15 Ideas of Four-poster Bed and Canopy Ideas for a Sumptuous Bedroom (1)

The four-poster bed is making a remarkable comeback in decor. Abandoned for its overly massive appearance, it has recently reinvented itself with a more refined and modern silhouette. Fine, light lines have replaced the overloaded cornices. In large bedrooms, as in small sleeping areas, the four-poster bed finds its place without worry. Not convinced ? Let yourself be tempted by these 15 trendy four-poster beds …

1. The four-poster bed

The four-poster bed (1)

An open-frame canopy bed can be left as is or dressed up with a canopy… or even curtains. This type of bed will give you maximum natural light and will make your interior decoration unique. The most common canopy beds are metallic; usually in nickel, brass or copper, and with a shiny finish that brings a chic edge.

For more comfort, opt for a wooden frame. A dark colored wood frame will look lavish if your bedroom is decorated with neutral (and light) colors. The black metal canopy bed with a thin frame has the advantage of adapting to any style. In case you find the open canopy bed not romantic enough or it does not make you dream, then it is essential to dress it up.

2. A canopy attached to the ceiling

A canopy attached to the ceiling (1)

If you don’t have the right bed and still dream of the four poster bed, you can hang a frame from the ceiling to put up a canopy or curtains. Either way, just make sure you secure your chosen mount securely. You will then be free to install the curtains with the colors and patterns that you like as well as the type of fabric that meets your needs in relation to privacy.

3. A driftwood canopy that gives summer dreams …

A driftwood canopy that gives summer dreams ... (1)

Fancy a Robinson Crusoe-style four-poster bed? The more manual will try to do it themselves. A few branches of driftwood can replace the classic uprights in solid wood or wrought iron . Take care to secure this improvised structure and to strip the branches before installing them. Then, choose faded curtains, in sea green tones reminiscent of the sea. These light shades and the poorly cut appearance of the fabric then maintain the natural look of the bedroom.

4. A contemporary canopy bed

A contemporary canopy bed (1)

Adopt the four-poster bed yes, but opt ​​for modernity . Playing with simplicity, with a refined wooden structure, remains the most effective option for a trendy canopy. As for the sheer, it seems to have been laid carelessly and thus reinforces the sought-after modern spirit. To give the whole room a boost, the furniture looks mottled. Rusted iron bedside table, aged wood chest and industrial lighting, styles like to combine around the contemporary canopy.

5. Sheer curtains for the four-poster bed

Sheer curtains for the four-poster bed (1)

The charm of the canopy lies in these transparent curtains. As a reminder of the mosquito nets of yesteryear, they protect without preventing the light from entering and create a privileged intimate atmosphere. Classic but timeless, white sails will adapt to all styles of canopies, whether in metal or wood. We particularly like the feminine atmosphere of this room with embroidered cushions and wicker basket.

6. Natural atmosphere

natural atmosphere (1)

The natural atmosphere prevails in this bedroom. In this immaculate setting, only a few black accessories denote the natural atmosphere that emanates from the room. The canopy maintains the purity of the room , its natural wood structure is stained, as if damaged by time. Devoid of curtains, the bed frame is sufficient on its own . For a modernized seaside spirit.

7. The four-poster bed is exported outside

The four-poster bed is exported outside

The garden also has the right to its canopy! Installed on the terrace , it creates an ultra cozy corner to enjoy the outdoors even on cool summer evenings. Thick curtains, chosen in shades of white, protect from the sun and pests , without preventing the light from passing through. In addition, the canopy structure contains integrated storage. A good tip that combines comfort and practicality.

8. A hanging bamboo canopy

A hanging bamboo canopy (1)

Do you find the canopies intrusive? Opt for a suspended version . Here, bamboos have replaced the wooden nesting boxes and simple hooks allow them to be attached in height. As the structure is fixed to the ceiling, the floor space is freed from the canopy legs, the bed then seems more airy. Another advantage, the curtains always isolate the sleeping area but can be fully raised during the day. What convince small spaces to adopt the canopy.

9. A canopy in lacquered metal

A canopy in lacquered metal (1)

If wood remains a widespread texture for the structure of canopy beds, metal is increasingly needed as a manufacturing material. Not only does it appear more resistant, but a lacquered metal bed brings a contemporary touch, a more masculine touch, to the bedroom . To warm up this decor of character in the absence of curtains, a fur blanket placed on the bed is sufficient. Enough to keep a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

10. A large four-poster bed to feel good

A large four-poster bed to feel good (1)

The real centerpiece of this bedroom, the canopy sits in the middle of the space, eclipsing all the rest of the furniture. With such an imposing structure, it is better to turn to natural shades such as white or almond green . Regarding materials, same discourse, primary textures – such as wood, cotton, wicker and linen – are recommended , they soothe the character of the canopy and introduce a serene atmosphere in the bedroom. Undoubtedly the bed becomes a soothing and intimate place in which to rest.

11. Ethnic spirit for the four-poster bed

Ethnic spirit for the four-poster bed (1)

Often considered a centerpiece, the canopy does not always determine the ambiance of the bedroom. Here, the sails lowered from the ceiling contrast with the atmosphere that reigns in the sleeping area. The white curtains, synonymous with romanticism, contrast with the printed cushions and the tribal patterned carpet . Downright ethnic, bedroom accessories set the tone for the decor. Proof that the four-poster bed adapts to all atmospheres!

12. Scandinavian inspiration for this four poster bed

Scandinavian inspiration for this four poster bed (1)

Yes, canopy beds follow decor trends. Clearly inspired by Scandinavian fashion, this bedroom explores all the materials that make up the Nordic character: natural wood, cozy (faux) fur, light cotton … As for the colors, the bed, like the decorative accessories, come in a range of shades clear, close to white and wood. The indoor plants have replaced traditional curtains for a modern look.

13. A very chic romantic canopy bed

A very chic romantic canopy bed (1)

The four-poster bed is, in essence, ultra romantic. No need for superfluous decoration, canopies transform the atmosphere of the master bedroom in the blink of an eye. The airy sails give the bedroom an incomparable cocooning spirit. And the more curtains, the more the sleeping area becomes a cozy place! Still prefer light fabrics to play with transparency and avoid the impression of suffocating.

14. A mini canopy in the child’s room

A mini canopy in the child's room (1)

Who says small size, says reduced canopy. The children’s room can be dressed more easily with a canopy, less imposing and just as poetic as a classic canopy. This type of drape goes easily with marked universes such as that of this sleeping area straight out of the 1950s . Between the floral tapestry , the furniture with rounded lines and the wrought iron bed, the vintage style has imposed itself in this little girl’s room. And the lace details of the canopy just keep that spirit alive.

15. The adult bed canopy

The adult bed canopy (1)

The bed canopy is not only decorative: it also brings a very intimate touch to the master bedroom. This white bed canopy exudes a special charm. This is because it does not consist of traditional curtains, but of a bed sheet. Thicker than a classic bed canopy, it also catches the light superbly, which highlights its raw texture. Simple and efficient: we love it!