You’ve probably noticed it. But this year, the powdery pink decor is more than ever in the spotlight. Indeed, the blush trend has infiltrated our color palettes for some time now. Whether in makeup, fashion or decoration, the colors that oscillate between pink, orange and cream are everywhere! Let’s find some decorative inspirations for this color.

1. Total look or little touches?

Total look or little touches (1)

The blush trend has completely invaded our interior. I have already introduced you to the color with a small selection in these tones at Maisons du Monde. Today, however, I will tell you more about it. So, after having told you a little more about its origins, I offer you some pieces in the blush trend that inspired me. Totally inspired by the blush palettes that serve to give us good looks in all circumstances, these interiors will, I hope, seduce you.

2. Adopt the blush trend with DIY

adopt the blush trend with DIY (1)

Of course, you can also choose to put just a few touches of powder pink. As always, a trend doesn’t have to take up all the space in your interior. You can just add it every now and then. For that, you can in particular decide to repaint an object of your choice in one of the colors of the blush palette that you like. For example, if last year you opted for a mustard yellow watering can and the color no longer inspires you, nothing could be simpler. Do like me. Catch a spray paint. And preferably put yourself outside. And let’s go for an extra-fast and mega-efficient makeover.

3. What other colors to associate the blush trend with?

What other colors to associate the blush trend with (1)

White, black, beige if you want a rather classic color combination. On the other hand, if you want to mix the colors, it is also possible! To stay in a soft atmosphere, I advise you in natural tones such as gray or taupe.

4. A trendy decoration shade

A trendy decoration shade (1)

The powder pink allows you to play on the contrasts between softness and urban. It gives pep and cheerfulness to cold interiors. Naturally luminous, it also offers the advantage of giving an impression of depth. But it is above all for the creativity of the lines and materials associated with this color that the designers love it so much. Powder pink makes it possible to play with the modernity of industrial forms as well as inspirations from nature or even the play of contrasts with dark colors. So many ways to reinvent your decoration of the rooms of your apartment or house.

5. Combination of gray and pink

combination of gray and pink (1)

For its elegance, a combination of gray and pink will affirm the character of your room. With cool gray elements, you will get an atmosphere that is at the same time sober, soft and definitely modern. With a marriage of pink and granite gray, give your living room a clean industrial style. Ideal for a family living room.

6. Green and powder pink

green and powder pink (1)

The green and powder pink is a color combination reminiscent of nature. The two tones form an organic contrast with a pleasant aesthetic. To assert the universe of your powder pink room, do not hesitate to add plants and decorative objects inspired by the environment. A wooden table, a table of tropical plants and fluffy plaids reproduce a cocoon scene in the millennial era.

7. Powder Pink and Pink Raspberry

Powder Pink and Pink Raspberry (1)

For a pink decoration with less innocent and more assertive airs, play with two shades of pink. The Powder Pink and Pink Raspberry bright side gives a more rock and roll and less girly in your interior. As in this living room, decorate your room with touches of more vibrant pink colors using pink cousins, throws or tables in shades of red berries. You can also apply these contrasts directly to your walls using wallpapers or stripes of powder pink and raspberry pink paint.

8. Powder pink color and wood

powder pink color and wood (1)

For a soft and romantic powder pink decoration , bet on the combination of powder pink color and wood. Lighter to keep all the luminous aspect of the hue or in dark wood for a vintage aspect, the fusion of the two colors offers charm and character to your layout.

9. Adopt powder pink in a living room

Adopt powder pink in a living room (1)

Your living room is often the center of your home. This is often where you come to relax with your family, where you receive your guests or where you come to have tea with friends. The decoration of this common room is therefore of particular importance. For a chic and friendly living room, the ideal is to play on notes that appeal to everyone. As for example with the help of a powder pink armchair combined with floor lamps with clean lines in gold or copper tones.

10. Pink convertible armchair

pink convertible armchair (1)

The small spaces could even afford the luxury of a pink convertible armchair powder coated in sleeping. Great for adding an extra bed without anyone guessing.

