20+ Creative and Recycle Ideas to Decorate the Living Room (1)

To give a facelift to the decoration of your living room without breaking the bank, we opt for recycling! Indeed, furniture and decorative objects can be transformed to make our interior unique! A painting can become a real contemporary work, a piece of wood an original stool and a guitar a shelf that is out of the ordinary. Nothing could be simpler, just a little imagination and patience to create an original and economical decoration. Which will give a facelift to the decor of your living room.

1. Pallet shelves

Pallet shelves (1)

A great classic of the DIY movement, the use of old palettes. Instead of throwing them away, we’re going to transform them to create beautiful, original shelves.

You just need to divide your palette into three parts. Do not forget to recover one of the boards to make the base of the shelf. To paint or to leave raw.

2. Hang your art with your old hangers

Hang your art with your old hangers (1)

An idea that I really liked, especially if you have budding artists in your home: create a display area for your drawings, sketches, sketches and paintings. For this, you will need only a few things, a few flat hangers (for pants or skirts) to hang your works and a few cleats to fix to the wall.

3. A branch as a candlestick

A branch as a candlestick (1)

Yes, you read that right ! And it will give your room a bohemian and romantic effect. You will therefore need a branch that you will hang horizontally from your ceiling. Add a few glass candles, or just a light garland.

4. An original atmosphere thanks to the corks

An original atmosphere thanks to the corks (1)

To create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, you can use very simple utensils: two vases (one small and one large), a candle and corks. The idea is to install the small vase in the large one, the space between the two being filled and secured by the corks. All you have to do is add your candle in the center. Its light will diffuse delicately between the corks and create a beautiful atmosphere.

5. Belts shelves

Belts shelves (1)

Seen from here, it doesn’t look great. Think again ! The result is stunning. Of course, this shelf will not be made to accommodate your entire collection of comics, but on the other hand, it will give an inimitable character to your room. You will therefore need 2 fairly thick boards and two old leather belts . Simple nails will be enough to attach the belts to the boards and walls, and voila, your shelves are finished!

6. A library with old boxes

A library with old boxes (1)

The easiest recovery trick! The concept is simple, you will recover old wooden crates, clean them, stack them and … tadam! Your new library has just been created. So of course, vintage lovers will improve the visual rendering by painting the boxes to adapt them to their interior and accentuate their “old wood” side.

7. Log table

Log table (1)

To get this pretty table, we take the time to clean and work the wood log.

8. Pallet sofa

Pallet sofa (1)

For a pretty sofa in pallets, we put on pretty cushions.

9. Wall hanging

Wall hanging (1)

A poetic and original idea to easily decorate your wall.

10. Sioux hut

Sioux hut (1)

We bring out his know-how as a scout to achieve a paradise for young and old!

11. Plants

. Plants

So easy and so nice at the same time, we loved this composition of boxes and plants!

12. Low table

Low table (1)

We love this wooden box coffee table. Pretty, natural, it is also very practical with all its storage!

13. Shelves

Shelves (1)

With wooden planks and branches, we make an atypical and original shelf, ideal in a Scandinavian living room.

14. Planters

Planters (1)

We use a wooden box and feet to create original planters. It is a practical DIY to add greenery to its interior.

15. End of sofa

End of sofa (1)

The end of the sofa is ideal when you want to drink a cup of tea on your sofa. Easy to do, it’s a DIY to do without hesitation!

16. A musical shelf

A musical shelf (1)

After recovering a guitar, we transform it into a shelf! It’s a DIY that will make all the difference in the living room.

17. Vegetable shelves

Vegetable shelves (1)

For a DIY 100% recycled, we take old books that we transform into vegetable shelves!

18. Colorful paintings

Colorful paintings (1)

Can’t stand your paintings anymore? Why not make them more contemporary? An original idea that transforms your interior into a museum of modern art!

19. Macrame

Macrame (1)

Do you have any scraps of wool? Use them to create an atypical and colorful pendant light, for a bohemian interior!

20. Cushion in newspaper clippings and plastic

Cushion in newspaper clippings and plastic (1)

Nothing could be simpler than creating a cushion in plastic. In order not to damage the plastic, you can make a visible seam, this will prevent the cushion from turning over . For the stuffing, use newspaper that you will have cut in an office shredder or by cutting strips with a cutter. Opt for colored paper.

21. Tealight in pens

Tealight in pens (1)

Take a cylindrical glass and glue the pens all around with Super Glue. Adjust them well and the candle holder is finished. It can be fun to mix different pens.

22. Pallets and decoration

Pallets and decoration (1)

Decoration with pallets is now very popular for many stores and homes. It is a clear example of recycling with style to create pieces that you never want to leave. This inexpensive option has an endless number of applications and uses. You can build a sofa with pallets to give an informal look to our living room. But also use them as wall shelves or a coffee table. Don’t forget the endless possibilities when it comes to children: book boxes, beds or even a small house or a castle.

23. Recycled chairs

Recycled chairs (1)

If you want to arrange your living room table in an original and daring way, you can use recycled chairs. There are many antique or second hand stores where you can find a wide range of chairs to recycle and restore. Go take a look and transform the chairs for your home as you wish. Another fun idea for decorating the living room with recycled materials is to put on mismatched chairs, one of each style. This simple way to personalize the space will give each member of the family the possibility of having their favorite chair according to their tastes.