20 Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas With a Black Sink Cabinet

Just like the decoration of other rooms in the house, that of the bathroom should be well thought out. It is essential to give great importance to the details that can make all the difference. The sink cabinet occupies a significant place in the decor and atmosphere of the bathroom. So it’s not just the size and style of the furniture that matters; but also its color and its finish.

1. The black sink cabinet and the style of the bathroom

The black sink cabinet and the style of the bathroom (1)

To think that black vanities are only made for modern bathrooms with sleek, polished finishes is a mistake. Each bathroom style can accommodate a black vanity. It all depends on the material and finish chosen. On the one hand, furniture with polished stones or hand finishes are perfect for minimalist, contemporary and transitional bathrooms. On the other hand, black vanity units with a worn or antique look are suitable for shabby chic, eclectic, traditional and rustic designs.

2. The finish and location

The finish and location (1)

If we have previously addressed the matter of materials, know that the finish of the sink cabinet in black color is also important. It should also be noted that the elements that surround it will have an impact on the decor of the bathroom. Apart from choosing between lacquered and matte finishes, the materials that make up the furniture accessories, the taps, the counter and the lights are also to be chosen well. A black vanity unit will shine even more with a marble top. Those who appreciate the shine of metals should bet on brass accessories. If the color of the latter does not appeal to you, chrome is also an interesting option.

3. Black vanity units with practical storage

Black vanity units with practical storage (1)

Vanities in this elegant color are not just decorative; their practical side is not negligible either.

4. Matte black bathroom cabinet with marble top

Matte black bathroom cabinet with marble top (1)

An (almost) total black look comes to this modern bathroom. We can admire a shower area with black marble walls, and anthracite taps. To warm up the whole, cognac-colored notes have been chosen for the parquet, towels and storage boxes …

In this intimate and designer atmosphere, we find a matte black washbasin cabinet. To make your daily life easier, it has several storage levels and four essential drawers. Plus, its feet are adjustable and adapt to small level defects. To accommodate its black basin, a beautiful carrara marble top reminds us of the marbled walls, and adds a lot of character to the piece of furniture. Get inspired by this atmosphere to make your bathroom a unique piece! 

5. Black steel bathroom cabinet with white washbasin

Black steel bathroom cabinet with white washbasin (1)

In a refined interior with ethnic decorative touches, there is a very functional black bathroom cabinet. With a good width, it can accommodate a medium or large basin and leave room for a few objects.

We can note the aged patina and the finesse base, for an industrial and vintage feel. Two hinged doors conceal a large storage space, to keep a perfectly tidy room. To contrast with the square sobriety of this piece of furniture, think of decorative accessories such as a pretty round mirror, a bohemian-inspired rug, country touches…

6. Bathroom cabinet in black and natural wood

Bathroom cabinet in black and natural wood (1)

This black and natural wood bathroom cabinet focuses on balance: two sinks, two closed compartments, and even two beautiful round mirrors. A practical asset to save time when there are two of you sharing space. We can imagine it perfectly in a couple’s bathroom, or at someone who likes to entertain.

A classic, with many chic details that enhance this room: the rounded metal handles, the combination of raw wood and painted wood, the worked moldings… An ideal choice for creating a designer and practical interior.

7. Black wall hung washbasin cabinet for bathroom

Black wall hung washbasin cabinet for bathroom (1)

This wall-mounted washbasin cabinet finds its place in any interior. We love its minimalist style, with a single top, large enough to accommodate a basin and a few practical or decorative objects. Placed in height, it leaves free space to complete it with a storage unit or a laundry basket. To play on contrasts, do not hesitate to combine this model with original accessories or large objects, such as an XXL round mirror.

8. Black steel industrial style vanity unit

Black steel industrial style vanity unit (1)

This black bathroom cabinet has a total industrial look. Two mesh doors with lace-effect meshes play on transparency. They allow you to store your toiletries, or guest towels. As here, use and abuse the baskets or boxes to organize your personal effects and maintain a beautiful harmony. To warm up the atmosphere, warm colors and raw natural materials provide a pleasant contrast.

Associated with an industrial type mirror , we like the practical and original side of this piece of furniture. It surprises at first glance, while finding its place perfectly in a very modern or more classic interior. 

9. Black and white wall-hung washbasin cabinet

Black and white wall-hung washbasin cabinet (1)

This model offers a nice variation of the suspended washbasin cabinet. It incorporates a double ceramic basin, classic, but always chic. Its lacquered finish plays on the black / white contrast and brings a nice graphic touch.

Long and compact, it offers plenty of storage space on its lower meshed shelf, which allows you to store your personal effects and large bottles. Likewise, a side towel rack can be placed on the right or on the left according to your habits, or the layout of your room. It’s the little touch that changes everything! 

10. Classic black and white marble vanity unit

Classic black and white marble vanity unit (1)

We could have found it in our grandparents’ attic, or unearthed it at an antique dealer! This antique-style bathroom cabinet will seduce at first glance thanks to the combination of beautiful materials. Placed on a herringbone parquet, one can imagine it in a family house in the countryside, or a Haussmann-style apartment.

A marble-effect stone top incorporates a small sink, also in stone, and two spaces for decoration, as well as some toiletries. It is associated with a wavy black mango wood front and punctuated with brass handles, opening three large practical drawers.

11. Console under double basin in black teak

Console under double basin in black teak (1)

This fully open cabinet in black teak features a design and contemporary style. A shelf leaves plenty of room for your towels and toiletries, while its top can accommodate one or two basins. Its bar base enhances the whole with a touch of originality. It evokes a ladder style, which can be associated with a ladder shelf or a towel ladder.

