20 Ideas for Arranging a Staircase (1)

Develop, optimize and save 3 square centimeters of volume, living space and place of creation. This is the quest for most of us. And for those who live in a house, duplex or even triplex, there is often an untapped space. So, I give you my 20 tips for arranging a staircase.

1. A tailor-made library below the stairs

A tailor-made library below the stairs (1)

Converting a staircase into a library is the solution that comes first to everyone’s mind. We can imagine having the entire Pleiades collection on display in a custom-made wooden bookcase. You can find a nice cabinetmaker to meet your needs or design your own storage. In this case, I advise you to take the measurements of your available space under the stairs but also of the height of your books in order to imagine the size and the spacing of your shelves. Then, go to your favorite DIY store and have your boards cut to the right dimensions on site. Cutouts are usually offered if you have the loyalty card.

2. A sliding wardrobe over the stairs

A sliding wardrobe over the stairs (1)

Idea for arranging a staircase is to install a sliding wardrobe. The rod is hidden in a cupboard and is either retractable or sliding (available on Amazon). It can also be an entire walk-in closet obscured by sliding closet doors. Moreover, this is the solution adopted by Jutta in his apartment .

3. A cupboard to hide cleaning products

A cupboard to hide cleaning products (1)

They are usually slid under the kitchen lever. But what do you do with the broom and the vacuum cleaner? At home they are on the ground floor of my closet. This is not the best idea as this location could well be used to store other things. So, if I had a built-in cupboard under the stairs, I could easily see myself gathering all my equipment and cleaning products.

4. A play area for fun

A play area for fun (1)

Imagine a cozy little corner, board games, a few cushions and frenzied games of Monopoly! If you fear games that last 4 hours, do as I did and adopt Monopoly Cards (Amazon), more strategic and a tournament only lasts about twenty minutes. But back on topic. Sheltered under the stairs, the cocooning spirit will be even easier to create. Don’t forget to add a light fixture to make the play space enjoyable. And to avoid encroaching on that little bubble, choose a self-adhesive LED tape or a wall light instead .

5. Arrange a lower staircase in a cabin for the children

Arrange a lower staircase in a cabin for the children (1)

The staircase will be the roof. And so, with a few planks of wood, a little elbow grease and a good brushstroke, the idea of ​​setting up a children’s cabin under the stairs becomes obvious. You can follow the rise of the stairs to form the roof.

6. A playhouse for your cat or dog

A playhouse for your cat or dog (1)

I searched for a long time for kennels and habitats for cats and dogs for my article about designer furniture for animals. But I hadn’t planned for tailor-made solutions. Yet they are often the best because they are perfectly suited to their occupants but also to the interior decoration of the room. So there you have it, if you are looking to create a little corner for your pet, why not create a small house for him under the stairs!

7. An office area under the stairs

An office area under the stairs (1)

Classic and practical, this is how to summarize the idea of ​​arranging an under staircase in an office corner. In addition, you can pin your best ideas on the wall in front of you in the form of a moodboard. On this decoration blog, we came across the trick several times.

8. A comfortable reading corner

A comfortable reading corner (1)

Take the time, open a book and read for a moment. Does that make you dream? So encourage yourself to read by creating a comfortable reading nook under the stairs. And here again, as for the play area, consider installing a lamp so as not to damage your eyes.

9. Convert a staircase into a small kitchen or a kitchenette

Convert a staircase into a small kitchen or a kitchenette (1)

If you are not very tall, like me, wall units are not very useful to you. So, rather than wasting space elsewhere, slip your kitchen under the stairs.

10. A bar area

A bar area (1)

Whether you are the king of cocktails or need to watch Marmiton to know the composition of a mojito, you can become “the place to be” if you decide to convert an under the stairs into a small bar.

11. A wall of frames

a wall of frames (1)

Particularly fashionable, the wall of frames can slip under the stairs and enhance your interior decoration. It will therefore be a question of creating an Art gallery atmosphere. You can mix the paintings between painting and photographs. Personally, I buy the photos from . And for paintings you can browse the auctions and the right corner if you have the eye to validate the authenticity of the paintings.

12. Arrange a staircase and gain additional toilet space

Arrange a staircase and gain additional toilet space (1)

Rather than having the guests go upstairs and risk waking the kids up in the evening. This is an excellent idea which will bring a lot of comfort on a daily basis.

13. A wine cellar

A wine cellar (1)

My ambition is to quickly tell you about this object which is increasingly part of our kitchens. However, if your kitchen is a little too narrow, don’t choose to get rid of your dishwasher in favor of this pretty cellar. Just slip it under your steps. From the living room, you will be able to discuss classified Grands Crus while counting your bottles. Your inventory will then never have been so accurate.

14. Arrange a staircase in a tropical jungle

Arrange a staircase in a tropical jungle (1)

Do you know the Urban Jungle trend? It is therefore a question of adding the green plants and having fun with their volumes. Because the big trend is greenery. So why not take advantage of your space under the stairs to mix Monstera, Palm and Yucca. But first of all, I invite you to choose your houseplant well.

15. A relaxation area under the steps to laze around

A relaxation area under the steps to laze around

Architectural, the interior facade welcomes the staircase like a design object. On the poured concrete structure, cushions and a fur blanket are enough to create a cozy corner. Relaxation area or reserved for reading, this space seems to open onto the garden. Enough to warm up a raw staircase without distorting its industrial look.

16. Designer and overhead shelves

Designer and overhead shelves (1)

Shelves will be perfect for more lightness, especially if you combine them with low drawers.

17. Kitchen cupboards under the stairs

Kitchen cupboards under the stairs (1)

These sliding cupboards for storing kitchen utensils and preserves are a very interesting variation.

18. A bench and shelves

A bench and shelves (1)

Optimize space even more by providing drawers under the bench seat and installing shelves.

19. A game room and a hiding place for the cat

A game room and a hiding place for the cat (1)

Cut out a small door and a round window in the staircase partition, for your children. And consider adding a little hiding place for the cat!

20. Graphic storage

Graphic storage (1)

To give more relief to this space, you can put a partition as a railing and make a triangle-shaped cutout to slide storage under the stairs.