18 Trends to Follow for Festive Table Decoration (1)

The Christmas decor doesn’t just go through the tree, the fireplace, and the windows. The dining table is also entitled to a festive touch. Napkins, table runners, flowers, vases, plates … follow the guide to bring a touch of magic to your table. We, therefore, hasten to decorate our table in Christmas colors. Here are 18 trends to discover.

1. Natural materials

Natural materials (2)

Decorate your Christmas table with natural materials and soft colors, such as linen, wood, rattan … 

2. Exotic

Exotic (1)

But you can also take another turn and bet on the exotic to travel without leaving your table! 

3. Sober and chic

Sober and chic (1)

We validate this sober and chic decoration for Christmas!

4. Table’s center

table's center

A beautiful pine branch can decorate your table in the blink of an eye. 

5. Carmine

Carmine (1)

Exit the traditional red, make way for carmine, brick, or even terracotta to enhance your Christmas table

6. Vintage touches

Vintage touches (1)

You can use a few touches of vintage, with a few objects found in flea markets. 

7. 100% black

100% black (1)

We dare the 100% black look enhanced by small touches of green for a chic and elegant look.

8. Black and gold

Black and gold (1)

Black, gold, and green are three colors we are betting on this year! 

9. Scandinavian

Scandinavian (1)

Fan of Scandinavian decor? This holiday table should please you! 

10. Blue

Blue (1)

We like the combination of white, blue but also copper on this original table! 

11. Tiles

Tiles (1)

If you like the chalet and cocooning atmosphere, bet on the large black and white tiles! 

12. Green

Green decoration (1)

We validate the association of gold, wood, and green for this super chic Christmas table!

13. Suspension

Suspension (1)

We validate this decorative pendant light for a magical and friendly table. 

14. Table runner

Table runner (1)

You too can reproduce at home this pretty table where terracotta is in the spotlight! 

15. Golden

Golden (1)

We love this pretty table: Gold, silver or even platinum will sparkle on your New Year’s table! 

16. A light table

A light table (1)

On New Year’s Eve, we don’t skimp on the candles. Everywhere on the table, candlesticks and XXL candles illuminate the decor and the meal. 

17. A reclaimed Christmas

A reclaimed Christmas (1)

If you have some nice old plates and glasses, now is the time to take them out! For a 100% vintage Christmas, hunt for flower plates and real crystal glasses at a lower cost.

18. A traditional Christmas

A traditional Christmas (1)

A sure bet: the checkered tablecloth and Christmas red invite themselves to the New Year’s Eve table for a feast all in tradition.