It’s hard to plan your own big day. There are so many things that couples need to consider before they can finally say “I DO.” Many couples find it hard to decide the type of invitation card to choose, or what wedding cake to opt for, and even the kind of flowers to use for their ceremony. Amidst all the chaos, choosing to ask for help from a wedding planner or other expert can be a great idea.

But what kind of professional will you ask to help you prepare for your big day? When it comes to providing expert assistance for your nuptials, a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator are the best options. They might sound the same, but there are some key differences that should be considered before making your choice. Here’s a breakdown of what makes each wedding pro distinct from the other and why you should hire one.

Wedding Planner

An average of 250 hours is the time it takes to plan a small wedding. Most couples just can’t find that amount of time to spend on planning due to their busy work schedule. This is where a wedding planner comes in. Simply put, these experts will be your best friend in organizing your gorgeous big day. From helping you choose which suppliers to use, to making sure that your budget is being utilized most efficiently, these pros will do everything to make the process as stress-free and simple as possible.

Key Roles

  • Works closely with the couple to create a wedding that best fits them according to what they want and their available budget. They are basically in charge of managing the wedding funds of the couple.
  • Presents a list of all the vendors needed to select from. There is a vast range of suppliers and it can be overwhelming. For instance, the planner can recommend and say: Visit this supplier and see how vast the selection is. Don’t worry! It will be the expert’s duty to negotiate and coordinate with vendors. Yours is only to have the ultimate say in decisions.
  • Attends every site tour, wedding menu tasting, hotel room booking (if needed) and every logistics concern.
  • Creates a detailed timeline to follow, including the exact floor plan for your special day
  • Oversees the rehearsal.
  • Make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Hire if…

  • You are willing to spend 10-15% of your total wedding budget for this assistance.
  • You have a demanding job that doesn’t leave you enough time to plan.
  • You want to have less stress in your wedding preparation.
  • You are having a destination wedding which will require more time to manage.
  • You need help getting started with planning.

Wedding Coordinator

These experts are not involved in any pre-wedding preparations. They are mostly in charge of management on the day. These professionals help you prepare one month before your big day to ensure that your nuptials run smoothly. They can be an outside contractor that you hire or a venue coordinator that your wedding place offers.

Key Roles

  • Oversees everything that you’ve already put together. A month prior, they take over what you’ve planned already and get ready to execute it for your special day.
  • In charge of the final walk-through of all the wedding vendors, logistics, venue and the overall flow of the ceremony. From having that stunning yet affordable diy uplighting rentals to getting monogram wedding lighting you requested, up to making sure that all other suppliers provide exactly what is expected of them, these pros remain on top of everything.
  • Serves as the point of contact on the wedding day for everyone, from the bride to all the suppliers. These experts should be able to address all the on-site concerns on the day.

 Hire if…

  • You are a very organized person and have everything already planned. You just need additional help from someone to oversee everything on the day itself.
  • You have enough time to plan your wedding yourself.