In a minimalist spirit, this countertop double basin console, finds its place easily. We can take inspiration from this atmosphere to play with chiaroscuro contrasts, natural wood and black wood.

12. Black metal bathroom cabinet with white sink

Black metal bathroom cabinet with white sink (1)

This bathroom is so inviting and spacious that we would almost love to spend the whole day in it! Near the large window, a free-standing bathtub with a view of the city in which we could easily see ourselves dreaming, reading or just relaxing. On the wall side, exposed brick for a warm atmosphere, and on the ground a light gray tinted floor for more luminosity.

In this loft-style space, the architect chose to have two individual vanity units to dress the room. You can also opt for a single copy if your space is smaller of course. It is equipped with a shelf for toiletries, and a bar that can act as a towel holder.

13. Two-tone bathroom cabinet

Two-tone bathroom cabinet (1)

In this room which gives pride of place to tiles with its old cement-style tiling, a piece of furniture stands out for its modernity. This black and wood bathroom furniture charms us with its mix of materials, colors, inspirations … Black and beige, wood and matt, the whole forms a design and refined whole.

Attached to the wall, its base gives the impression that it is in balance, for a guaranteed dynamic asymmetric effect. On the practical side, two large deep drawers allow you to store all your belongings and appliances (hair dryer, bathroom scale, etc.). This vanity unit can be completed with a suspended column, for even more storage.

14. Black bathroom cabinet with gold legs

Black bathroom cabinet with gold legs (1)

Let us present to you a marvel of elegance inspired by the Art Deco style. A real favorite at first sight! Perched on two gold metal pin feet, this black bathroom cabinet offers designer and practical storage space. It is adorned with brass-colored painted lines for an atypical geometric effect.

Very original, this piece of furniture is here embellished with beautiful decorative touches such as the round mirror , a small wall shelf , a green plant… To bring out its black and gold style, as here, do not hesitate to place it against a black wall.

15. Contemporary bathroom with black vanity unit

Contemporary bathroom with black vanity unit (1)

At the end of this large bathroom, an oval bathtub is installed in a semi-open space. A lot of serenity emanates from this relaxation corner, a khaki wall brings a vegetal depth, a design stool, a hanging pink silk bathrobe … Naturalism and design come together in the harmony of shapes and materials, to enjoy the bath of your dreams.

On the other side of the white painted wall, a beautiful space designed for everyday life. A fixed bar acts as a jewelry holder, while an industrial-style black wall sconce illuminates the area.

In this atmosphere, this black vanity unit allows you to organize the space and order it. Its tray with amber marbling accommodates a beautiful basin and toiletries. Two shelves, one full and one with bars, but also 4 good-sized drawers, hold bathroom linen, jewelry, perfumes, etc.

16. Black metal vanity unit with storage

Black metal vanity unit with storage (1)

This black vanity unit embodies the essence of industrial style with sobriety. With its aged patina and vintage design, it looks like it came out of a factory. Here it is sublimated by a raw atmosphere: rustic wooden wall, concrete floor, a mirror worn by time …

We like its many storage spaces: an open niche for towels, three drawers, a beautiful compartment with manual closing. To enhance everything, the wooden top brings a warm touch, brightness and a hint of modernity to the whole.

17. Small black metal washbasin cabinet

Small black metal washbasin cabinet (1)

This original little piece of furniture fits into any space (studio, toilets, apartment, etc.) with its tall column format. Its all-in-one style offers a closed compartment for your towels and appliances, a tap and its zinc basin, and a mirror that still hides two small shelves, ideal for storing bottles.

In addition to being practical, this piece is also elegantly crafted. Its slightly aged black patina gives it a warm character, and evokes the industrial style. The eye also lingers on an old-style faucet system, with one tap for cold water and one for hot water. 

18. Black teak cabinet under suspended washbasin

Black teak cabinet under suspended washbasin (1)

This black teak hanging cabinet stands out above all for its design and graphic style. We can thus appreciate the arrangement of the compartments and drawers which play on a certain symmetry / asymmetry. This impression is reinforced by the presence of circular brass finish notches, arranged in a diamond pattern. They catch the eye while creating a beautiful geometric composition.

We can easily imagine this piece of furniture in a couple’s apartment. It plays in effect on the pairs: two basins, two compartments, two drawers. Design and original, do not hesitate to install it in a room with refined decoration so that it stands out more. 

19. Large industrial bathroom cabinet in black metal

Large industrial bathroom cabinet in black metal (1)

To finish this selection, this large industrial spirit vanity unit ideal for the family home. Provided with 4 large open storage spaces, and 6 drawers, on which we imagine each putting a label with his name.

Design style and factory spirit, with a beautiful combination of metal and wood. The aged black metal finish is particularly appreciated on the drawers, while a mango wood top enhances the whole with a nice touch of brightness. The decoration that surrounds it is inspired by this black wood mix, with the large mirror finely framed in black and the golden wall lights.

20. Vanity unit with modern design

Vanity unit with modern design (1)

This model is one of the most atypical pieces of furniture in our selection. We can indeed appreciate its modern and original design, with many vertical lines, and a solid oak base. A sliding wall fitted with thin fencing-style bars allows you to create a semi-open space, flexible to your liking. The space is ideal for leaving your toiletries, a perfume …

Below, two finely ribbed hinged doors hide shelves for storing gloves, towels, and other toiletries. Finally, on the top, a round basin softens the whole. Practical and aesthetic.