in these shades. You can also opt for a colored piece of furniture that you can either buy or customize. Finally, other small accessories can be useful to you such as vases or paintings. 

9. Traditional design

Traditional design (1)

This traditional bedroom is both relaxing and welcoming. The green wall represents a perfect background for the coral headboard.

10. Stunning shades for an adult’s bedroom

Stunning shades for an adult's bedroom (1)

The light shade of green on the walls is ideal for an adult’s bedroom. This is what gives this room an airy, bright and refreshing allure. The accent wall and pink lamps add a romantic touch to the decor.

11. Vintage

Vintage (1)

Roman shades with colorful prints create a vintage vibe in this bedroom. Green plays the role of the main color; but pink also stands out as an accent color.

12. A polka dot accent wall

A polka dot accent wall (1)

If you don’t know how to create an interesting accent wall in your bedroom; bet on the weighted patterns and try the pink and green combo.

13. A typically feminine bedroom

A typically feminine bedroom (1)

The softness of the pastel colors in this room makes it totally soothing and welcoming. The pink color spreads throughout the room which is then typically feminine. Nonetheless, green, as an accent color, refreshes the ensemble.

14. A little girl’s room

A little girl's room (1)

Green and pink form a beautiful duo to decorate a little girl’s room. The green and white stripes on the walls are not all that girly, so it looks good on a teenage girl as well. Pink accent elements can be replaced with more neutral accessories later.

15. Modern design

Modern design (1)

Here’s a great way to make the most of space in a small bedroom. As for the colors used, lime green and raspberry pink create a daring combination, bringing a modern vibe to the bedroom.

16. A retro bedroom

A retro bedroom (1)

The massive prints on the bedding and vintage furniture in this green-walled room create a very relaxing retro decor. The touches of pink are found in the prints this time.

17. Traditional and elegant

Traditional and elegant (1)

This bedroom stands out for the different shades of colors used in it. If the walls of the room are clad in a light shade of pink, the fuchsia accents bring a touch of glamor. As for the mint green on the bedding, the carpet and the cushions, it must be said that it is perfectly relaxing and refreshing.

18. Intense colors

Intense colors (1)

Neon green and intense shades of pink make this bedroom modern and festive. Admittedly, the atmosphere is not totally relaxing, but in any case, it is a room that makes life good.

19. Well-chosen patterns

Well-chosen patterns (1)

If you want one of the colors to be more subdued, blend it inside with intricate patterns.

20. A perfect combination

a perfect combination

For a bedroom, it is always better to choose a main color that is light enough for a restful atmosphere. Bright touches of color can always brighten up the decor, like here.