20 Beautiful Feminine Bathrooms to Give You Ideas (1)

The bathroom has always assumed its feminine side. Romantic or Zen trend, refined or more ethnic, powder pink but not that, with shower or bathtub, feminine bathrooms are not lacking in ideas for dressing up! They transform into a trendy cocoon, ideal for lounging for hours in a romantic environment …

1. Ideal sink cabinet ideas for a feminine bathroom

Ideal sink cabinet ideas for a feminine bathroom (1)

The sink cabinet is one of the main elements of a bathroom. It is an element that allows you to showcase your style and colors while embellishing the overall decor. For example, you could opt for a vintage cabinet with a refined design in ivory, pink or lavender with golden ornaments. In the case of a modern bathroom, it would be better to turn to a piece of furniture with a mirror with a chic side. If you would like to have a fancy and luxurious bathroom, a marble covered vanity unit with a chic faucet would be ideal.

Fans of glamorous style will have to opt for elements that sparkle. The golden tap will not be enough. A bleached piece of furniture will on the other hand be recommended for a shabby chic bathroom. Anyway, do not neglect storage spaces (drawers, shelves, etc.)

2. The bathtub

The bathtub (1)

The ideal for a feminine bathroom would be to have a free-standing bathtub. Whatever the design and color, it is always refined and the feminine touch is guaranteed. In addition, the free-standing bathtub adapts to all styles of decoration.

Apart from the free-standing bathtub, there are also several modern bathtubs in a striking color that will certainly make the difference in the interior of the room. An all-white bathtub is also suitable for a feminine bathroom.

3. The shower

The shower (1)

You can easily transform the shower area to make it more feminine. The floral patterned tiles are there for that. If you find that this is too big a change, you could just buy a shower curtain with feminine patterns and / or colors. Apart from that, the little details like the towels also count.

4. 50 shades of pink in the bathroom, but not only!

50 shades of pink in the bathroom, but not only! (1)

We agree that creating a pink bathroom still feels very Barbie house. And even if we played with it during our childhood, once the years have passed, we don’t necessarily aspire to have the same house as the doll. Pink exists in different shades. Powder pink is soft, restful, it invites you to relax. It is also very refined. The pastel pink, which was very popular in Scandinavian interiors, is also soft, but it will have a more youthful connotation. We have more intense, more flashy roses, which in my opinion are too violent to create a refined atmosphere. And we can also think of roses that tend towards purple, deeper but often darker too.

5. Softness in the pond with the gray

Softness in the pond with the gray (1)

While shades of beige will transport us more to a natural or even Zen atmosphere, gray invites softness. Femininity also goes through this gentleness, this voluptuousness. A soft, pale, light gray can therefore be an alternative to too girly pink. If you share your bathroom with a caveman, gray will likely look better than pink. (I’m convinced that some of the men in 2020 don’t mind the pink color in the decor. If your man is like mine, he’s going crazy. The best way to find out is is yet to ask him!)

The gray in the bathroom can find its place on the furniture, the bath mat, the towel dryer. It can also be found in the flooring. Cement tiles can be tinted gray. Their vintage side brings an additional touch of femininity to the room.

6. The place of the bathtub in a refined decor

The place of the bathtub in a refined decor (1)

The bathtub is a symbol in the bathroom. It is an invitation to relaxation, nonchalance. Imagine the bubble bath with a good glass of wine, a book and soft music. You can imagine it, but in real life you rarely have time to take an hour-long bath every night, especially if you have children. And for lack of really serving to relax you, the bathtub can contribute to the creation of your refined and feminine atmosphere.

We can think of the freestanding bathtub, very old-fashioned and which matches very well with cement tiles for example. But changing the bathtub just for the sake of decoration is not necessarily logical / necessary. The dressing of the bathtub when you have a classic model can be personalized to be more feminine. We can think of changing the tiling. We can think of stickers to personalize the existing tiling on the formwork.

