20 Ideas of the Round Carpet Trend for the Whole Home (1)

Round shapes, this is a format that is rarely used in our decoration. However, the round carpet is extremely trendy. I pay special attention to round shapes because they bring more comfort and character to a room. It is a decoration in its own right. That’s why, today I decided to select a whole range for you to find the round rug suited to your decor. Ideal for your living room, bedroom and bathroom. A collection which, I hope, will make you happy. You will find ideas for round rugs in all colors, materials and sizes to enhance your interior.

1. A Scandinavian-style living room

A Scandinavian-style living room (1)

Indeed, as stated previously, the round shapes refer to a warm atmosphere. This is why it adapts perfectly to Nordic style interiors. See for yourself, in addition to the pastel tones illuminating the interiors, the round rug adds subtlety. Here, the living rooms are less bland and monotonous.

2. A little corner of nature

A little corner of nature (1)

On the other hand, with the help of wicker rugs, for example, it is easy to bring a natural effect to our living room. Indeed, in an era where the environment and nature take over in our concerns, adding brown notes through wooden tables or a round wicker rug becomes child’s play. Then just add a few plants and voila. Here, the renderings are elegant. Everything is in the finesse of the detail.

3. Exotsime in the air

Exotsime in the air (1)

In addition, I find the mixtures of materials also interesting. Indeed, as we can see from the images below, the ethnic style adapts to any environment. Bright and warm colors with Aztec patterns or darker shades for more sober and elegant looks. Pom-pom rugs can also add whimsy to cold, strict rooms.

4. Softness for your sturdy interiors

Softness for your sturdy interiors (1)

The round velvet carpet, in particular, harmonizes beautifully with industrial interiors. In these places, it breaks the robust look by bringing softness thanks to its design and its material. It is the same for the round wicker rug. This one goes just as well with leather sofas like that good old Chesterfield you will see below.

5. Round rugs for your bedroom

Round rugs for your bedroom (1)

As for the bedroom area, the round wicker rug is all the rage. Indeed, going from photos to photos on pinterest, I noticed that many rooms for adults had this kind of decorative element. However, despite its aestheticism that I like, it is not this piece that crosses my mind at first sight. Indeed, the rug rather rough, I could hardly imagine sitting on it reading a book or listening to music. But, he makes a magnificent descent of bed, perfectly in the spirit of slow life .

6. A farandole of roundness for your children

A farandole of roundness for your children (1)

I also wanted to address parents or future parents by offering extremely cute rugs that will melt young and old alike. 

7. A new beauty for your bathroom

A new beauty for your bathroom (1)

In the originality range we also have the round vinyl carpet. This trend is generally found in floor coverings. It is a warming material, easy to maintain and suitable for all tastes. Thus, these rugs blend perfectly with the bathrooms. they are waterproof, sturdy, durable and excellent for people with dust mite allergies. Immediately, the round vinyl rug brings added allure and character to the bathroom. The gray brick wall as well as the round black and white vinyl carpet combine elegantly.

8. A round rug for a natural touch in the bathroom

A round rug for a natural touch in the bathroom (1)

Then, our essential round wicker rug can also be initiated in your bathroom. In wicker, jute, rattan or seagrass, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your decoration. However, a little tip of the day, seagrass rugs come from coarse weaves made using aquatic plants. This material is ideal for bathrooms because it is one of the most resistant plant fibers. In addition, it grows in water so easily resists humidity. On the contrary , jute rugs that are obtained from bark are not at all made for the room. This one is softer and shinier and is mainly used in the lining of bags. However, jute rugs do not weaken in the face of stains and are environmentally friendly thanks to their recyclable aspect.

9. A round rug in a child’s room

A round rug in a child's room (1)

For a long time, round rugs were confined to children’s rooms and in small format. If the rooms of your toddlers no longer have the exclusivity concerning round-shaped rugs, they should not be deprived of it for all that! Whether large or small, the round rugs offered for your children’s bedrooms are often endowed with bright colors and patterns suitable for the awakening of your toddler.

The patterns chosen to adorn these round rugs are appropriate for your child’s age, with friendly animals or cartoon characters, warm and reassuring hues, and a soft touch that your little one can spend hours playing on. Our round children’s rugs are of high quality, certified safe and free of toxic dyes . In addition, choose round rugs with a non-slip coating, adapted to the safety of your child . No worries about any stains that may arise: felt, drink or spilled snacks … Our round rugs for children’s rooms are easy to clean with a damp, clean cloth, and they are machine-safe.

10. For the living room

For the living room (1)

As we have seen, a round rug brings warmth and coziness to a room, and which room needs as much conviviality as your living room? For this, a large round rug in the center of your room will be perfect. It will invite your guests to sit down to chat, while the sight of this round rug bringing a soft harmony to your living room will warm your heart after a day of work.

If your living room has a Scandinavian style, you can opt for a round rug with graphic patterns and light colors . Round rugs with a geometric interior will add depth to your living room, giving it a very particular style and a lot of elegance. As the living room is a room in which you spend most of your time, choose a very resistant and easy-to-maintain graphic rug.

11. Play with contrasts to bring dynamism

Play with contrasts to bring dynamism1 (1)

The round shape of the rug alone brings a lot of character and pep to your interior. But you can accentuate this by playing with contrasts. For example, when it comes to shapes , you can put a square or rectangular piece of furniture on a round rug to soften the angles. Likewise, you can play with contrasts in terms of colors.

If your coffee table is dark raw wood, go for a lighter shade round rug. And if your table is very simple, your rug may have patterns. In the opposite case, if the piece of furniture under which your round rug rests is sober, white and uncluttered (Scandinavian style for example), choose a darker rug that will warm up the atmosphere and create a cozy and cozy atmosphere. It will bring life to your interior!

