20 Sumptuous Bathroom Ideas With a Marble Shower

Marble is making a comeback in our interiors! In the bathroom, we adopt it without hesitation! Discover all our 20 ideas.

1. A marble shower surrounded by wooden floor

A marble shower surrounded by wooden floor (1)

This walk-in shower designed for the Totem House seems sublime; especially when you appreciate it with the wooden flooring that surrounds it as well as the glass panels.

2. Subtle grain and a beautiful color palette

Subtle grain and a beautiful color palette (1)

The Russian Hill residence has 5 bathrooms and this is one of them. The floor and walls are covered in stunning marble tiles with subtle grain patterns and a color palette that create a bright and open decor. A detail also highlighted by the glass doors of the shower.

3. A luxurious shower

A luxurious shower (1)

Marble is an especially luxurious material and the appearance of this shower confirms this. Even if the shower looks simple and the image only shows us a small part, the luxurious and glamorous side is felt.

4. An abstract design

An abstract design (1)

Each marble tile is unique, according to its veins and colors. This is the reason why the patterns of some tiles are more uniform than others. The size of the tiles and the type of tile have something to do with this. Studio William Hefner has opted for an abstract design for this residence in California.

5. A minimalist marble shower

A minimalist marble shower (1)

This layer was designed by Disak-Diseño de Interiores for a house in Madrid. The shower respects the minimalist and open aspect of the bathroom .; The wooden shelves contrast with the marble tiles; this is what brings out their beauty.

6. An all-marble bathroom

An all-marble bathroom (1)

If the type of marble, grain patterns, and colors aren’t well chosen, an all-marble bathroom can look too overwhelming visually. Here is a good design to take inspiration from if you want to choose marble as the main material for your bathroom.

7. Black marble in the bathroom

Black marble in the bathroom (1)

Marble comes in a multitude of colors: white, black, gray, green, blue, red, pink; and a multitude of textures: polished, softened, brushed, bush hammered, flamed, aged… There is something for everyone!

8. A material that adapts to all configurations

A material that adapts to all configurations (1)

Whatever the layout of the bathroom, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, marble will be an added value in the decoration of a large number of bathrooms.

9. Marble for a simple bathroom

Marble for a simple bathroom (1)

A bathroom and its simple toilets, decorated with a white and black marble.

10. The right mix

The right mix (1)

Marble and pink combine beautifully to create a soft and delicate bathroom.

11. Marble shades

Marble shades (1)

Why choose between different shades of marble when you can use them all? © Pinterest

12. Marble imitation

Marble imitation (1)

If you can not opt ​​for real marble, choose an imitation, the tiles do very well! © Pinterest

13. Marble and gold

Marble and gold (1)

If you dream of a chic bathroom, choose to mix gold with marble. © Pinterest

14. Black and white

Black and white (1)

To illuminate a bathroom, marble is the ideal wall covering! © Pinterest

15. Light tones marble

Light tones marble (1)

Behind a glass door, a marble in light tones will enhance an interior in similar colors. © Pinterest

16. A refined layout

A refined layout (1)

Special mention to this refined layout punctuated by a marble that matches perfectly with the rest! © Pinterest

17. Marble and wood

Marble and wood (1)

Marble goes well with many materials, including wood! For a perfect match, you can consider pairing the wood with a darker colored marble like black! © Pinterest

18. An easily associable material

An easily associable material (1)

An interesting mix of dark and light tones! Gold completes this choice of tones. © Pinterest

19. A bathroom with character!

A bathroom with character! (1)

A rather dark-toned marble will undoubtedly give cachet and character to a bathroom or toilet in need of it. © Pinterest

20. All-marble bathroom

All-marble bathroom (1)

In the bathroom, you can use marble from floor to ceiling: tiles on the floor, walls, washbasins, washbasin tops, bathtubs … This material is rarely in excess! © Pinterest