20 Ideas of Pallet Wood Walls for Living Room (1)

The palette is versatile, we will understand. It is attributed two main functions: a pragmatic or functional application and another, rather decorative. Whether making furniture out of pallets or decorating your home, pallet wood offers a multitude of possibilities. It will still be necessary to appreciate the slightly rustic or rustic decor.

After making coffee tables, dining tables, beds, headboards, most recently from walls chamber pallet, let’s see now how to we can use wisely the pallets for walls.

1. Recycled pallet wall

Recycled pallet wall (1)

This is an economical and so “decorative” way to make a section of the living room wall. Some of these boards come from boat hulls, hence the color variations between the floor and the facades. It is good to note here that even a small room ( living room or bedroom ) can accommodate a wall made of pallets. The latter will bring a real touch of character. We find here reminders of red (planks) that are welcome with sofa throws.

2. A vintage pallet wall on a fireplace

A vintage pallet wall on a fireplace (1)

This is a way to focus attention on the fireplace. A few limed pallet wood planks, a vintage clock, and you get the centerpiece of your living room . We like: the soothing colors of this living room and the final rendering with this character clock. Pallet wood plays its part here perfectly. He brings a “rural” spirit to this otherwise very serious show.

3. For an industrial spirit

For an industrial spirit (1)

The fireplace is often the focal point of a living room . As above, here is again a fireplace dressed in pallet wood. In this living room, the industrial spirit dominates with the brickwork and the visible ducts . What could be better than reclaimed pallet wood to ensure continuity of tones (especially with wooden beams). If we stay in an urban atmosphere, we will respect the codes and we will ensure that noble materials such as natural stone, brick, wood and steel form a homogeneous whole.

4. Wall + fireplace

Wall + fireplace (1)

As we told you a little earlier, wood adapts can be found everywhere, and even in its reclaimed wood version, it blends wonderfully into modern or Scandinavian living rooms. We will simply take care to work it well (sanding with different abrasives) to give it a color that adapts to the interior decoration. In this case, the pallet wall is highlighted by spots located in the false ceiling in order to give it a lighter shade . A little rustic touch in a resolutely modern living room is not only possible, but it is also and above all very cozy!

5. Choosing the direction of pallet wood paneling

Choosing the direction of pallet wood paneling (1)

We are used to seeing the boards horizontally, in the above case they were installed vertically, which corresponds to the way they were laid 30 years ago. This little outdated lounge would have needed a facelift by ironing for example a clear glaze . And why not also change the direction of the boards. We sometimes even find in some living room designs boards laid at an angle to accentuate the style.

6. A wooden wall in a half industrial half Scandinavian living room

A wooden wall in a half industrial half Scandinavian living room (1)

You can also use a pallet wall as a partition, in particular to separate the rooms. In the specific case above, it is used to separate the living room from the kitchen. We love the harmony and refinement that reign in this large living room . There is no other material than wood to convey a warm atmosphere and a cocooning atmosphere. 

7. The “briquette” style pallet wall

The briquette style pallet wall (1)

Again, this is a fireplace surround here but is somewhat different. We note the choice of wood from very small, thin and “vintage” pallets . What’s interesting is that you can really customize the palette as you want, simply by polishing some boards more than others in order to gain clarity or contrast.

8. The “raw” style palette

The raw style palette (1)

Living room wall in raw palette style in different colors for a warm, comforting and comfortable atmosphere. We can very well take the party to reuse the boards as they are for a “raw” spirit.

9. The wall in “formwork” style pallet

The wall in formwork style pallet (1)

Is one of your wall sections a bit empty? Make a wooden formwork detaching from the wall in order to fix the decorative elements of your choice . You can also install a flat screen or a false fireplace as in the image above.

10. A wooden partition to structure a living room

A wooden partition to structure a living room (1)

Is your living room a bit too XXL? you can consider structuring it, or rather deconstructing it, with a small partition made of pallet wood. To do this, you just have to assemble two or three pallets between them and fix them on the trestle model.

11. A wall and a wooden wall recess

A wall and a wooden wall recess1 (1)

The pallets are used here as paneling and cover all the walls of a room. If one is not put off by the predominance of wood, one will certainly appreciate all the possibilities offered by a complete wooden wall and in particular the ease of fixing all kinds of wall lights and lights.

12. The pallet wall as a TV support

The pallet wall as a TV support (1)

As you can see here, the pallet wall makes all the difference here. Without him, it is a living room without much relief. In this specific case, the wall is used as a support for the television and the speakers. It is the focal point of the room.

13. A discreet wall

A discreet wall (1)

The wood harmonizes perfectly with the travertine slabs. Even in a chic and plush interior, this type of wall is very elegant.

14. A strip of wood, no more

A strip of wood, no more (1)

It is not compulsory to use pallet wood over an entire section of the wall, on the contrary. You can choose to apply it on a width of only 110cm or in free length of 80cm to 120cm to gain even more contrast.

15. Work on the colors


Both wall and partition. What’s cool about pallet wood is that you can paint it any color you want and then work it manually to give it the look you want. There are 36 ways to age wood or patina it . Above the example of a perfect osmosis between the partition and the living room.

16. A structured wooden wall

A structured wooden wall (1)

Here is a very structured wall above in tones that echo the living room furniture.

17. Old country-style wood

Old country-style wood

Astonishing this blue and white living room , contrasted by an old country-style wood. A mixture as successful as it is unexpected.

18. A nod to driftwood

A nod to driftwood

Who doesn’t dream of driftwood at home? At Moderne House we are fans of driftwood lamps. For this last idea of ​​a living room made with pallet wood, we offer a fireplace dressed in planks which precisely take up the colors of driftwood. We love. The association here is magical between the fireplace, the wall lights, and the TV.

19. Wood like stone (quartzite)?

Wood like stone (quartzite) (1)

Here, an example of a wall with very dark pallet wood reminiscent of slate or anthracite quartzite . The advantage here is that it is reminiscent of the floor itself in dark tones. Be careful though to keep the light , either through windows, large bay windows, or light furniture.

20. Section of wall in pallet for a rustic look

Section of wall in pallet for a rustic look (1)

The owners have decided to infuse a touch of authenticity into this otherwise very contemporary and very (too?) Sober living room. The natural finish of the reclaimed wood was desired, allowing the grain to appear clearly, which made it possible to modify the atmosphere of this room in depth. To contrast the pallet wall, a painting highlights the wall and allows you to catch the eye.