12. A round rug in an adult bedroom

A round rug in an adult bedroom (1)

A rug in a bedroom, what could be more natural? But a round carpet is even better! Its shape will soften your room and give it that cozy and warm atmosphere that befits a bedroom. An extra soft round rug or faux fur round rug is ideal for when your feet come in contact with it when you wake up.

For a bedroom, always choose a cozy carpet that is very pleasant to the touch. You can walk barefoot without worries with such a mat. As the bedroom is a room in which calm and well-being should reign, it is strongly recommended to choose round rugs in soft or pastel colors . Dark colors are to be avoided, unless your room has a very strong white color. This will create a nice contrast.

13. In your office space

In your office space (1)

The office is the room in which you have your devices connected, maybe a bookcase or two, or even a removable sofa perfect for entertaining your friends. The atmosphere must be studious, cozy and friendly at the same time. A rug is therefore ideal for bringing all these attractions to your office.

14. Rugs for your bathroom

Rugs for your bathroom (1)

A rug in a bathroom is essential. It is useful for protecting your floor from the drops of water that you let escape when you get out of the bath or the shower, thus preventing you from slipping. It is recommended that you choose a small size round rug , so that your room does not appear smaller or narrower than it is.

15. Rugs for your exterior

Rugs for your exterior (1)

Round rugs are also trendy for your outdoors. Whether you have a beautiful terrace or a nice balcony, you can decorate it with a lovely round carpet. Due to the inclement weather to which your outdoor carpet will surely be exposed, not to mention the heat of the sun, it is advisable to favor materials that are very resistant and easy to clean . Polypropylene is the ideal material for this.

16. Round jute rugs

Round jute rugs (1)

A very resistant and very solid material, jute brings a lot of naturalness and authenticity to your interior, whatever its style. Pleasant to the touch, jute offers your round rug a beautiful simplicity, while being very refined. A round jute rug is formed by multiple knots painstakingly assembled by hand. The rendering is very aesthetic and has the advantage of adapting to each room. Indeed, a round jute rug can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Indeed, jute rugs are very strong and do not fear aging, wear or fading.

In addition, they are very easy to maintain. You can vacuum without worrying about damaging it, but still be careful not to go back and forth too much so as not to destroy the knots that form your jute rug. The colors of these round jute rugs are often in brown tones, but there are other shades.

17. Round cotton rugs 

Round cotton rugs  (1)

Our cotton rugs are mainly intended for children’s rooms. Why ? Because cotton is a flexible material, which absorbs water, is easy to clean and machine washable. This is ideal when you think about the various stains that can happen on a children’s rug. Add to this that most of our round cotton rugs have a non-slip surface, and that cotton is a non-toxic material , making it ideal for your toddlers.

The softness and warmth given off by cotton are also great assets for a round rug, whether it is intended for a child’s room or not. It is also a good insulator. Coming in all various sizes and styles, the Round Cotton Rug is ideal for any room in your home: from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom, a round cotton rug is always a good idea. ! Regarding maintenance, it is advisable to vacuum your cotton carpet gently, without brush, and at low power, while being careful not to go back and forth which could destroy your round carpet.

18. Polypropylene round rugs

Polypropylene round rugs (1)

Polypropylene is a flagship material for carpets. Our round polypropylene rugs are perfectly suited to your interior in all seasons. Its fibers are tear-proof and offer you an impressive longevity guarantee. Flexible, waterproof, very durable, soft and very strong, round polypropylene rugs come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors, so you can have them in any room of your home, but also in the home and outside. They also give you warmth in winter.

Your round polypropylene rug can withstand the claws of your pet, or be in a corner where there is a lot of passage: this will not affect its resistance and its quality. Resistant to moisture and stains, it is very easy to clean your polypropylene round rugs with water. For maintenance, be sure to vacuum the dust on your carpet gently and always in the direction of the pile.

19. Round polyster rugs

Round polyster rugs (1)

Polyester is a synthetic material which offers many advantages to round rugs. The fineness of the polyester fibers brings great softness to your carpet. The round polyester carpet are available in several models and several colors, as varied as each other, allowing them to get a place in every room of your home.

Another significant advantage of these round polyester rugs: their durability and significant resistance to wear and fading. Made of synthetic material, your round polyester rug is very easy to maintain and you will have no difficulty in removing even the slightest stain.

20. Round wool rugs

Round wool rugs (1)

Material coming from the sheep, wool gives your round rug a natural fiber full of softness, thick and crimped. The wool used for our round rugs is of impeccable quality . Delicate and very pleasant to the touch, it also gives your carpet a long lifespan. A round wool rug immediately brings a lot of warmth to a room, as well as a reassuring and cozy appearance. It is also a good insulator for your floor. The wool rugs can be colored, fringed, ethnic, modern, or with geometric shapes. They adapt easily to any interior.

For felted wool rugs , it is advisable to vacuum in the direction of the pile (without a brush and without back and forth) so as not to destroy the fibers and knots. Regarding cleaning, they are machine washable at 30 degree, for more convenience.

Bonus: Round acrylic rugs

Round acrylic rugs (1)

The round acrylic carpet have a multitude of colors, patterns, and designs. Whether plain or patterned, you can place them anywhere in your home! The round acrylic rug is very soft and brings the cozy touch you want in your interior.

Resistant, the acrylic mat does not warp and can last a very long time if properly maintained. This maintenance is done with soapy water and a sponge, if you have to face an untimely task. If you want to remove dust from your acrylic round rug, you can vacuum it at medium speed, in the direction of the pile.