20 Inspiring Ideas to Dress the Bathroom in Black (1)

Are you looking for unique ideas for your bathroom makeover? This post will definitely interest you. You may not be able to find the right design to adopt because the color (s) you are using or are considering using is not the right one. Anyway, these few decorating ideas will certainly give you some interesting ideas. So recently we broached the issue of white bathrooms, which are not so gorgeous; today we are going to talk about its opposite, but also about its ally (we all know that black and white make a magnificent duo).

1. A bathroom in black, less common than white, but also sumptuous

A bathroom in black, less common than white, but also sumptuous (1)

The bathroom decorated in black is certainly less common than the one dressed in white. This is perhaps the reason why you never considered this dark color. And yet, the option is worth considering because the result can be mind-blowing.

2. A magical color

A magical color (1)

Contrary to what one might imagine, black has the ability to make the bathroom look lavish and modern. Moreover, this can also apply to other rooms in the house. You can completely transform an ordinary room into a beautiful place with black. Be careful though, because it doesn’t have to be painting all the walls in every bathroom black.

3. A special design

A special design (1)

The bathrooms dressed in black are particularly special and that will inspire you to give the color black a chance. You may not feel right with this color, but that can all change depending on how you use it. The images shared in this post are sure to change your mind.

4. Various styles of decoration

Various styles of decoration (1)

Dark colors like black, dark gray, and navy blue are very common in masculine designs. However, that doesn’t mean that a bathroom in black is necessarily only for men. Black bathrooms can also belong to different styles of decoration. Granted, you might never find a cottage bathroom decorated in black, but modern, industrial, and contemporary styles warmly welcome this dark color.

5. An easy color to combine

An easy color to combine (1)

Black may be awesome, but it can appeal to everyone as well. If you’re worried that your bathroom is too dark, consider adding a good dose of white or other light colors that inspire you.

6. Luxurious bathroom dressed in black

luxurious bathroom dressed in black (1)

In case you are looking for a luxurious bathroom dressed in black, consider marble. You are unlikely to be disappointed.

7. Retro black and white bathroom

retro black and white bathroom (1)

In just a few seasons, the retro black and white bathroom has established itself as a classic. The unavoidable ? The cement effect tiles, in combination with the iconic metro tiles, of course! To achieve its effect, we adopt an elegant bathtub and a washbasin inspired by models produced between the 30s and the 50s. Simple and efficient.

8. Combination of black and white marble

combination of black and white marble (1)

Fancy an arty chic atmosphere? Bet on the combination of black and white marble. The little detail that changes everything is the brass finish, which adorns the vanity unit here. To sublimate the whole, nothing is left to chance, especially not the choice of taps! We love the taps evoking the earthenware of yesteryear, which exudes a deliciously vintage palace atmosphere.

9. Temperament of this designer bathroom

temperament of this designer bathroom (1)

How to resist the temperament of this designer bathroom ? The black bathroom cabinet matches the taps and the mirror: a total look nicely set in scene by a play of contrast with this beautiful white case. We retain the choice of marble on the floor, which warms the room and brings a touch of sophistication to this contemporary black bathroom.

10. Suspended black bathroom cabinet

suspended black bathroom cabinet (1)

Missing space ? We snatch this beautiful idea: a suspended black bathroom cabinet – all in lightness – and an accent wall dressed in refined tiling. It does not take more to give personality to this pretty black and white bathroom!

11. Embark on a tiling

embark on a tiling (1)

Do not want to embark on a tiling operation to revamp the bathroom ? Fall for a panoramic wallpaper! And to let it stage itself at ease, we associate it with minimalist and openwork bathroom furniture.

12. Minimalism and graphics

minimalism and graphics (1)

This architectural white and black bathroom takes minimalism and graphics to the extreme. A bias that allows each element to be sublimated. And 100% functional equipment suddenly turns into real decorative objects!

13. Focus on the black, white and wood bathroom

focus on the black, white and wood bathroom (1)

A black bathroom is not necessarily large surfaces worked in flat. Here, to reconcile trend and brightness, we focus on the black, white and wood bathroom, simply playing with a sleek design pattern and on trendy black taps.

14. Contemporary black bathroom

contemporary black bathroom (1)

True false total look… The choice of different shades of gray makes it possible to create a dark space, without being gloomy. This palette with cool undertones also brings a welcome touch of freshness to this very successful contemporary black bathroom.

15. Classic retro black and white bathroom

classic retro black and white bathroom (1)

It could have been a classic retro black and white bathroom. But the choice of the waxed concrete floor covering brings a touch of modernity to the decor. We retain this shade of gray which has the good idea of ​​not being too dark: black accessories only take on more relief.

16. Benefits from a pleasant light

benefits from a pleasant light (1)

This black, white and gray bathroom benefits from a pleasant light. If the black herringbone parquet takes the spotlight, it is indeed the gray which gives the whole a frighteningly trendy touch. We particularly remember the idea of ​​uniformly gray joints: a simple detail that is enough to give coherence to the decor.

17. Black bathroom uses a wide range of shades of gray

black bathroom uses a wide range of shades of gray (1)

This black bathroom uses a wide range of shades of gray or black, also playing with materials, textures and finishes. We retain the strategic location of the mirror, which optimizes natural light. As for artificial lighting, it is both functional and discreet, thanks to the judicious choice of recessed spotlights.

18. Opt for a total black look bathroom

opt for a total black look bathroom (1)

opt for a total black look bathroom, it is a choice that must be fully embraced. Indeed, this room is important, because you frequent it daily and regularly, as well as the rest of your family. So you have to be sure of your wish! On the other hand, if you make this choice, you will certainly be impressed with the result. You have many tips to learn how to create a black bathroom while avoiding certain missteps.

19. Black bathroom for its character

black bathroom for its character (1)

we like the black bathroom for its character, its modernism and its elegance, but it is difficult to opt for an entirely black room and therefore dark. If you are not ready for the big leap without giving up your first idea, no problem, you will understand how we can subtly break this too dark aspect. Already we start by avoiding excess, in one direction or the other, they are not welcome. Add a few discreet pops of color, it allows you to counteract the power of black.

A few small golden notes wake up the black, on the taps, on the accessories or the mirror frames. It is also possible to put white to bring luminosity to this room: on the decorative objects, the bathtub, a parquet , a tiling or why not, downright a black and white wall which would link the two colors. You can also do this with a bright color like yellow or pastel shades. It’s all a matter of taste.

20. Do not dare black sanitary facilities

Do not dare black sanitary facilities (1)

whether you decide to adopt black everywhere or whether you add white, gray or another shade, do not hesitate to opt for a bathtub, a basin, a toilet or a shower of black color. Very pretty black bathtubs are available which immediately add a very chic touch to your bathroom. As for the WC, shower or basin, it’s the same, luxurious and sophisticated sanitary facilities are marketed, their simple and refined line is perfectly sublimated by this deep color and of rare elegance. Here are a few examples among these toilets that have become cult.