20 Ideas for Organizing a Children's Playroom (1)

Adults and children rarely agree on interior decoration; because the youngest are fond of primary colors and bright color palettes. Therefore, you should understand them if they refuse your sophisticated style painting project. As parents, you should prepare yourself for their magical aspiration and their deepest dreams, in order to deploy decorating ideas that are as close as possible to those dreams. Here are some suggestions and tips that you might find helpful in organizing and decorating a children’s playroom.

 1. Find common ground

Find common ground (1)

The most important thing is to find a compromise: most of the time, there is an incompatibility between what the children want and what is possible. But try to satisfy them at least halfway.

2. Tips for practical storage

Tips for practical storage (1)

To solve the problem of space, creative shelves where you can place multitudes of boxes, cartons and small wicker baskets are more elegant and more practical. We also offer a dual function bench which has different levels and compartments.

3. Divide the space into different areas

Divide the space into different areas (1)

If the playroom is spacious enough, try to section off a few areas. For example an area with a table and chairs for creative hobbies, an area with a blackboard for drawings, another with free space for various games, etc.

4. Ventilate the room well

Ventilate the room well (1)

The ideal case is to install a playroom in front of a large window to ensure sufficient penetration of light, coolness and sunlight. The more spacious and flexible the room, the more children’s imaginations will be boosted. The fact that your kids can use the room for different activities will make them love it even more.

5. An alternative to classic concepts

An alternative to classic concepts (1)

Why not change the rocking horses against these neon colored works of art for example? It’s always interesting to try out some modern concepts, especially in the playroom.

6. Decorate like children

Decorate like children (1)

Try to put yourself in your children’s shoes by decorating and organizing the playroom. Instead of a classic world map for example, you could go for a more fun and interesting model like this.

7. Arrange a bedroom – games room

Arrange a bedroom - games room (1)

With a well thought-out layout, even the children’s room can be turned into a play area, after the night has passed. For example, you can cleverly fold the bed behind a door and gain a play area during the day.

8. Allow their creativity to express itself

Allow their creativity to express itself (1)

If your young children like to paint, collect postcards, play the piano, provide them with a room where they can express their talent and creativity.

9. Find fun ideas

Find fun ideas (1)

If you want your kids to enjoy their playroom in a pleasant way, make an effort to decorate it with extraordinary and fun items.

10. Focus on modern storage

Focus on modern storage (1)

Have open and closed storage at the same time; to hide bulky toys and decorate with others. Children can be proud to share the room with friends and guests.

11. Build a cabin

Build a cabin (1)

Hut or tipi, children particularly adore the hiding places in which they can take refuge , sheltered from the outside world. In a kit to assemble or create on your own, we are sure that their secret lair will impress small guests as well as older ones.

12. Place a large play mat

Place a large play mat (1)

Large or small, it is imperative that there is a large free area in its center to allow your children to have fun on the floor with the toys of their choice. Also plan a maximum of storage leaning against the wall easily accessible for the little ones, such as niches or crates, so that they can tidy their playroom, once their activities are finished.

13. Set up a drawing corner

Set up a drawing corner (1)

Are you sure that your toddlers are future Claude Monets? If they like to draw or paint above all, without hesitation, set up a corner devoted to their manual activities . Perfectly ordered desk, sheets, brushes, gouaches and pencils, nothing should be missing so that they can let their imagination run wild.

14. Set up a table to play board games

Set up a table to play board games (1)

Do your older children love to brainstorm around a good board game? For your family evenings or to let them play with each other, place a large table in the center of the room so that they can share, in a friendly atmosphere, their largest games.

15. Paint a wall with slate paint

Paint a wall with slate paint (1)

Unfortunately, your children like to write on the walls a lot ? Take the opportunity to paint a section of the wall in their playroom with a slate paint. They will then be able, with joy, to make beautiful drawings and write sweet words on a suitable and authorized surface !

16. Exhibit their creations

Exhibit their creations (1)

Your fridge no longer has room to accommodate their masterpieces? Do you want to measure their progress day after day? Hang a chrome cable between two walls of their playroom and hang their most beautiful creations there! Be careful to place it high up so that they cannot access it and potentially injure themselves with it.

17. A bohemian atmosphere

A bohemian atmosphere (1)

om! Arranging a room dedicated to children in a way is a good idea to limit their excitement and therefore nonsense. Here, we can observe some very inspiring details such as wicker storage or the suspended swing. However, if you want to install a swing like this for your children, be careful because this installation can be dangerous depending on the age of the child.

18. Plenty of storage

Plenty of storage (1)

If your toddler has a lot of toys and you don’t like the mess, it’s important to invest in as much storage. Here, not all the checkouts are accessible to children, because some are high. This can be a good idea if you find that certain games are worth watching. Thus, you will be able to elevate these games, and give them when you are present.

19. Storage and plenty of space to play

Storage and plenty of space to play (1)

In this room, all storage and therefore all toys are accessible to children. The rest of the room is completely free so that toddlers can do whatever they want freely.

20. A little cocoon for the little ones

A little cocoon for the little ones (1)

Toddlers and quiet children usually appreciate this kind of little nook just for them. For a story or a little nap, these places of calm and tenderness can sometimes even be shared with mum or dad. The advantage of this small cocoon is that it is not difficult to reproduce, and can be carried out in any room of the accommodation.