12 Ideas of Modern Pedestal Sinks to Revamp the Bathroom (1)

The layout and decoration of the bathroom are both important and delicate; this for several reasons. Above all, the bathroom is generally not very spacious (at least compared to other rooms in the house, which makes the task difficult, regardless of the style of decoration chosen. Then, it is a room which must be at the same time practical, comfortable and pleasant so that we can relax there completely and not only take a shower or a bath quickly without worrying about what surrounds us. If you are looking for a way to revamp your bathroom to make it more modern and striking, replace your sink with one of these freestanding models with a modern design.

1. Circular pedestal sinks

Circular pedestal sinks (1)

Circular-shaped sinks are usually light in color. In fact, they are generally white. They are cute and modern without imposing an overly serious look. It is possible to create the same atmosphere as in a spa using this type of sink. Consider choosing between the marble, white stone or alicrite sink (with integrated light) to brighten up the room. A nickel faucet will complement your round sink perfectly.

2. Square pedestal sinks

Square pedestal sinks (1)

Square pedestal sinks can also accommodate different decor styles. However, they are best suited for minimalist and masculine designs. A square pedestal sink will make all the difference in your bathroom by bringing a touch that is both refined and cool. They are usually made of stone or marble; but this time with darker colors.

There are also concrete models that are less expensive but still masculine. If the walls of the room are already dark, opt for a square sink in a light color… and vice versa. Some models have small shelves so that you can put soap for example.

3. Modern pedestal sinks in other forms

Modern pedestal sinks in other forms (1)

The square and the rounded shape are not the only ones available. There are pedestal sinks in oval, asymmetric and many more original shapes. The following pictures are sure to inspire you and make you want to try something less ordinary to really transform the bathroom.

4. Practical sink

Practical sink (1)

The particularity of this pedestal sink is likely to satisfy more than one: the water connection can be done both on the wall and on the floor! Practical for those who dream of originality and modernity in their bathroom.

5. Pedestal sink will adapt to all bathrooms

pedestal sink will adapt to all bathrooms (1)

Combining purity and aesthetics, this pedestal sink will adapt to all bathrooms, giving them a touch of modernity.

6. Pedestal washbasin with a narrow and round base

pedestal washbasin with a narrow and round base (1)

We love the elegance of this pedestal washbasin with a narrow and round base, which combines the simplicity of curves and the finesse of a chrome-plated brass mixer.

7. Rounded sink

rounded sink (1)

Imagined as a menhir that would have polished over the years, this rounded sink will suit ultra modern bathrooms as well as more traditional ones.

8. Conical base and the slim round basin

Conical base and the slim round basin1 (1)

The conical base and the slim round basin with a contemporary design give this basin a slender and original silhouette.

9. Gray white designer washbasin


Ultra contemporary, this two-tone washbasin with original curves will surprise you with its unusual style that will make your bathroom design. Once fitted, this sink gives the illusion of coming out of the wall. Its more? Led lighting for an even more modern look.

10. Pedestal sink dares shiny black

Pedestal sink dares shiny black (1)

Who said sinks absolutely have to be white? This goes against popular belief and dares shiny black associated with a very contemporary design. Successful bet !

11. Iconic Sandstone washbasin

iconic Sandstone washbasin (1)

Combine design and practicality with this iconic Sandstone washbasin . Thanks to its built-in shelf, you will be able to have all your beauty products at hand!

12. Original shape and feminine curves

original shape and feminine curves (1)

Made of one-piece natural stone, this sink is a true work of art! Its original shape and feminine curves will make your bathroom a unique piece.