What also contributes to the feminine atmosphere around the bathtub is the staging. Pretty bottles of shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath … Candles, flowers sometimes. Once again, in real life, it seems like a pipe dream to create such an atmosphere on a daily basis. You imagine your pretty soap bottles and a big black Ax shower gel, your man’s or the children’s toys to occupy them in the bath. Suddenly, we are less in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, refinement and pleasure. The solution? Maybe every once in a while you can take a break all to yourself, take out the pretty bottles, remove whatever is in the way, put foam in your bath, and listen to some music to relax you. Maybe to save time,

7. Mirror – symbol of feminity in the bathroom

Mirror - symbol of feminity in the bathroom (1)

Another element associated with femininity: the mirror. Finally, it seems, because in my relationship, it is not me who spends the most time in front. (Well, I admit I’m not the stereotype of femininity either!) Anyway! The mirror is quite a program in the bathroom. It generally finds its place above the washbasin cabinet. It can be single, double, large, very large, round … There may be other mirrors elsewhere in the room, including a large vertical mirror that will allow you to see yourself fully. What is interesting with this decorative element is its framing. It will allow you to contribute to the creation of your atmosphere. A frame worked with moldings and gilded or a wooden frame around a round mirror will not create the same effect in your bathroom decor. The first offers an old-fashioned atmosphere while the second is much more contemporary. And both are very feminine!

8. Harmony of colors abd style down to the details

Harmony of colors abd style down to the details (1)

In a small room that is generally the bathroom, we do not have the same size as in the living room to decorate. It’s a different approach. You can hang picture frames on the bathroom walls, you risk creating an unpleasant messy effect every day. On the other hand, if you pay attention to detail, it will allow you to decorate your room without weighing down the decoration. Door and furniture handles, wall hooks, faucets, shower curtains or the finishing of your shower doors … There are a host of details in the bathroom that can be chosen with care to create a feminine and elegant atmosphere!

9. Bathroom fixtures add to the ambiance

Bathroom fixtures add to the ambiance (1)

The lighting in a water feature is both similar to other rooms (in the sense that there is main lighting and secondary lighting) and at the same time different since it is suitable for humid rooms. Choose carefully the lights that will make up the decor of your bathroom. On the ceiling, we can be simple with spotlights. They are practical and functional. The luminaire (s) around the mirror can be less simple. We can think of rows of round light bulbs reminiscent of make-up mirrors in the cinema. We can also think of more elaborate wall lights. The choice is vast and will allow you to take care of the atmosphere of your room.

10. Bathroom linen

Bathroom linen (1)

Bath rugs, bathrobes, bath towels … There are many textiles in the bathroom that are usually exposed to view so that they can dry between uses. Harmonize them with your decoration to perfect the atmosphere. These are the little touches that will contribute to the feminine and elegant atmosphere of your water feature.

11. Feminine bathroom case

Feminine bathroom case (1)

For a feminine atmosphere in the bathroom, know that the colors pink, purple or fuchsia will not be your only allies. Black will also be welcome, as here where the decorative details (such as the mirror, the bath mat or the frame) bring a chic and glamorous touch to the place.

12. Caramel bathroom

Caramel bathroom (1)

Do you dream of a princess bathroom? This very classy little landmark is made for you! This bathroom is the perfect combination of designer furniture and very feminine accessories such as a dressing table with a transparent baroque chair. We love !

13. Classic but ultra- chic bathroom

Classic but ultra- chic bathroom (1)

Classic but ultra- chic in its curves, this bathroom plays the card of femininity but with subtlety. No garish colors but the sophisticated combination of gray and white. A great classic that we never tire of!

14. Bathroom with floral wallpaper

Bathroom with floral wallpaper (1)

We could indulge ourselves for hours in this bathroom which gracefully combines blackcurrant and mole. The little decorative extra to remember? A section of floral wallpaper to play with contrasts with the blackcurrant walls.

15. Perfect mastery of black and white

perfect mastery of black and white (1)

A chrome console- shaped sink, an old-fashioned bathtub with feet and a perfect mastery of black and white, this bathroom brings together baroque and femininity in style.

16. Bay-style bathroom

Bay-style bathroom (1)

Very classic, this feminine bathroom dares to use color only at the level of the washbasin. A fuchsia girly which a bath mat, a light fixture or towels will echo.

17. Pink bathroom

Pink bathroom 1 (1)

The girly chic look do you like? Then you will dare to adopt this style for your bathroom. Here the bathtub sits like a queen in the middle of a pink room … neon trend!

18. Bathroom with baroque and design

Bathroom with baroque and design (1)

Feminine, but also baroque and design, this bathroom brings together styles with grace. Bathtub with rounded curves, contemporary furniture and baroque armchair and chandelier, women will appreciate this little haven of peace!

19. The red bathroom

The red bathroom (1)

The color of passion settles without complex in this bathroom! The red is displayed in this room as well on designer furniture as on the walls and in the decor. Feminine and chic, what more could you ask for?

20. Pink freestanding bathtub

Pink freestanding bathtub (1)

Want a feminine touch in your bathroom without having to change all of its furniture? Look no further, all you need to do is repaint your bathtub in a beautiful feminine color. An ingenious trick!