Best Ideas of Luxurious Dining Rooms (1)

An invitation to dinner involves requires a certain know-how: knowing how to receive with the elegance and style that this implies. For your dining room to shine with a luxurious and opulent ambience, no style can match the Baroque style. Although not everyone is drawn to adopting the Baroque style 100%; incorporating a few baroque and rococo elements and accessories will be enough to make your dining room more luxurious than ever.

A traditional and luxurious dining room

A traditional and luxurious dining room (1)

This traditional dining room features a spectacular crystal chandelier. But all the furniture is also adorned with details in the Baroque style; spirals and foliage decorate the back of the chairs, the edges of the table and its legs as well as the edges of the sideboard.

A sparkling decor

A sparkling decor (1)

This Baroque dining room is full of elements characteristic of the Baroque period. The walls are decorated with wall panels, typical of most Baroque interiors. The highly ornate chairs are not only tufted but also have pretty gilded wooden frames.

A unique marquetry

A unique marquetry (1)

Another characteristic of the interiors of the Baroque period is the marquetry figured on this magnificent round table. During this period, we saw the rise of great designers of furniture and cabinetmakers. They were the main leading artists in the introduction of ebony wood, turtle shells, brass and other metals.

A more sober design

A more sober design (1)

The marquetry does not have to be profusely adorned to reflect the sense of the Baroque style. This splendid wooden table showing the grains of the wood also reflects the baroque style. The chosen luminaire further enhances the baroque aspect of the design.

Luxurious and soothing

Luxurious and soothing (1)

Those who prefer a moderate dose of the Baroque style and want to keep the walls unadorned, in a deliberately luxurious dining room, can do so with some Baroque and Rococo elements. In this room, the light color palette is dominant. The dining table is the focal point, sublimated by details in the Baroque style.

A mix of styles

A mix of styles (1)

By incorporating the Baroque and Rococo style into a luxurious contemporary dining room, one achieves a very different look and a sumptuous ambience. We adopted both styles in this dining room. The base of the table is black, its feet are carved. The look is modern with the baroque style gilding, here silver.

Luxurious furniture around the table

Luxurious furniture around the table (1)

In this luxurious dining room, the table is more refined compared to the other pieces of furniture. A black rococo sideboard, beautiful modern wall decorations and a sparkling chandelier make the room shine.

A luxurious and refined style

A luxurious and refined style (1)

In this dining room, only a few baroque and rococo details have been used. The focus is on the pom poms. The candlestick is the focal point and the overall look is unadorned. Apart from the lambrequin pattern, the pompoms are the only important element defining the baroque style.