22 Ideas to Optimize Storage in the Bedroom (1)

Difficult to have a lot of storage in your room. Between clothes, books and other things, you quickly run out of space! Instead of piling everything up everywhere and suddenly anywhere in the room, think of smart storage! Discover 22 practical storage solutions to optimize the space in your room.

1. The pull-out bed

The pull-out bed (1)

The best-known solution is undoubtedly the drawer under the bed. When you are small, it contains a collection of Lego, often gigantic. When we are older, it accommodates our reading pillow or our other sets of clean bed linen instead.

2. Opt for a headboard with storage

Opt for a headboard with storage (1)

This one can take several appearances. But one thing is certain, we escape the “just beautiful” to select a good design: aesthetic and functional at the same time. You will find where to find a headboard with storage in my dedicated article, because I couldn’t settle for a few lines. You will find what you are looking for to hide your cables, arrange your books and decorate your bed!

3. Choose nightstands that are as practical as they are pretty

Choose nightstands that are as practical as they are pretty (1)

It may sound simple, maybe even obvious. But it must be remembered: clever nightstands have their small effect in terms of storage. So choose them well!

4. Think vertical to optimize storage in the bedroom

Think vertical to optimize storage in the bedroom (1)

When the room is too small, there is no need to add thousands of small pieces of furniture. It would only make the situation worse. So, if we cannot take up the floor space, we must optimize that on the walls and therefore, focus everything on verticality! The wardrobes are often placed at a height of 1.60 m, which leaves plenty of room for one or two shelves.

In addition to the clever headboard which contains a bookcase, we add a large shelf above to store books, and some frames as decoration.

5. Optimize storage with a basket shelf

Optimize storage with a basket shelf (1)

In closets, piles of T-shirts rarely reach the top shelf. By sliding a hanging basket in it, you gain a little space to slip your tights, swimsuits or even belts. La Redoute also offers even smarter ones that also serve as a wardrobe. Moreover, we can even decide to put these additional storage at the top of another piece of furniture, in order to gain additional storage space.

6. An extra-flat walk-in closet to optimize storage

An extra-flat walk-in closet to optimize storage (1)

Just because your bedroom is cramped, doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of storage space to organize your clothes. However, you have to be smart and combine the advice given above. It is indeed out of the question to opt for a small chest of drawers, which does not take advantage of the available height in your room. Or even to choose the large disproportionate country wardrobe, which would block all traffic.

If your room is narrow, opt for a very narrow but very high walk-in closet. You will not therefore benefit from a large wardrobe to hang your beautiful collection of tailors but a telescopic wardrobe can still accommodate your 3-4 most beautiful dresses.

7. Use the walls!

Use the walls! (1)

To optimize the storage of the room, I strongly advise you to use the walls. It is thanks to the fact that, with the help of beautiful shelves, you will be able to preserve and even highlight your trinkets and other decorative objects!

8. A well-thought-out tailor-made

A well-thought-out tailor-made (1)

A tailor-made storage well thought out!

9. Storage on each side of the bed

Storage on each side of the bed (1)

Two large pieces of furniture have been placed on either side of the bed.

10. Custom shelves

Custom shelves (1)

Consider installing custom-made shelves, especially in a bedroom located in the attic.

11. A storage wall

A storage wall (1)

A very practical storage wall!

12. Storage and decoration

Storage and decoration (1)

Two-in-one: when storage also rhymes with decoration!

13. Storage above the door

Storage above the door (1)

Have you ever thought about storing your books over your bedroom door?

14. A bed surrounded by storage

A bed surrounded by storage (1)

Practical and well thought out this bed with cupboards for children.

15. A smart mezzanine bed

A smart mezzanine bed (1)

Well thought out this mezzanine bed with a multitude of storage spaces.

16. Storage that goes unnoticed

Storage that goes unnoticed (1)

Both practical and decorative these storage units that blend into the wall.

17. Cupboards above the headboard

Cupboards above the headboard (1)

To create a structure around the headboard, opt for cupboards to take advantage of additional storage. 

18. Colorful cabinets

Colorful cabinets (1)

Add color to your bedroom with colorful cabinets that don’t take up space. 

19. A platform

A platform1 (1)

A Play with volumes by raising the sleeping area. What to slip some storage at the level of the riser! 

20. A bench with storage

A bench with storage (1)

Nothing could be more elegant than a bench installed at the foot of the bed. We take the opportunity so that it is in fact a chest to store some objects. 

21. Low furniture

Low furniture (1)

Opt for low furniture to visually expand the space. In addition, they will be easily accessible! No need to climb to find your favorite sweater! 

22. A bookcase on the wall

A bookcase on the wall (1)

Do you want to display your most beautiful books on the walls of your bedroom? Use wall shelves where you can also install some photo frames.