11. A powder pink dining room

A powder pink dining room (1)

For a dining room that is both classic and irresistibly original, opt for a pink decoration. Combined a powder pink paint on the walls with a large table in a modern style. For an added charm, add lamps, ceiling lights and floor lamps with round lines that will evoke with a sophisticated charm. Finally, dare to finalize your decoration using textiles in dark tones such as black curtains or a gray granite table runner.

12. Powder pink chairs for dining room

Powder pink chairs for dining room (1)

Choose the simplicity of a powder pink decoration using your furniture. Powder pink chairs wake up dull rooms. Ideal in alliance with duck blue for a trendy decoration.

13. Powder pink bedroom decoration

Powder pink bedroom decoration (1)

The decoration of a room must evoke appeasement. With a powder pink bedroom decoration , wrap yourself every evening in an environment conducive to relaxation. Far from being a girl’s bedroom color, with the help of bedspreads or minimalist-style furniture , your bedroom will appear more spacious. This is the color for the mini format rooms.

14. Duvet covers and powder pink ornaments

duvet covers and powder pink ornaments (1)

Also bet on pink for your bed linen. The duvet covers and powder pink ornaments will deploy on your bed All you have to do is let yourself be rocked there. Fluffy and cozy, your room will help you find your serenity.

15. Powder pink curtains

powder pink curtains (1)

For an optimal quality of sleep while finalizing your decoration, think of the sifting powder pink curtains . By closing them, you will cut yourself off from the outside world for a moment to gain the tranquility of your dreams.

16. Part of the ceiling and the walls in powder pink

part of the ceiling and the walls in powder pink (1)

Here, part of the ceiling and the walls have been painted in powder pink, creating a kind of alcove where the dining room table naturally finds its place for a soft and welcoming effect!

17. Yellow and powder pink

Yellow and powder pink (1)

Yellow and powder pink are distilled, one to give dynamism, and the other to compensate with softness. It’s a very successful and very luminous combination, we also like the two shades of powder pink which are placed on the walls. Also, as shown in this photo, the taupe color goes perfectly with the powder pink.

18. Color with your hallway furniture

color with your hallway furniture (1)

You can easily use this color with your hallway furniture . It’s a room where you can let go and indulge yourself. To bring a cocooning and soothing atmosphere from the open door, do not hesitate to put one or two strips of powder pink wallpaper or simply a pretty powder pink armchair . Sparkle and softness then make their appearance in this often neglected and sparsely decorated room, all you have to do is add a few small copper or gold objects and your entrance becomes very welcoming and pleasant.

19. Subtle presence of powder pink

Subtle presence of powder pink (1)

In this office, the rather subtle presence of powder pink brings modernity and softness to the entire room. The fairly deep turquoise blue goes very well with it.

20. Soft and neutral shades

Soft and neutral shades (1)

Soft and neutral shades are ideal in an office, a place where one appreciates fullness. They promote concentration and avoid looking away and stimulating it. Powder pink naturally finds its place in this office.

21. Powder pink with feminine side

Powder pink with feminine side (1)

In your bedroom, the problem with powder pink is its feminine side: indeed, your companion may not appreciate this choice. But don’t panic! The solutions are there. Powder pink curtains will bring softness without the color being too present. On a duvet cover, a few cushions, combined with icy brown to soften its presence while highlighting it, it will go perfectly well. It also goes very well with off-white, some hints of golden yellow and fresh shades and of course the white of your bedroom .

22. Fresh and light shades

Fresh and light shades (1)

Combined with other fresh and light shades, the powder pink on the curtains found on the wallpaper is enough to bring a little softness and femininity to this room.

23. Blue is perfect for powder pink

Blue is perfect for powder pink (1)

Many shades of blue are perfect for powder pink, it is still advisable to experiment before starting.

24. Light powder pink stone wall in the kitchen 

Light powder pink stone wall in the kitchen  (1)

This kitchen is to say the least original and attractive with its stone wall painted in a light powder pink, but very present. The wood and the dark hue of the furniture add character to this pretty room.

25. Orange powdery pink in the bathroom

Orange powdery pink in the bathroom (1)

A slightly orange powdery pink is present on the walls of this bathroom, it blends perfectly with the dark wood and gives depth to the room.