20 Ideas of Kitchens With Offbeat Vintage Look (1)

Inspired by the 1950s, retro kitchens play on humor and nostalgia. A world of charm that gently revisits the beautiful era. Far from being old-fashioned, the vintage style is attracting more and more new followers. Notice to fans of bright colors, retro furniture and graphic patterns ! Discover 20 ideas to embrace this trend.

1. In formica

In formica (1)

Formica cooking was very trendy in the 60s. This material is making a comeback in kitchens thanks to chairs or sideboards.

2. Kitchen with cement tiles

Kitchen with cement tiles (1)

A timeless pattern, still used today, the tile is one of those vintage inspirations for your kitchen.

3. Terrazo

Terrazo (1)

The essential material for a vintage kitchen: terrazo! We love it on the worktop, in upholstery or directly as a floor covering.

4. Kitchen with vintage refrigerator

Kitchen with vintage refrigerator (1)

Here, the stool and the very flashy pink fridge will not fail to take you back a few decades.

5. Kitchen with vintage colorful chairs

Kitchen with vintage colorful chairs (1)

To lovers of colors: you are served!

6. Flower bench

Flower bench (1)

Colors and patterns can also give a kitchen a vintage feel. An example here, with the flower pattern.

7. A colorful refrigerator

A colorful refrigerator (1)

The yellow refrigerator to spice up your kitchen!

8. A yellow vintage sideboard

A yellow vintage sideboard (1)

A vintage yellow sideboard, to light up the room.

9. Steel suspensions

Steel suspensions (1)

An example of a vintage kitchen with steel pendant lights. It will also be noted that the association of several colors is not a bad idea, on the contrary.

10. Enamelled steel jugs

Enamelled steel jugs (1)

These jugs reminiscent of childhood will find their place in your kitchen.

11. Cups to find in flea markets

Cups to find in flea markets (1)

A quick tour of your flea market will allow you to find some quirky vintage-look cups to taste it.

12. A copper mirror

A copper mirror (1)

Why not think of the mirror? Far from being reserved only for the bathroom, the mirror in the kitchen will accentuate the vintage atmosphere of the room.

13. Steel bistro stool

Steel bistro stool

Do you have a bar or an American kitchen? Think of little steel bistro stools!

14. Blue and pink

Blue and pink (1)

The combination of blue and pink allows you to have a vintage decor as we like them.

15. Mint with water

Mint with water (1)

Among the light tones, this green will undoubtedly make you go back a few decades. Nothing prevents you from combining furniture and cups of the same color!

16. Wood and cream

Wood and cream (1)

Who says vintage does not necessarily mean flashy colors! Wood and cream can very well fit into a retro decor style.

17. Graphic floor

Graphic floor (1)

What would a vintage kitchen be without its traditional checkered tiling?

18. Vintage tableware

Vintage tableware (1)

Beyond the furniture, vintage tableware will define an atmosphere of the same kind.

19. Country

Country (1)

Make vintage and countryside rhyme with antique furniture.

20. Candy

Candy (1)

A vintage kitchen is also pastel colors full of softness. We love the pink fridge with rounded lines.